Breathtaking Places to Visit in the Beautiful City of Brisbane

Breathtaking Places to Visit in the Beautiful City of Brisbane

Known for its lively atmosphere, youthful enthusiasm, relaxed way of life, progressive ideals, and love of the great outdoors. Brisbane, Queensland's capital, has recently seen an increase in the number of restaurants, cafes, and bars, as well as beautiful green spaces, multimillion-dollar shopping centers, and a brand-new hip arts district.

Millions of tourists fall in love with this sunny metropolis all year long because it has a pretty river that runs through the city and mountain peaks in its backyard. With its stunning skyline, great culture, and vibrant atmosphere, visitors can find a myriad of interesting things to do. From sightseeing to shopping, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Stroll Around South Bank

Strolling around South Bank is a must-do on everyone's list of fun things to do in Brisbane. This was the location of the Brisbane World Expo in 1988, and it opened to the public in June 1992. It is in South Brisbane, along the Brisbane River.

The Brisbane Wheel, The Brisbane Conservatory, and incredible lush green spaces can all be found on South Bank, which is also home to an incredible amount of history and culture. There are free swimming spots, rainforest parks, and picnic areas on 17 hectares of the South Bank Parklands.

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2. Wade at Wynnum

Built-in 1932, this heritage-listed pool is a significant part of Brisbane's past. The huge pool loads up with water directly from the ocean at the elevated tide and is the ideal put to chill on a sweltering summer's day. A substantial walkway/wall isolates the pool from Moreton Cove and a few lines permit water right from the sea to course through into the pool at the elevated tide. A floodgate has been installed so that the pool remains full at low tide, and a mesh fence has been installed to protect it from marine life in the ocean.

Pack a picnic, and some lounge chairs, and go for a swim in the pool to make it a day. Utilize the lavish park space encompassing The Esplanade and make an appearance at any of the wonderful bistros along the stretch of coastline as well.

3. Capture or Climb Story Bridge

The Story Bridge, which spans the Brisbane River and is an important part of the city's history, should be at the top of your list of things to do in Brisbane. In July 1940, this steel heritage-listed bridge opened and operated as a toll bridge until 1947.

Story Bridge is a must-see for photographers visiting Brisbane because it affords an iconic view of the CBD and the city skyline. Sign up for a tour with Story Bridge Adventures to climb the bridge, which is 74 meters above the Brisbane River and offers some of the city's best views.

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4. Space out at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

The Sir Thomas Planetarium, which opened in 1978 and is named after the governor of the New South Wales Colony at the beginning of the 1820s, Sir Thomas Brisbane, One of the most extraordinary things to do in Brisbane City is to go to the Planetarium, which is at the foot of Mount Coot Tha. The Planetarium includes an inestimable skydome theater that seats 130 individuals. Visitors can view a variety of educational programs, video experiences, and talks here.

You will have access to artifacts and displays in the display zone, including models of spacecraft, a replica of Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, and even asteroid fragments. An exhibit showcasing some of Australia's leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders who have shared their star knowledge for the first time is also housed in the Planetarium.

5. Take a Day Trip to Cedar Creek

A short way from Brisbane, you'll end up submerged in the delightful bushland of Cedar River. This is the perfect day trip to get away from the city without having to drive for hours! This is likewise a typical road trip from the Gold Coast. The brook twists around from the highest point of Mount Wonderful which is essential for the D'Aguilar Public Park and proceeds with the stream bed all to way to Moreton Inlet. Not only is the setting peaceful and beautiful, but you might even meet some Australians there. There are a number of different trails in the Cedar Creek area, one of which takes you to a small waterfall, which is always a highlight.

6. Venture Down to Howard Smith Wharves

Take a detour to Howard Smith Wharves, a heritage-listed building located at the intersection of Brisbane City Center and Fortitude Valley. This is a great place to check out new and exciting entertainment in the city. It was built in the late 1930s and is also known as Brisbane Central Wharves.

Over eighty percent of the site has been designated as a public space that visitors to this part of Brisbane can enjoy. Even a beautiful path for cycling or walking along the river's edge offers stunning views.

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7. Go to Mount Coot-Tha

The picturesque Mount Coot-Tha is less than 10 kilometers from downtown Brisbane, making it the mountain that is the closest to the city center. The lookout, one of the best free activities in town, is unquestionably one of the highlights of a visit to this location. You'll have a bird's-eye view of Brisbane from the observation deck. From almost 290 meters above sea level, you can typically see all the way to Moreton Bay and Moreton Island.

8. Get Your Art on at the Gallery of Modern Art

Not exclusively is the Beyond the Display of Current Workmanship (also known as GOMA) one of the top things to find in Brisbane, but the assortments of craftsmanship housed here are unimaginable. GOMA is also a part of the Queensland Cultural Centre, which is near South Bank. The largest of its kind in Australia, GOMA opened at the end of 2006 and was built to complement the nearby Queensland Art Gallery. Since it opened to the public, the Gallery of Modern Art has hosted numerous modern art exhibitions, including Marvel; Developing the Cinematic Universe, and Putting on an Andy Warhol exhibit

9. Mosey Through the Botanical Gardens

Brisbane is sufficiently fortunate to be a city with not 1 yet 2 botanical gardens. The City Botanic Gardens, also known as Queens Park, are just off Alice Street. Despite their smaller size, the City Gardens are still stunning. They are open all day, every day, and are the ideal spot for a cheap day out in the sun to have a picnic, read a book, play with your dog, or just chill with friends. After touring the City Botanic Gardens, you can stop for a bite to eat at the Queen Street Mall, which is located nearby.

10. Head Across the River

Crossing the river by boat or driving the Pacific Motorway is one of Brisbane's best activities. Go rock climbing at the cliffs on the eastern banks of the river if you're an avid climber. There are even floodlights for when it gets dark, and there are sections for different climbing levels. Additionally on this side of the city is Kangaroo Point Park containing public bar-b-que's, latrine offices, and seats.

Therefore, it is the ideal location for a Sunday brunch or a sunset barbecue. Paddle down the river in a kayak you can rent or bring your own while looking up at the climbers. Because it connects to the Botanical Gardens, this area of Brisbane is an excellent addition to any excursion to Kangaroo Point.


This vibrant city has been charming visitors for centuries with its robust cultural attractions, stunning natural beauty, and diverse food and drink scene. Brisbane is a great place to visit for a holiday, a weekend away or just to explore. Brisbane is home to a range of exciting attractions, experiences, and activities just waiting to be explored.

From the award-winning parklands and the luxurious shopping streets, there is something to suit everyone. Whether you are looking for a day of exploration or a week of blissful relaxation, be sure to check out this top 10 list of the best things to do in Brisbane. With its vibrant culture, charming ambiance, and captivating beauty, it is sure to be an unforgettable trip.

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