Your guide to the best experiences in Portugal

Your guide to the best experiences in Portugal

Everyone should plan to visit Portugal once in a lifetime to discover a diverse destination. It is a place with a strong present and a precious past. In Portugal, you will witness historic landmarks, beaches, religious sites, and traveling places. In recent years, Portugal has been booming with tourists from all parts of the world because here, they can take wine tours, go hiking, explore many cities, and do many more things. Where else do you want to go for a holiday, leaving the place where you can visit many places and whatever you think about? Portugal welcomes the tourist by the heart and lets them enjoy the serenity here.

Best Time to visit Portugal:

You can visit Portugal in any month depending on what you are going for. The busiest and most expensive time to visit Portugal is the month of August. If you are a beach lover and want to go there, just to soak the sun on many beautiful beaches, then the best time for you to visit Portugal is between July to September. In these months the weather will be warm and pleasant and perfect for swimming.

And if you want to go for surfers, then the best time is from November to January.

Places to visit in Portugal:


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and one of the most attractive cities. The cities have many historic buildings which will take you into the fascinating past. The traveler attraction at Lisbon is the mighty Castelo de Sao Jorge and Alfama, which is the oldest part of Lisbon. The city also has museums to extent of the cultural experience. 


Sintra is one of the beautiful places to visit in Portugal. It is recognized by UNESCO for its remarkable landscape. It is one of the most beautiful and popular day trips from Lisbon.


The best thing to explore in Portugal is the Algarve which is famous for its beaches. It is the southernmost region in Portugal and has the world’s most famous beaches. For the tourist, the best part is to chill at the Algarve beaches and explore them. The beaches will surprise you with refreshing weather, clean water, and glittering sand. Algarve has many hidden caves and the top ones are the Bengali cave, the Zorreira Cave, The Arches of Marinha, The Captain’s Cave, and The Elephant Cave. What is better than exploring the hidden cave beaches?

Medieval Monsaraz:

Many medieval houses in Monsarazhave now been converted into guest houses. Stay overnight at these guesthouses to experience the rich heritage.


At the beaches of Nazare, the waves rise to 100 feet and more. That is the reason to visit it and touch the heights. With the calmness of these beaches, surfing is the most beautiful thing to do in Portugal. If surfing is not available, you can just sit back and witness the beautiful setting from the Sitio Da Nazare located next to the lighthouse.

Cruise Canals in Aveiro:

Aveiro is famous for Canals and Lagoons. Sit back and travel on the colorful Molinaro boat or book a tour with the local guide. You will easily get a local guide having full knowledge of their culture.

Oceanário De Lisboa:

Meet the colorful sea creatures at Oceanário De Lisboa, where nature, art, and beauty meet each other. If you are traveling Portugal with your family and kids, then there is no better place than Oceanário De Lisboa to visit in Portugal. Oceanário De Lisboa is home to around 8000 marine creatures, including sharks, sea otters, coral reefs, and rays.


If you are someone who can spend hours reading boo, then LivraraBertrand is your place, and you should visit it if you are in Portugal. It is situated in Lisbon and is the oldest operating bookstore in the world. For more than 280 years, this place has been considered a heaven for all bibliophiles. It is the zone for all the readers, writers, and intellectuals to come together and conduct discussions. So, if you visit Portugal, spend some time here and get to know more about the country's culture and heritage.

Walkthrough the ancient Evera:

Take a walk through the ancient Evora and witness the golden-stoned university town. Visit the Roman temple, Moorish alley, and medieval wall. 


Get lost in the narrow streets of Alfama. It is a village in Lisbon. It is very beautiful and gives you an ancient feel. Do not miss visiting Alfama if you are in Portugal.

Coimbra: Coimbra is a city that attracts more tourists than most of the others put together. The reason behind it is not just its Roman and medieval ruins, but also because Coimbra was once home to Portugal’s capital in 600 AD—and then again for many years after! This Baroque-style library houses one helluva beautiful bookshelf: The Biblioteca Joanina has been listed numerous times as an internationally renowned beauty among libraries worldwide

Furnas Lake:

Going to Portugal and not visiting Furnas Lake is a big miss on one of the most thrilling things to do in Portugal. You can either walk or take a bike ride on the long track circumference of this lake, where you will witness stunning views of bamboo forests, redwood forests, meadows. Don’t forget to take your camera and go canoeing at the lake to capture some of the best views and cherish them forever. Have a great time here.

Serra da Estrela:

Serra da Estrela is a year-round destination. If you are a sport or a nature lover, the place will never fail to attract you. Whether it is winter or summer, it is always open. Marvel at a very rich diversity of birds and animals here and also get an opportunity to climb up Torre, the highest point in Estrella Mountain. Another super fun activity among all the things to do in Portugal is to indulge in various adventure activities up here.

Best Hotels to stay in Portugal:

The Yeatman: This luxurious hotel offers a spacious and decorative pool for you to enjoy. Not only does it have a 25,000-bottle cellar but also features an onsite spa with grape pip treatments! It's not just about wine at this place though; there are beautiful views from every angle so that all your senses will be satisfied.

Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort:

Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort is one of the best resorts in Portugal. It lies along a clifftop with stunning views and sound effects from pounding waves below, as well as birds chirping above you while sitting on your balcony or sunning by the poolside. The resort offers 248 tastefully renovated bedrooms for guests which have been designed to ensure comfort at all times; suites come complete with balconies--the perfect spot where people can get away from it all but still be close enough should any need arise! 

Altis Avenida:

The Altis Avenida Hotel is a sleek and stylishly designed hotel located in Lisbon, Portugal. This building was once known as one of the most beautiful hotels during its period because it faces an avenue with some very impressive architecture on both sides: The neo-Manueline horseshoe arched Rossio station which has been around since 1876; facing this structure across from your room window sits another architectural wonder -the Avenida da Liberdade.

Hotel The Vine:

Hospitality is an art form and the Vine Hotel in Funchal, Portugal does it best. A rooftop pool with heart-pounding views awaits those who stay here for their vacation to Portugal! Inspired by the island's wine industry Nini Andrade Silva has created a hotel that resembles twisted vines through purple fabric designs mixed with volcanic rock furnishings.

Quinta da Comporta:

Quinta da Comporta is that place that you will never want to leave. Staying here will give you a relaxing afternoon and a peaceful sleep. Its infinity pool is the best part of the property that overlooks rice fields, a spa in a converted barn, a beach close by, painted shutters, and wood furnishing.


When you go for a holiday trip, you want to stay at a nice location with a view. Outpost is a former private house situated in a very attractive location with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. Just a 40-minute drive from Lisbon, it’s now available as six beautifully furnished holiday apartments with a communal pool, tennis court, and gardens.

Vale do Lobo:

It is one of the best resorts in Portugal, located in the Algarve. It is an iconic, oceanfront resort that also focuses on healthy outdoor activities like tennis, running, walking, and cycling. So what is better than staying in a resort with some fun activities?

More luxurious facilities and quality care is offered all year round. So you can prioritize this place while looking for a better stay.

The Blue Cabin, Portugal:

What's better than staying on the beach? This cute cabin is literally on the sand in Costa da Caparica. You will get many food stalls there; Though Lisbon’s only a 15-minute Uber away and has an endless choice of restaurants. The blue cabin is available for hire in winter. Stunning sunset features heavily in its excellent Airbnb reviews.

NAU Sao Rafael Suites:

NAU Sao Rafael Suites is a 5-star hotel in the Algarve. Here you will find three outdoor pools, a spa, and several bars and restaurants. The entire suite in this 5-star hotel has private balconies, minibars, and air-con. They offer exclusive facilities and benefits to make your stay experience the best.

Adriana Beach Club Hotel Resort:

If you're looking for a vacation spot that is both family-friendly AND includes some of the best all-inclusive amenities, then look no further than Portugal. The Adriana Beach Club offers 5 swimming pools with lush gardens and an entertainment program perfect to keep kids busy during downtime or adults happy after hours spent playing games by day in between trips down at one of the beach cafes! Just 45 minutes from Faro Airport makes this place convenient while also offering an Escape from City Life vibe.

Moxy Lisbon City:

You have always known Portugal is famous for its beach and plan your beach holiday accordingly, but Lisbon makes a wonderful city break, and now the Moxy is the base that every tourist wants to explore. The hotel has a traditional touch with a rooftop pool. Enjoy and experience nature, have fun with your family with luxurious facilities.

Portugal Airlines:

Portugal has six national airlines which provide domestic and well-connected international services as well. Each of these airlines has international standards and is an absolute delight to fly in. They maintain the highest level of security and comfort. Customers are their top priority, and their services speak for themselves.


Azore Airlines is a small, regional airline that flies between the Azores and mainland Portugal. They also offer scheduled flights on behalf of their parent company SATA Air Açores to destinations in Europe as well as charters; these are popular with tourists looking for budget fares! In addition to its regular routes throughout São Miguel Island's airports -Ponta Delgada Airport (PDL) & Praia International Airport (Apostle Islands) --- Azorile has more unusual flight options like flyovers above desert dunes or scenic views from aboard historic flying boats.


They provide services from Lisbon airport to airports around Portugal and internationally to Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

SATA Air Acores:

They operate best within the two autonomous regions of Portugal, consisting of the Azores and Madeira. They provide flight services from Azores Portugal.

Seven air Services:

Based in Lisbon, they operate routes within mainland Portugal. They also provide additional services in other countries.

TAP Portugal: 

The most popular and preferred airline of Portugal is Tap Portugal Airlines. They provide their services to 90 destinations which include around 34 countries. The airline is also certified as 3-Star Airlines for the quality of its airport and onboard products. They are also providing the best staff services. They are one of the best Portugal airlines because of the following factors:

  1. Staff: both the cabin and ground staff are doing great work by helping the travelers with whatever they want.
  2. Cleanliness: cleanliness is the most important thing a traveler notices, and tap airlines are maintaining it.
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