When in Dubai, Don’t Skip These Experiences

When in Dubai, Don’t Skip These Experiences

Dubai is an excellent Middle Eastern city situated in the United Arab Emirates. It is unique in that it has become a hub for international trade and finance and a destination for leisure and entertainment. Many people come to experience the unique architecture, the vibrant culture, and the many attractions this city has to offer.

From taking a glass-bottomed boat tour through the Arabian gulf to enjoying fine international dining at one of the many exquisite restaurants, Dubai provides an exciting opportunity to explore the many wonders of the Middle East.

1. Take Pictures at Al Fahidi Quarter (Old Dubai)

The Al Fahidi Quarter, which used to be called the Bastakia neighborhood and is still sometimes referred to as such, was built in the late 19th century to house wealthy Persian merchants who primarily dealt in pearls and textiles. These merchants were attracted to Dubai due to the tax-free trading and access to Dubai Creek. The coral and limestone buildings in Al Fahidi, which are located along the creek in the eastern part of Bur Dubai, are excellently preserved, with many of the walls topped with wind towers.

An early form of air conditioning was provided by wind towers, which funneled the trapped wind into the houses below. This common feature in Iranian coastal homes was probably brought to the Gulf by Persian merchants from their home country. The narrow lanes, lined with distinctive Arabian architecture, strongly evoke a bygone, much slower era in Dubai's history.

2. Enjoy Diversity of the World at Global Village

This amusement park offers family-friendly entertainment throughout the months of October through April that is centered on taking visitors on a journey all over the world. Each of the 26 country pavilions at Global Village, which spans Iraq, Japan, Russia, and South Korea, provides a unique experience of that nation's culture, entertainment, and heritage. It's a one-of-a-kind option for families with young children looking for evening entertainment in the city.

On-site dining and retail options abound in addition to the pavilions. The Carnaval, modeled after a fun fair, has a lot of rides for kids to enjoy, including bumper cars, carousels, Swiss swings, a big wheel, faster rides, and a roller coaster.

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3. Visit Madinat Jumeirah

The Madinat Jumeirah development complex is a dining and retail district with a couple of five-star hotels along the artificial canal network's palm-tree-lined banks. With wind towers and mashrabiya details, Madinat Jumeirah has been styled to look like traditional Gulf architecture throughout. The main reason to visit Souk Madinat Jumeirah is to take an abra, a small wooden ferry, and cruise down the canal.

This souk has a wide selection of traditional crafts and souvenirs from the Gulf and the rest of the Middle East. Abras frequently depart from the promenade of Souk Madinat Jumeirah and loop around the waterway, offering numerous photo opportunities of the lush gardens and traditional architecture of Madinat Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab's tall, swooping sail in the background.

4. Take a Dip At Jumeirah Beach

It is one of the most popular places to stay for tourists who want to spend most of their time in Dubai at the beach. It is lined up with some of Dubai's most popular beach resorts. There are plenty of sun loungers, restaurants, lifeguards patrolling the swimming areas, and water sports operators offering boat rides, kayak rentals, parasailing, and jet skiing in the extensive areas of the beach.

Because the turquoise Gulf water that laps the shore is shallow and calm, this is a safe beach option for families traveling with young children.

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5. Explore Dubai Museum

The Al-Fahidi Fort, which was constructed in 1787 to defend Dubai Creek, is home to the excellent Dubai Museum. The walls of the fort are constructed with lime and traditional coral blocks. The ceiling is made of plaster, mud, and palm fronds, and the upper floor is supported by wooden poles. The fort has been a residence for the ruling family, a seat of government, a garrison, and a prison throughout its history.

It was extensively renovated in 1995 and 1971, making it the city's top museum. A fascinating exhibit of old maps of Dubai and the Emirates depicts the enormous expansion of the region following the oil boom. A palm-leaf house with an Emirati wind tower and several traditional boats is located in the courtyard. Weapons are on display in the right hall, while Emirati musical instruments are on display in the left hall.

6. Don’t Forget to Take a Selfie At Dubai Frame

One of the most recent attractions in Dubai is the enormous 150-meter-high Dubai Frame, which is located in the middle of the city's modern sprawl and the older neighborhoods of Dubai that are clustered around the creek.

Before ascending to the Sky Deck, where viewing platforms offer stunning views of both old and new Dubai, a series of galleries inside Dubai Frame take you through the city's history and Emirati heritage. After that, visit the Future Dubai gallery, which shows what Dubai might look like in the future.

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7. Stroll Around La Mer Beach

Jumeirah's La Mer Beach is a relaxed spot for a full day of sun and sea, backed by a fringe of palm trees. Water sports administrators here offer Stream Ski trips, sailing, fly-loading up, and kayaking for beachgoers who tingle to get off the sand, however for the individuals who basically need to sloth out between swimming, there's a lot of lawn chair rental and a wide assortment of bistros and cafés simply a jump from the sand for nibbling and full feasts.

La Mer is a safe option for families and swimmers with less confidence because it is a protected bay with calm waters. It is regularly supervised by lifeguards during the day, as are all of Dubai's main beaches.

8. Spend a Day At Motiongate & Legoland in Dubai Parks

Dubai Parks and Resorts has Motiongate and Legoland all in one location for all of your entertainment needs. The only challenge here is deciding what to do. This enormous undertaking includes a plethora of world-class theme parks that offer something for everyone, regardless of age.

Motiongate's rides are based on blockbuster movies, taking inspiration from Hollywood productions; On its rides, Bollywood Parks brings the world of India's famous film industry to life. Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark offer interactive rides, water slides, and a wave pool, making them ideal for families with young children.

9. Visit Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is a fine example of Islamic architecture and is an exact replica of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, which is eight times larger. Two minarets highlight the intricate stonework that was used to construct this medieval Fatimid-style stone structure. When lit by floodlights, it looks especially nice at night.

Guided tours of the mosque are offered by the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding, which also offers tours, lectures, Arabic classes, and cultural meals. The goal of these tours is to help people gain a better understanding of the Muslim faith.

10. Take a Tour of Kite Beach

The beach is home to a variety of water sports companies that rent kayaks, paddleboards, and equipment in addition to offering lessons in kitesurfing. This long yellow-sand beach runs south along the coast and becomes Umm Suqeim Beach. It has excellent facilities and dining options for sunbathers who want to spend a lazy day swimming and soaking up the rays on the sand. From the southern end of the beach, you can see the Burj Al Arab well.

If you're in the Jumeirah area, the Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Sheef, which is only three kilometers from the beach, is well worth a half-hour break from the sand. Numerous shady date palms and a replica of an impressive Arab irrigation system can be found in the Majlis Gardens.


With endless opportunities for exploration, Dubai is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for all sorts of travelers. From shopping to desert safaris, the city promises exciting and remarkable experiences.

Whether your visit is short or long, these experiences provide intense and unforgettable memories of your journey to Dubai. So, plan your trip and take a chance to dive into the vibrant mix of colors and cultures that this city has to offer!

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