Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss On Your Salzburg Trip

Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss On Your Salzburg Trip

Salzburg, an Austrian dreamland, builds its glory on its architectural and cultural fame. Be its monuments or local heritage, everything here contributes to facilitating a fantasy feel to visitors.  River Salzach flows through the capital to add a unique charm to its case. With hustle and bustle making its both banks, there is a lot for one to explore and cherish. Musical beats and icons hang around to reflect on its musical legacy.

Natural setting fans the romantic vibes featuring on the scene. Museums and art galleries go ahead to throw light on the golden phases of history and other facets of the city. Thus, one has to put down a must-visit list to pitch in for a vibrant Salzburg trip. Pooling shimmering bits in the city, here is the list of tourist spots offering a warm welcome to Salzburg guests in the best possible way.

1. Altstadt Salzburg

Slip back into time to catch the iconic and lively affairs that once brewed by venturing into the evoking surroundings of Altstadt Salzburg. Also known as Old Town, the area consists of vibrant medieval boulevards along the banks of River Salzach. They collectively don the title Durchhäuser and run northward to Getreidegasse. Carrying historical legacy, they entice pedestrians with old merchant houses. Mirroring a long period of history, these houses date between the 15th and the 18th centuries.

Apart from that, many architectural wonders also thrive in the area. One can halt at its bubbling cafes, museums, art galleries and boutiques to soak in the local fervors. Not just that, one can also find many iron shops savoring the demands of city people. Taking the exhilarating promenade ahead, one can head to the east of Getreidegasse to reach Kranzlmarkt. It houses the magnificent Town Hall. Many medieval houses get around completing the background for visitors.

Then, one can land in the Alter Markt to behold the legacy of the Hofapotheke. Not just that, one can also seal some beautiful Salzburg memories by capturing the beauty of 17th-century St. Florian’s Fountain. Unwind your soul to live the best bits thriving around. Reflecting on its salience, Altstadt Salzburg cherishes a golden place in the much-celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site list. The area also dons the privilege of being the birthplace of the great Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Thus, Altstadt gets on the top of the Salzburg itinerary list to usher in the best experience in the city.

2. St. Peter’s Abbey

Spiritual breeze paints the scene as one step into the grandeur of St. Peter’s Abbey. With its site dating back to the 7th-century, St. Peter greets one with its charm and legends. The Christian architecture adorns its premises to set the tunes for a scintillating visit.  Frankish missionary Rupert founded the spiritual wonders on the land. Catering to the accommodation needs, it also served as the residence of the Archbishops till 1110. Bringing different eras together, it supports the charm of Romanesque, Renaissance and Rococo architectural elements.

The site underwent many expansions. As a result, most of the buildings in the complex date to the 17th and 18th centuries. Apart from its religious and architectural fame, it also makes waves as a burial site.

One can find it housing many catacombs. One can enter the sphere through the entrance at the graves of Mozart’s sister Nannerl and Michael Haydn. Moving ahead, one can end up at the much-celebrated “Gertrauden Chapel” of 1178. Not just that, one can also find the “Maximus Chapel” a few steps apart. The cemetery place has got many big personalities finding the final resting place.

Owing to its salience, it also featured in the Hollywood movie- “The Sound of Music”. Apart from that, one can also find many musical connections and associations running through the site. One can check out the intriguing corners by planning and spending quality time within its premises.

3. Fortress Hohensalzburg

Overseeing the Baroque historical district, Fortress Hohensalzburg locates itself in the southern summit of Mönchsberg on Festungsberg. Filling Salzburg’s skyline with beauty and thrill, it throws open its gates to greet visitors looking for an out of world bliss. The site dates back to 1077. However, its present looks are not older than the 16th-century under Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach.

Providing invincible protection to archbishops, it stood through time and stifled invaders from establishing their reign over it. To shape a vibrant and enlightening visit, it houses many museums summarizing its age and history. For instance, one can find The Fortress Museum spearheading a historical ride for visitors. Apart from that, one can also venture into the majesty of Princes’ Chambers. These chambers come with the Princes’ Hall, the Golden Chamber and the Golden Hall.

One can breathe in the original charm of the furnishings dating to the early 1500s. Not just that, one can also check out the elegance of a Magical Theater and modern media stations that thrive in the fortress. Look out for the famous Church of St. George (Georgskirche) from 1502 that adds to its case. Salzburg Bull wins hearts beating around and living the aura of the fortress.

After getting done with one’s Old Town visit, one can look forward to punctuating it by heading towards the fortress. It only takes 20 minutes for one to cover the distance on foot. Fortress Funicular in the Festungsgasse also facilitates the visit to the fortress.

4. Salzburg Cathedral

Many Cathedrals stand high with their elegance to make a mark in the domain. But Salzburg Cathedral dons unique and unbeatable charm to win hearts around. Coming with a majestic dome and two towers, it is not a hard nut to crack to locate it in the Salzburg skyline. Baroque style blooms around to make its case in the domain. It has faced many fires and destructions. As a result, it has undergone many restoration periods and incentives.

Cherishing its mark, one can come across four much-celebrated statues. They consist of Apostles Peter and Paul with a key and a sword. Not just that, one can also find two patron saints, Rupert and Virgil, having a salt vessel and a model of the church.

Lending its distinct identity, it comes with three massive bronze doors. They reflect on three faiths: Faith, Love and Hope. Not just that, one can find the much-celebrated altar having Ressurection painted on it in 1628. Adding to that, Cathedral Museum throws open the door to its thrilling sphere. One can come across the 8th-century Carolingian Cross of St. Rupert, Gothic statues and paintings.

Taking the experience to another level, one can also have a look at its treasures. A bronze baptismal font (1311) with lions at its base (1200) stars in the domain. The cathedral gates by Schneider-Manzell, Mataré and Manzú and seven bells add to its case to a great extent. Soak in the delights reverberating around to live the visit to the full.

5. Hellbrunn Palace And Fountains

Catering as the leisure and vacation place for rulers once, Hellbrunn Palace and Fountains provide one with the best routes to grab the golden phases of regimes in Salzburg. Stipulated by Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikus in the 17th-century, the Palace managed to cherish its material form in only three years with architect Santino Solari. Celebrating the charm of Late Renaissance architecture across the land, it gets to the top echelons for its exceptional beauty.

With its iconic corners making waves, it also set a perfect backdrop for weddings. Apart from that, one can also tune in to the permanent exhibition “SchauLust”. It bestows one with the golden chance to discover the elegance of its rooms. Not just that, one can also dive into its vibrant history.

Serving the entertaining facets of the place, Mannerist trick fountains add scintillating vibes to its case in the best possible way. Making the best of the water abundance of the location, it stands at the center of the palace grounds. Cherish the water surprises that spring into action around the fountain to thrill visitors with the best.

Apart from that, one can also take a stroll around the blossoming gardens. Trees line up suitably to offer a perfect photo shoot. One can explore heart-winning bits to the full to get back home with some chuckling memories and nostalgia. Thus, a family tour cannot see its best completion without a visit to the trick fountains.

6. The Residenzplatz

Located at the heart of Old Town, one can reach the famous Residenzplatz. It stands out from the rest of the corners of the area for its heritage and architectural salience. Thriving on the left bank of River Salzach, it shimmers with an open space. The Residence Square (Residenzplatz) is the most iconic square that adds to the Salzburg delight. One can find it having many great tourist gems like New Residence with its carillon, the Cathedral and the Old Residence around it. Apart from them, one can lose one’s heart to the Residence Fountain (Residenzbrunnen).

The centerpiece of the place shimmers in golden hues to don the title of being the most beautiful fountain in the city. Archbishop Guidobald Thun conceived the idea and goaded its execution. The Italian sculptor, Tommaso di Garone thus ended up with one of the best Baroque fountains in 1661. With its height reaching 15m, it provides a vibrant dimension to its look.

Etching its elegance in golden hues, it comes with four snorting horses appearing to leap from the rock. Its upper and lower basins come with many enticing bits like a Triton with a conch shell, dolphins and god Atlas to leave spectators spell bounded.

Making the best of one’s visit, one can stay tuned to events that look forward to breaking the ceiling here. From sports to musical beats, every kind of exhilarating bit gets on the board to provide some vibrant reasons for one to discover its wonders.

7. Mirabell Palace And Gardens

Supporting a beautiful backdrop, Mirabell Palace and Gardens make another must-visit spot for Salzburg visitors. Commissioned by prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich, it cherished its material form in 1606. Reflecting his love for Salome Alt, it makes waves with its elegance and charm in the domain. Mirabell Hall served as the banquet hall of the prince-archbishops. Retaining its charm and grandeur to a great extent, it facilitates many lavish weddings in the city.

Not just that, it also provided the much-needed space for music to thrive. Musical beats chimed around to make breakthroughs in the domain and mesmerize music lovers around the world. It continues to carry its versatile veins by organizing conferences, the much-celebrated SchlossKonzerteMirabell concerts and award ceremonies.

One can get to the breathtaking hall by climbing the majestic Angel Staircase. Many cherubs get on to adorn it in the best possible way. Schloss Mirabell Baroque Museum offers an amusing ride through the vibrant facets of the site. Thus, one can take a stroll around to cherish the best on the board.

Apart from that, one can also relish its green beauty by taking to the Mirabell Gardens. They got their revamped look by Archbishop Johann Ernst von Thun in 1690. While roaming around, one can come across the Pegasus Fountain and the Grand Fountain having four groups by Ottavio Mosto. The figures reflect on their four symbols: fire, air, earth and water.

The Dwarf and Rose Garden go a long way in adding stars to its case.

8. The Franciscan Church

Another church that ring in the spiritual space of Salzburg is The Franciscan Church. Adding to the Salzburg skyline, it comes with vibrant bits making its premises. Apparently, older than the cathedral, it has got its mention associated with St. Virgil. Like many Salzburg stars, it also faced infernos that engulfed many of its majestic bits. But reconstruction and restoration work managed to pump its glory back to the light in the land. Not just that, it served as a parish church in the area till 1635.

Dark and light contrasts bestow it with the unique charm and stand in the domain. It makes waves around with its premises having two parts: the original Romanesque nave of the basilica and the Late Gothic chancel. It gets on the board with Romanesque to modern architecture painting its case. Its entrance sets the tunes for a vibrant visit by supporting “Hand of Refuge”.

Churning satiating vibes, it comes with a high altar by Fischer von Erlach that dates back to the early 18th-century. Adding to its case, it comes with a “Madonna with Child” by Michael Pacher. One can also behold the connecting walkway to the Residenz by Wolf Dietrich.

Not just its exteriors, but its interiors also throw up enough enticing bits with nine different chapels. Franciscan Friary features on the scene to add to its case in the best possible way.

9. Neugebäude & The Salzburg Carillon

With its construction dating to 1602, Neugebäude holds a prominent place in Salzburg.  It appeared on the scene to serve as a guesthouse to the Archbishop. Its premises saw expansion and additions over the years. Presently, the building is home to many government offices. Not just that, one can also find Salzburg Museum that has been featuring on its premises since June 1, 2007. It serves visitors with art, presentations, installations, etc.

Adding to its case, the Salzburg carillon (Glockenspiel) locates itself in the bell tower on the west side. Enticing visitors, it comes with 35 bells from Antwerp. The mechanism date back to 1702. It has been making waves since 1704.

Setting vibrant tunes around, it manages to play 40 melodies. Out of them, 16 celebrate Johann Michael Haydn. One can look for the guided tours to have the best of the place on the board. Thus, one can grab quality experience at Neugebäude & The Salzburg Carillon.

10. Hallein And the Celtic Museum

Breathe in the natural bliss thriving in the area by taking to the old Celtic town of Hallein. Located on River Salzach, it greets one with its old charm and beauty. Break away from the city buzz and explore the thrilling bits making the scene in the town. The vibrant narrow streets and monuments, statues and accommodations offer a scintillating affair to visitors. Adding to one’s delight, it dons the privilege of being the birthplace of organist Franz Xaver Gruber. Not just that, one can also grab the local life and cultural thriving with the Salzach style homes.

Penetrating deeper, one can come across the fame of the Celtic Museum. Cherishing the title of being one of the biggest museums in the Celtic history, it comes with vibrant bits throwing light on the Celtic culture. Taking a round in its premises, one can stumble upon evoking presentations illuminating Ice Age burial sites and areas of ancient settlement. Not just that, one can also grab the salt mining on the Dürrnberg. Adding to that, the 2500-year-old Celtic beaked jug wins hearts around with its charm. Moving ahead, one can also step into three rooms presenting the prince-archbishop eras.

11. Mozart’s Birthplace

Mozart’s fans can see the light of the day during the trip by visiting his birthplace. Located in the “Hagenauer Haus” at No. 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg, it is the much-celebrated museum in the country. Thanks to International Mozarteum Foundation, it managed to take up its museum looks back in 1880. Going through various developments, it has turned up as a must-visit place for Salzburg visitors.

One can go around covering the original rooms in one hour only. The original charm of the bits presents around takes one back to Mozart’s era. Taking a closer look, one can see original certificates, letters and memorabilia document that adorned his life.

Not just that, one can also come across many portraits of his time hanging around. Adding to the thrill of his fans, it has got his violin and clavichord on display. One can go on to discover various facets of the artists through different exhibitions running around the museums. Thus, one can leave one’s souls to the tones ringing around to grab the best portrayal of his life and work. There are enough bits present around to bolster these kinds of initiatives.

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