Tourist Attractions Of Florence You Can’t Afford To Miss

Tourist Attractions Of Florence You Can’t Afford To Miss

When it comes to architectural magic mingling with historical beats, there can be nothing better than Italy. Italy houses some of the best architectural pieces in the world. Florence is one of the Italian territories that bestow one with the opportunity to relish the best in the land. One can find stunning structures and scenes rising to the fore to leave visitors mesmerized at the end of the day. Not just that, one can also cherish the historical treats in various pockets of the city. Churches, museums, etc., give a heart-warming welcome to guests with their grandeur. Thus, there is enough for one to drool over.

The long list of tourist attractions requires one to come with a well-planned trip to make the best. Going that way, one can check out the following collection of wonders that thrive around to shape an unforgettable trip to Florence.

1. Cathedral Of Santa Maria Del Fiore And Piazza Duomo

Make your way to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo to see the best architectural bliss on the land. The Gothic building comes with many buildings bolstering its view and making its vibrant complex. Designed by Arnolfo di Cambio, it reflects on the architectural trends ruling in the times of its construction. One can find many colorful marbles making its iconic parts. Porte della Mandorl stands high to provide a glimpse into the vision of its architects. Apart from that, one can take a stroll through the art waves lacing its premises.

The “Condottiero Giovanni Acuto” and “Niccolò da Tolentino” shimmers in the best way to steal the hearts of guests admiring its beauty. Many sculptures adorn its case with their salience. The baptistery, the bell tower, the cathedral, and its museum take one through the marvelous architectural performances and tales of the land. Not just that, the pale glass windows with art hues also whisper many untold bits to visitors. To save on time and energy, one can book its guided tour. One can explore the elegance of the place in the best way under professional guidance.

2. Piazzale Michelangiolo

Piazzale Michelangiolo is the place for the ones who wish to capture the city at its best. Coming with the architectural bits by Giuseppe Poggi, it dates back to 1869. One gets above the city bustle by moving to the terrace to catch its shimmering beauty. Its open space provides tourists with the golden opportunity to click some stunning shots to mark their visit in the best manner. A bronze replica of Michelangelo’s David stands at the centre to greet visitors on their way to cherishing the surrounding beauty. No matter which of its corners you choose, you can see the Florence landmarks throwing up scintillating views.

After making the best of one’s time at the place, one can walk into the Bardini Museum. It thrives around to throw open the gates to the stunning history. One can find ceramics of Della Robbia, Greek and Roman artifacts and many other intriguing artworks. Its building also comes with fascination waves to add to the beauty of the place. One can delve into the city hues by spending hours beholding the city icons. Not just that, social culture also comes to its best with people from different regions rubbing shoulders with each other.      

3. Piazza Della Signoria And The Loggia Dei Lanzi

The picture of the past political triumphs and struggles flashes in as one takes the exploration charge at Piazza della Signoria. The square bubbles with many stunning sculptures that speak a lot about the political fervor of the 14th-century. They reflect on the political euphoria, dissents and oppositions that chained lives in Florence. A marble circle inscription stands there to mark the place where Savonarola burnt. Neptune Fountain rules its centre and wins hearts bubbling at its sight.

Walking to the right of Palazzo Vecchio, one can find the Loggia dei Lanzi making waves for visitors. The open-air sculpture gallery presents stunning facets of the political narration to guests. Donning the architectural hues by Orcagna, it secured its position in 1376. One can look at its curved arches that drop in the prognosis of Renaissance classicism. The statue of Perseo holding Medusa’s head by Benvenuto Cellini and Rape of the Sabines by Giambologna rule the affairs at the Loggia dei Lanzi. Apart from that, one can also cherish the crowd culture of the place. Thus, there is a lot for one to catch to cherish the Florence trip to the best.

4. San Lorenzo And Michelangelo’s Medici Tombs

San Lorenzo dons the title of being the oldest structure in the city. Saint Ambrose consecrated it in 393 to make it feature among the earliest pieces of art and architecture around the world. Not just that, it also supported the privilege of being the cathedral of Florence. Its duomo identity lasted for about 300 years.

To the delight of visitors, they can get enough enthralling bits of art and architecture to acknowledge its salience in the world of churches. The parish church for the Medici family houses many vibrant corners for one to marvel.

Apart from that, one can walk to the Medici Chapels at the back of the church. These are the burial sites of the Medici family. But they do not bring a gloomy affair for visitors. One can find the walls shimmering with colored marbles and semi-precious stone.

Adding to its case, it comes with the crypt, the Cappella dei Principi (Chapel of the Princes) and the New Sacristy. One can cherish the architectural cuts and designs, putting stars to its narrative. The vibrant depictions and paintings woo visitors with their aura and grace.    

5. Santa Croce

Santa Croce is another art gem on the platter to entice Florence visitors with the rich architectural culture of the land. Its scintillating premises came into existence in 1294 by Arnolfo di Cambio. It provided burial sites for many great personalities of the city. For instance, one can find Michelangelo, Rossini, Machiavelli, Galileo Galilei and many others laid to rest in the church. Coming with the polychrome marble façade, it serves the best glimpse of architectural perfection to visitors. Apart from that, many other vibrant corners ask for a detailed exploration by them to weave a fascinating visit to its premises.

Its sections mainly consist of the Bell Tower, Crypt, 16 Chapels, Sacristry and Cloister. Each one of them comes with a treasure of art and wonders. Supporting a height of 78 meters, the bell tower bubbles to the right of the church, standing out in the list. Santa Croce dons the title of being the largest Franciscan church in the world with 16 chapels. There are three cloisters on its premises to reflect on various phases of time. The serenity around the church makes one soak into its beauty and grace in the best possible way.

6. Palazzo Pitti

Palazzo Pitti complex is one of the iconic spots in the city that provide every aspect of art and architecture in the city. It provides a break from the church narrative to reflect on other bits around. One can find the complex supporting a palace, an art gallery and stunning gardens to build its case. Originally, its building consists of two floors and ground floors with five windows on each floor. But after its purchase by Eleonora da Toledo, it underwent development and expansion. Finally, it thrived as the residential complex of the family.

Preserving its iconic history, it currently thrives as an art gallery and museum. There are around 72 museums on its premises to reflect on its grandeur. The art galleries on the board take one through the best of art pieces available in the city. It supports more than 2,000 pictures & detailed descriptions to add to its case in the domain for art lovers. Thus, one can look forward to taking historical dive in the best manner at the palace. Not just that, one can also spend an unforgettable time taking to its gardens. A guided tour through the history corners on its royal premises offers a rich experience to its visitors.

7. San Miniato Al Monte

San Miniato al Monte is another addition to the heart-winning church collection in Florence. With its construction ranging between the 11th and 13th century, its building goes a long way in reflecting on the architectural trends of the times. Its green and white marble façade add stars to its scintillating narrative. One can join the line of similarity between it and Santa Croce in one go. Apart from that, one can find it supporting a golden mosaic of Christ Pantocrator from the 13th century.

Not just its exteriors but its interiors also rope in many delights for its visitors with Romanesque architecture. It comes with three naves, a presbytery and a crypt. Apart from that, one can also find it supporting a monumental cemetery. It also provides a heart-winning view of the city with the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio coming up beautifully.

One can also explore the beauty of statues and chapels adorning its case for visitors. They reflect on their beauty and salience in the domain. Adding to that, the iconic walls around it provide it with the out of world look and charm.

8. Bargello Palace National Museum

Opening a treasure of history for its guests, Bargello Palace National Museum shines with a stunning charm. Donning the title of being one of the oldest buildings in the city, it finds its roots in 1255. It stood as the home to the police head in the 16th-century and served its premises for prison purposes. Not just that, it also stores many significant historical pieces and meetings in its corners to reflect on the past turbulences in the city. Finally, it attained its museum identity in the mid-19th century to add another feather to its nest.

It supports both historical and architectural wonders for its visitors. One can find many art pieces celebrating the Gothic decorative arts. Its first floor presents Tuscan 16th-century works. Apart from that, it also supports many stunning sculptures on the board. One can take to its second floor to discover glazed terracottas by Andrea and Giovanni Della Robbia. Many great works thrive on its premises to reflect on the less-travelled bits of the city. The bronze works shimmer in its vibrant corners to throw open the way to precious facets for visitors. The Renaissance fervor gets to the top echelons to pain the scene in the best possible way.

9. Mercato Centrale

If a food lover inside you is craving to get eternal satiation, then you can turn to San Lorenzo Market. To provide a hassle-free visit to its guests, it comes with two sections selling different articles. The indoor market, called Mercato Centrale, sells food elements. It bustles in the building by Giuseppe Mengon. Thus, one can find food fragrances blending with architectural bliss. One can see the area bubbling with a vibrant blend of classic and modern architecture. Cast irons and glass get around to weave its heart-winning premises.

It supports two levels to provide ample space for food bounties. Its ground floor is full of butchers, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable vendors. Not just that, one can also find many special centers selling local olives, meats, cheese, etc. One can look for the local ingredients to carry the Florentine flavors home. The vendors stand ever-ready to help in selecting the best in line with one’s home country allowances.

After getting done with the shopping, one can climb to its first floor to soak into the aroma of local cuisine. The food court wins hearts with the best on the food counter for its guests.

Apart from that, one can also walk to the outdoor section of the San Lorenzo market that hawks everything from clothing to pottery. Thus, one can grab the best souvenir of one’s Florence trip by exploring the bustling market.

10. Uffizi Palace And Gallery

Another gem that brings palatial hues in line with art gallery charm is Uffizi Palace and Gallery. Nestling in the palace, the gallery occupies its first and second floors. With the construction of the building dating to the period between 1560 and 1580, it presents one with heart-winning facets. It bubbles with the architectural charm of the architect Giorgio Vasari. Many sculptures and artworks take on the board to unwind the waves of knowledge and historical enlightenment.  The gallery presents one with the art bits from the 14th-century and Renaissance period.

One can find many star artworks by prominent artists in the domain. Giotto, Simone Martini, Piero della Francesca and Beato Angelico gets on the counter to paint a vibrant visit for its guests. The Roman and Greek sculptures throw light on the heart-winning bits that made waves way back in time. Thus, one can see the best rising to the fore to savor an unforgettable experience.

11. Galleria Dell’Accademia

See the Renaissance art taking to the top echelons at Galleria dell’Accademia. The art gallery is the home to many much-celebrated works of the artists of the period. Among them, Michelangelo rules the sphere with its masterpieces on display on its premises. His magnum opus- David makes waves with its original form. Not just that, one can also find many of his other art pieces adorning the gallery.

Apart from Michelangelo, there are many other great artists of the domain. Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Pontormo, Andrea del Sarto, Allessando Allori and Orcagna take the narrative to another level. Medici family dons the honor of having commissioned many of the stars on its premises.

Music lovers can also see the light of the day by making way to its Museum of Musical Instruments section. It houses stunning works by Stradivari and Bartolomeo Cristofori. Galleria dell’Accademia serves every kind of art satiation to its guests.

12. Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio is another hub of art and history on the list. It provides one a glimpse of the iconic past with many ruins bubbling in its premises. To offer the best, it consists of Roman ruins, a medieval fortress and chambers and paintings dating to the Renaissance period. It stands as a significant archaeological site in the city. The ruins of the ancient theater of the Roman colony of Florentia form the basement of its building. Not just that, there are many other historical sites within its premises.

Thus, one can step into the Palazzo Vecchio Museum and the Archaeological site to cherish the best facet on the board. Apart from that, one can also grab enigmatic historical facets. One can end up at secret routes and passages in its building during one’s exploration. Adding to that, one can also admire the charm of the private studio of Francesco I. It supports a mezzanine between the first and second floor. The map room takes its narrative to another level. Its Battlement section throws light on the past moments of the structure in the best way.  

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