Top Tourist Attractions Of Montreal

Top Tourist Attractions Of Montreal

Montreal stands right up with its beautiful surroundings and iconic past to provide every reason for wanderlusts to keep it at the top of their preferences. The second-largest French-speaking city in the world comes with enough routes to let one live some scintillating moments in its land. One can pass through the alleys by marveling at the vibrant blend of history and modernity. Not just that, one can also gain everlasting experiences by checking out the much-celebrated museums thriving in its corners. Adding to that, one can also plan a break from the city rush by venturing into its beautiful neighborhoods.

The dose of green charm sprawls around and across it to paint its case with a unique grace. However, one cannot get ahead for a Montreal trip without having its stars on the must-visit list. Easing that part, here are some of the iconic names in the city that draw flocks of explorers from around the world.

1. Mont-Royal

Montreal lets one breathe fresh and delighted by having the lush-green area of Mont-Royal. With its 761-foot height, Mont-Royal stands in the middle of the city. It thrives as a four-season park and provides a rejuvenating walk through the green bounties to its visitors. The park does not restrict itself to walks and jogs. But it also unfolds the historical, geographical and cultural facets of the city before its guests.

The 200-hectare area takes one through some unbelievable experiences. Ebbing the city blues, it is home to many iconic species of flora and fauna. The rich biodiversity here comes in contrast to its location in the heart of the city.

Bird watching has come up as the must-do activity for its visitors. Apart from that, one can find it bustling with activities like cycling, boating, skiing, skating, and tobogganing on its premises.

Not just that, one can also fall in love with the breathtaking views waiting for one at the summit. The Kondiaronk Belvedere rakes out the iconic place for one to pocket some unforgettable moments. The park has been managing to stand out in the domain for its heritage title since 2012. To cherish its story and journey, one can halt at Smith House. The permanent exhibition there takes one through that narrative.

Café des Ami offers a perfect place for visitors to cherish sips of refreshing coffee with unforgettable vibes. One cannot look forward to putting the seal of completion without going for souvenirs from its gift shops.

2. Jardin Botanique

Step into the wonders of nature and its bounties at Jardin Botanique. Also known as the Montréal Botanical Garden, it stuns visitors with its richness. Making waves around the world, it features among the largest botanical gardens in the world. With 65 hectares of land, it manages to provide a home to many vibrant species. Embarking on an unforgettable walk through its green cover, one can come across more than 21,000 plant species and cultivars.

To let one catch the best around, it comes with well-arrayed sections and parts. Its ten exhibition greenhouses let one have a glimpse into the amusing facets bubbling around. They entice one with their exceptional beauty and charm. Apart from that, one can also find a vibrant Tree House setting the tones right in its premises. Making the best of one’s visit, one can also venture into one’s favorite out of the thirty thematic gardens.

Apart from that, one can also lose one’s heart to the cultural hues floating around its cultural gardens. They let one strike a note with different countries’ floral wealth. One can explore the beauty of the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden and First Nations-Garden to live that part.  Moving ahead, one can also find various events and activities doing rounds for its guests. Among them, ‘Butterflies Go Free’ (winter-spring) is the chartbuster and draws nature lovers from different countries.

It justifies its fame and name in the world with 190,000 plants waving at its visitors.

3. Oratoire Saint-Joseph

Thriving in the middle of the city, Oratoire Saint-Joseph spells out religious peace and enlightenment. Offering respects to Saint Joseph, it stands out in the world for its grace. The present-day shrine has evolved from the small wooden chapel by Brother André. He was a well-known name in the region for his extraordinary power in curing people. The chapel made way for the much-renowned Oratoire that came into existence in 1967.

The shrine has been making waves in the city since then. Its scintillating sphere allures both locals and tourists to marvel at its beauty. Its basilica shimmers with exceptional elegance to welcome around 2,000 worshippers at a time. Apart from that, it comes with many other fascinating corners and parts.

Taking a round through its premises, one can lose one’s heart to its 97-meter dome. Adding to that, one can also dive into the grace of the original chapel and a votive chapel. Not just that, one can also find a crypt bubbling in its sphere. Art lovers can breathe into eternal bliss by catching a heart-winning blend of Québec and foreign art forms in its premises.

Adding to one’s delight, one can also venture into the iconic Garden of the Way of the Cross. Taking a stroll around, one can lose one’s heart to iconic seventeen sculptures bubbling across the garden. Not just that, one can also come across the resting place of Brother André in the Oratoire. The on-site restaurant takes the visit bliss to another level with culinary punches.

4. Vieux-Montreal

Slip back into the history of the city by planning a day at Vieux-Montreal. Also known as the Old Montreal, it welcomes guests into the old-day charm of the area. The district houses some of the best wonders that have adorned the city for centuries. It makes waves on the Montreal itinerary with buildings and structures dating from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Its vibrant alleys and corners provide one with the best possible peep into its rich history and local culture and tradition.

Not just that, one can also breathe the experience of Horse-drawn carriages that still take on the bustling alleys. Adding to that, one can pass by the historical landmarks and sites that have been thrilling guests for around 400 years. Going ahead bit by bit, one can come across the grandeur of Notre-Dame Basilica. Not just that, one can also stroll through Saint Paul Street to see the best of its time.

Adding to that, one can take a break to breathe into the elegance of Grande Roue de Montréal. Pointe-à-Callière also gets on the list to entice guests with its fame. To have the best in the city, one can charge oneself up at the local cafes with a vibrant background. They provide one with the chance to catch up with locals around. Shoppers can have their delight by grabbing their favorites hanging around.

Moving ahead, one can also live the club culture that churns unforgettable vibes. Thus, a visit to Vieux-Montreal is a must for having the best in Montreal.

5. Parc Jean Drapeau

Recreational bliss also gets on the board for Montreal visitors with Parc Jean Drapeau. It lets one shed one’s stress bits and vibes and cherish the vibrant thrill bubbling around. It comes into the picture with two islands in the St. Lawrence River. It has gone a long way in shaping the history and glory of the country in the best possible way. Taking on that part, it set the ground for the successful Expo 67 and the 1976 Summer Olympics.

It has been making waves and pulling souls around the world with many concerts and festivities since then. To one’s delight, they span the entire year to offer a scintillating escape for its guests. Recreational activities bubble around to pitch in for some unforgettable moments.

To have the best in the sphere, one can take to the much-celebrated Île Sainte-Hélène. One can lose one’s heart to the open-air amphitheater that bubbles there. Moving ahead, one can cherish amusing vibes at L’Homme and the Biosphère.

Adding to that, one can also check out the La Ronde amusement park. It takes the fun moments to another level with many thrilling rides and corners. Adding more delights to that narrative, it comes with a beach and three outdoor pools. Not just that, one can also look forward to celebrating their moments at its museums.

One can also test one’s luck at the casino that makes waves there. Complementing exhilarating activities and experience, one can also dive into the natural beauty that shimmers around.

6. Pointe-à-Callière

One can see the city rise to its present-day charm by taking to Pointe-à-Callière. Standing as Montreal’s Museum of Archaeology and History, it manages to win hearts with many stunning bits. The iconic museum adds to its case by evolving at the place of the foundation of Montreal. Losing one’s heart around, one can come across many evoking elements in its sphere.

Setting ground for a thrilling exploration, it thrives as the national historic and archaeological site. It bubbles to the brim with elements bringing out years of human activities into the light. One can add to one’s experience by going through the permanent exhibitions catching worldwide attention. They rise to the fore and win hearts with multimedia technologies. Not just that, it also puts up temporary exhibitions around the year. They go ahead to throw light on different facets of human civilizations and history.

Architectural remains also thrive around to stir souls and hearts around. One can go through the stunning ruins to see the past of the city reflecting its charm. One can make one’s way through stone-paved streets and drainage channels. Not just that, one can also venture into the ground floors of 17th-century buildings to have the best around. It also sets the stage of exploration through various exhibits, maps, etc., that mirror different periods.

Having its gates opened in 1992, it has been making a mark in the domain since then. Adding to its case, it also provides space and ground for many cultural activities in its sphere.

7. Notre-Dame Basilica

Another religious gem of the city is Notre-Dame Basilica. It basks with unique charm and glory with its architecture. It has come into existence from a 17th-century stone church. Making waves around, it shimmers with the much-celebrated Gothic Revival architecture. Not just that, one can also find a parallel between its design and Notre-Dame-de-Paris with its dual towers. Apart from that, one can also come across the architectural trends that were thriving during the time of its construction (between 1824 and 1829).

Moving ahead, one can come across the shimmer of the 10,900-kg Jean-Baptiste bell that makes waves at the West Tower. Adding to that, one can tune in to the heart-warming rings of ten bells in the East Tower. Winning hearts around, it comes with vibrant stained glass windows. They mirror the 350 years of parish history. These alluring depictions have brought into the light by Québec artist Jean-Baptiste Lagacé.

Apart from that, one can also marvel at its iconic interiors that bubble in blue hues. One can find the stunning gold-leaf ornamentation, religious paintings and heart-winning woodworks making waves around. The Montréal architect Victor Bourgeau directed the interior work of the Basilica.

Not just the art and religious hues, it also wins heart with musical bliss. Exploring its scintillating premises, one can come across the 7,000-pipe Casavant organ. Adding to one’s thrill, it goes ahead to put up many musical shows and performances in its sphere. Thus, Notre-Dame Basilica manages to shimmer in the top-echelons of Montreal itinerary.

8. Musée Des Beaux Arts

Art lovers can take a jump with joy with the mention of Musée des Beaux Arts. Also known as the Montreal of Museum of Fine Arts, it dons the privilege of being the oldest museum in Canada. Its vibrant sphere rolls out the artistic charm to entice its visitors with the best bubbling around. To unveil iconic bits in the domain for its visitors, it has been pooling masterpieces of fine arts for 150 years.

Shaping an unforgettable experience in the sphere, it comes with vibrant paintings, sculptures and many other art delights. They reflect not only Canadian but also international works. Not just that, one can also catch World Cultures and Mediterranean Archaeology making waves around its premises. They bring out the cultural and artistic charm of various regions around the world. To one’s delight, one can find many iconic names bubbling in their sphere with their masterpieces.

The long list includes Rembrandt, El Greco, Renoir, Cézanne and Picasso. Adding to that, one can also come across the 18th-century English porcelain and artifacts from World War I. Furniture by Frank Gehry add stars to its case. Matching with time, the museum has expanded its domain with the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion in 2011 and the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace in 2016.

It has also got a 462-seat concert hall named Bourgie Hall for concerts and other recreational purposes. Not just that, the museum is also adding to its name by coming up as the leading publishers of art books in French and English in Canada. Moreover, it also opens up wellness facets with Michel de la Chenelière International Atelier for Education and Art Therapy.

9. Place Des Arts

One can find all art forms mingling with each other at Place des Arts. Located in the Quartier des spectacles, it stands out in the domain with vibrant hues running around. Its association with the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal adds to its case. It comes with six performance spaces that greet visitors with the best facet of arts. Among them, Maison Symphonique de Montréal manages to stand out with its unique charm.

Apart from that, one can also check out other performance arts spaces like Théâtre Maisonneuve and Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier and Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. They differ in audience capacity to make way for different performances in their sphere. They have won hearts by hosting many famous groups like Grands Ballets Canadiens, Opéra de Montréal productions and Danse Danse.

Thus, one can find music, theatre, dance, opera, and song and comedy performers sending in a vibrant invitation to art lovers around the world. Not just that, it also houses many thrilling festivities and celebrations that cement its name in the domain. Adding to that, one can also grab a seat at its on-site restaurant. Taking one’s experience to another level, one can also check into the on-site bar.

Thus, one can grab some iconic artistic and cultural vibes ruling the sphere by taking to alluring Place des Arts.

10. Chinatown

If you are looking for Chinese culture and vibes in the city, then you can head to its Chinatown.  Also known as Quartier chinois, it shimmers with vibrant hues and charm. Located in the Ville-Marie borough, it wins hearts with its amusing culture. It sits in the area having Saint-Dominique Street to the east, René-Lévesque Boulevard to the north, Viger Street to the south and Jeanne-Mance Street to the west. Thus, it is not a surprise for one to see its flourishing commercial waves.

It has got four paifang gates on its four sides to welcome its guests into its scintillating land. One can find these gateways bubbling with Chinese decorations and designs. Its pedestrian-only zone let visitors catch its best facet with ease and comfort. Not just that, one can also find the Chinese style of living that stands in contrast to the Montreal hues.

Taking a stroll around, one can find many scintillating and picture-perfect corners bubbling around. For instance, the “May an Old Song Open a New World” mural by Gene Pendon and Bryan Beyung reflect on the vibrant tradition of the place. It shimmers beautifully at the René-Lévesque and Saint-Laurent near the north gate.

Apart from that, one can also explore the iconic legacy of The Wing building. One can come across its military school, a paper box factory and a warehouse. Adding to that, one can also visit the amusing sphere of Place Sun Yat Sen, Pedestrian mall on de le Gauchetière, etc. Delicious food aromas imbue the surroundings to satiate cravings in the typical Chinese way.

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