Top Attractions Of Prague Worth A Visit

Top Attractions Of Prague Worth A Visit

The architecture world looks incomplete without a vibrant mention of Prague. The city shimmers with many heart-winning gems on its land to make its case in the domain. Presenting the iconic tales of history, they send in an invitation to wanderlusts striving for a productive vacation. Spires inundate its space with unbeatable charm and wonder. Different kinds of architectural hues mingle together to reflect on different periods of its rich history in one go. Thus, one can plan an unforgettable trip by reserving a visit to its renowned architectural gems.

Apart from sight-seeing, one can do a lot more in the city. Thus, no matter whether one supports an avid architecture lover within one, one can still cherish many reasons to relish its bounties. To plan a perfect Prague holiday, one can check out the following list of bits in the city.

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the ideal point for one to embark oneself on a scintillating Prague trip. Bubbling in the Hradcany neighborhood, it goes a long way in setting the tone for Prague visitors. Serving as the residence to Bohemia’s kings, it goes ahead to unfold the historical narrative of the city. Currently, it stands as the residence of the Czech Republic’s President. Originally a walled fortress, it has gone through a series of transformations to match the needs of the time. Donning the privilege of being the largest palace complex, it houses architectural stars like St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal Palace, and the Golden Lane.

The Royal Garden entices one with its grace and historical beauty that date back to 1534. Apart from that, one can make way to its entertainment hub to drench in the euphoria of Prague charm. For that, one can stay tuned to the website and its calendar. Shedding light on its charm, it cherishes a spot in the UNESCO World Heritage site list.

Apart from that, one can look forward to celebrating one evening by beholding its stunning beauty with lightings around. Thus, there is enough for one to live by settling around the magnificent castle.

2. Wenceslas Square

Walk into the commercial hub of the city named Wenceslas Square to seal the best leisure time. The administrative actions also materialize at the Square, adding to its salience. Apart from that, one can also check it out to explore the sanctity of its pockets in the historical domain. A chain of hotels, theatres, banks and restaurants dot its sphere to weave an experience of visitors. Unfolding its charm, it comes with the National Museum (1885 – 1891) and Josef Václav Myslbek’s statue of the national patron St Wenceslas.

It draws from its existence from its horse market days. It has gone ahead to see the heart-winning additions to its sphere. Shops and brand outlets thrive with their best deals to offer the best in kind experience to wanderlusts. Shopping lovers can win big by satiating their shopping cravings in the best manner. Not just that, one can also choose to bask in the bliss by getting a table at one of the restaurants around.

Adding to that, one can see festivities and celebrations painting its sphere with the best available around. Thus, one can let one breathe free to get the best of the activities on the board. Find every thrill and fun bit converging in its premises to live Prague days to the full.

3. The Clementinum And The National Library

See the waves of knowledge building around as you step into the magic of The Clementinum and the National Library. History presents itself in the best version to churn enlightening moments for visitors. Thriving in the parts that once belonged to Jesuit College, it takes one back in time and legacy of books. After the fall of Jesuits, it came under the jurisdiction of the State and became a public library in 1782.

With Charles Bridge a few steps away, it grabs the center of the city. Sprawling over 2 hectares, it houses the National Library of the Czech Republic. The Baroque buildings support more than six million books on the counter.

One can book a guided tour to explore every facet of the Library. For instance, the Astronomical tower, with a height of 68m, shimmers with the best to work out a vibrant scene. Adding to that, one can find Meridian hall on its premises that steals hearts with its unique theme. One can cover its important spheres with 172 stairs on the tour board.

Culture and history rise to the fore to unveil the alluring side of the city within 50 minutes. Thus, a visit to Prague does not get to its best without having its guided tour. It is, indeed, one of the best ways to delve into the golden past of the city.

4. St. Vitus Cathedral

Religious and historical bounties come together to form the premises of St. Vitus Cathedral. Donning the title of being the largest Church in the city, it throws open the gate to the prominent eras. Located within the Prague Castle complex, it has gone through transformations to match up with the calls of the time. It had been the center of every special occasion in the kingdom. It had facilitated many religious services and coronations of Czech kings and queens. Not just that, it also opened up its space for the burial of several patron saints, sovereigns, noblemen and archbishops.

Thus, one finds it possessing every way to the untold bits of time. It shimmers with a bronze door that puts reliefs with scenes from the history of the Cathedral on display. Apart from that, one can also figure out the legends about St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert doing rounds. Adding to the delight, one can also come across the Royal Mausoleum with a royal crypt below it.

One can also make way to its 97-meter main tower to behold the beauty of the city in the best possible manner. Also, one can enclose one’s Prague visit with some pictures against its stunning backdrop.

5. The National Gallery In Prague

The National Gallery in Prague has its roots in the the time when a few nobles come together to work out its outline on 5 February 1796. But its gallery looks dates to the early 17th century. Currently, it houses 399,000 collection items to entice art lovers around the world. They work out the bliss by bringing the charm of different periods on a single platform. The celebrated works occupy a permanent seat in the exhibition schedule. One can find legends like Albrecht Dürer, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, Edvard Munch and Pablo Picasso ruling the affair with their perfection.

Not just that, 3,000 paintings, sculptures, and other items adorn the sphere to allure visitors. Well, it does not only act as an art exhibition space. It facilitates enough room for social discussions and talks to add to the intellect of its visitors.

Adding to that, it bolsters research intentions and aims in the domain. Apart from that, one can drench in leisure moments by taking a break for a cup of coffee. Many gallery shops lace its premises and let one seal a deal for heart-winning bits. Like most of the city gems, it also basks in the architectural magic, thus, adding to its case.

6. Prague Zoo

Wildlife lovers can win satiating moments by making it to Prague Zoo. Having opened its land for visitors back in 1931, it has come a long way in making a mark in the domain. It manages to draw a rush of visitors throughout the year. Located in Troja suburbs, it sprawls around 140 acres to work out the zoological bliss. If you are planning to explore the city with your nuggets, then Prague Zoo has to be on its list.

Building its case on that note, it comes with a fun petting zoo. It entices kids by offering pony rides. Not just that, they can also win the chance to feed animals. Adding to that, they can also marvel at its adventure playground.

Expanding to its sphere in the best possible way, it comes with more than 4,200 animals from some 650 species. Not just that, it also provide a sight of animals that are on the brink of extinction. Also, it has been part of the initiative of conserving Przewalski’s horse.

For grabbing the best in the Zoo, one can stay tuned to the developments on the website. Thus, one can time one’s visit accordingly to relish alluring activities in the zoological zone.

7. The Petrín Lookout Tower

Are you missing the Eiffel Tower magic of Paris in Prague? To the delight of Paris lovers, they can cherish the similar bliss with The Petrín Lookout Tower. One can construe it as a replica of worldly wonder. Securing its charm in Jubilee Exhibition in 1891, it has gone ahead to feature among the most-celebrated corners. It draws its name from the hill in which it locates itself for the delight of visitors. It dons the height of 63.5 meters to let one catch the city skyline with no compromise on the comfort.

One can climb to its top by taking on its 299 steps. After getting finished with the climbing part, one can head to the basement of the Petřín Observation Tower to grab more heart-winning bits. One can take a stroll through the permanent exhibition to cherish the evolution of the area. One can see it going through various transformations to attain its present form.

Apart from that, one can also spend one’s day there to live the social hues of the city. It also provides a picture perfect site for its guests. One can seal one’s Prague visit by clicking some unforgettable moments and thrill. Thus, there is enough for one to dwell on while exploring its different facets.

8. St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church is one of the younger churches in the city. Located in Lesser Town in Prague, it does not fall short of bringing out the rich history of the land. Former Jesuit College stands by it to reflect on its association with the Church. It has evolved with the initiative by Jesuits. Thus, it goes a long way in shedding light on the “Prague Baroque” period of the 18th century.

One can lose one’s heart to its grandeur that bubbles through its interiors. It supports a 19th-century chandelier. Not just that, it comes with Baroque paintings by Czech artist Karel Skreta on its cupola. Adding to the delight of visitors, they can climb to its bell tower. The stunning city view entices visitors with marvelous moments and feelings.

Adding to that, it also arranges for alluring concerts in its premises. Thus, one can catch up with the developments around to cherish the best of one’s St. Nicholas Church visit. English guided tours stand ever-ready to take one through the best facets of the place without any hassles. Thus, one can live scintillating moments and realizations while delving into its magnificent bits and spheres in the best possible manner.

9. The Dancing House

Dance lovers can feel their hearts throbbing wildly with the stunning sight of The Dancing House. It manages to stand out among the other gems of the city with its post-1989 Czech architecture. It celebrates the dancing flair of two renowned dancers named Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Going that way, it also cherishes the title of The Nationale Nederlanden building and “Fred and Ginger”. Taking its narrative to another level, it comes with 3000 square meters of office premises, a restaurant, a gallery, and a conference center.

Offering a dive into its charm, it dons deconstructivist architectural style. It makes waves with 99 differently shaped adjoined façade panels. Its frontispiece evolves with two towers that reflect on a dancing couple. To unwind sightseeing bliss, one can walk to its terrace to grab scintillating city views.

Apart from that, one can also weave an unforgettable leisure time on its premises. The “Ginger & Fred” restaurant works out its business standards on the uppermost floor. One can look forward to relishing French and international dishes by securing a table in its premises.

Its ground floor houses Dancing House Gallery. It goes a long way in bringing out the magic of the contemporary world and Czech art.

10. The Olšany Cemetery

No doubt, the mention of a cemetery in the list of tourist attractions is an odd thing. But The Olšany Cemetery manages to secure a place for its historical salience. Donning the title of being the largest graveyard of the city, it goes a long way in shedding light on the horrendous times in Prague’s history. The 17th-century cemetery evolved to provide the burial site for corpses of plague victims. Accommodating two million graves, it houses many untold facets of time in the city- from protest waves, wars to the plague outbreak.

Apart from that, one can also cherish the usual graveyard enigmatic tales. It has got many old tombs and Art Nouveau monuments that churn out the scary vibes for visitors. It has two sections: one for the graves of Jews and another for the graves of Christians. One can also find the graves of notable personalities like Franz Kafka and Jan Palach.

To explore it in the best manner, one can embark on the “Learning Trail”. On the way, one can find graves dating to the 17th century in its north. Filigreed mausoleums of the 20th century occupy the center of the cemetery. It sees people landing there to pay their obeisance to the departed souls.

11. Vyšehrad

Putting up the oldest royal residential narrative, Vyšehrad shimmers with the best in the sphere. It draws its roots to the mid-10th century. Its stunning location and position by the Vltava River offer a breath-taking feel and moments to its guests. Drawing its name from “Castle on the Heights”, it goes a long way in churning out fantasy bliss. The fairy tale castle has stood through times on the rocky platform to offer a vibrant peep into passing times.

Not just that, it also lets one grab the city at its best by working out some stunning views in the sphere. The green space enveloping its charm provides the way to many other architectural gems in the area.

For instance, one can explore the Romanesque Rotunda of St Martin, the neo-Gothic Church of St. Peter and Paul and the national cemetery Slavín. Not just that, one can also find the underground casements that enclose some of the original Baroque statues from the Charles Bridge. Its open air theatre provides the best environment for many musical and theatrical events during summers.

Apart from that, it also comes up as the best picnic spot in the city. Thus, one can land in its vibrant sphere to live the alluring bounties thriving in its ruined parts.

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