Things To Do On Your New Orleans Trip

Things To Do On Your New Orleans Trip

Being a part of the Madrid Gras is one of the best things to do in New Orleans. This is the most popular attraction there but there is more to this 301-year-old city than just bedazzled hats, super-cool costumes, and crazy wigs.

All the literary enthusiasts should ride the streetcar to the most famous literary festival of the city which is partially devoted to Tennessee Williams. Food lovers should head towards Hogs for the Cause to gobble up food. It is an annual event where pigs are worshiped with a charity bent. Other things which must be on your to-do list while visiting New Orleans includes the festival and events which takes place here.

You can also visit Café du Monde where you can spend your time eating all the beignets. There are many other things to do in this city and one thing which is common among all is it is all extravagantly awesome. Below mentioned are few of the things that you should do to explore the city.

1. French Quarter

French Quarter is the Crescent’s City oldest and the most famous neighborhood. It is built on the banks of the Mississippi River on higher ground. It has much more to offer than just the neon debauchery of Bourbon Street. For all the 300 years that French Quarter has existed, it has been the heart of New Orleans. It also famously known as the Vieux Carre. Nowadays, the Bourbon Street hosts the party and amazing food. You can visit the other elegant streets where you can see galleries, shops, and music clubs. Wander in the streets and enjoy it all.

When in French Quarter, do not forget to visit the oldest restaurant there, Antoine’s. It was here where oysters Rockefeller were invented. Also visit the Preservation Hall which is an esteemed hole-in-the-wall jazz club and Jackson Square which is the French Quarter’s historic hub named after the Battle of New Orleans victor Andrew Jackson. The statue of Andrew Jackson present here leads to the St. Louis Cathedral which is a sacred place. The sacredness of this place is contrasted with street performers who play everything from Dixieland to funk and the artists exhibit their work on the sidewalk.

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2. Marigny

To the east of the Quarter is a lively neighborhood called Marigny. Locals pronounce it as Mer-in-knee. It is a place where Frenchmen Street’s music club go off all night. Earlier it was a hangout spot for locals. Nowadays, tourist who visit the place, go for live music which is played at The Potted Cat, The Blue Nile, Café Negril, and Snug Harbor, among others. Bands play there until 4 A.M.

In the Marginy, restaurants are operational and serve food till wee hours. Remember to be in costume when you visit Frenchmen on Mardi Gras Day. It will give you an epic experience.

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3. National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is a world-class museum with a treasure trove of information and insights. On display you will find the war materiel and memorabilia of the terrible conflict. It was founded in the year 2000 which marks the 56th anniversary of World War II. Visitors from around the world come to this museum to learn about WWII from the American point of view.

The reason behind the museum being at New Orleans is the contribution of Andrew Higgins’ to the Allied victory. Andrew Higgins invented the flat-bottomed Higgins boat that was used by forces to storm the beaches at Normandy. The museum has the collection of those boats, documents, uniforms, weapons, and fully restored period aircraft.

While visiting the museum, enjoy the dramatic 4-D theatre experience which is completed with simulated gunfire and artillery explosions. The whole incident is narrated by Tom Hanks. You can also enjoy the PT-306 boat experience. It is a fully restored patrol-torpedo boat which zooms onto Lake Pontchartrain three times on Saturdays. In the 90-minute ride you will feel like the history has come alive.

4. New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival

It is a massive outdoor eight-day extravaganza which involves music, art, and food. The annual NOLA Jazz Fest marked its 51st year in 2020. It takes place on the Fair Grounds Race Track and is a two-weekend musical virtuosity of every genre. The fest usually takes place during the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. In the fest you can listen to all sorts of music including jazz, blues, gospel, Cajun zydeco, rock, country, funk, rap, and hip-hop.

In this grand event you will also get to savor the best food ever. The food includes the local favorites like jambalaya and gumbo, crawfish Monica, soft-shell crab po’boys, and Cafe du Monde beignets. You will witness world-class music, some quirky costumes, decorated hats, umbrellas, and flags in this grand fest. Since the weather here is unpredictable, it is recommended to pack sunscreen, plastic ponchos, and rubber boots.

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5. Tennessee Williams/ New Orleans Literary Festival

New Orleans Literary Festival is an annual literary art festival which is partially dedicated to Tennessee Williams. Tennessee Williams/ New Orleans Literary Festival is held at many spots around the French Quarter to celebrate the birthday of Tennessee Williams. As there is no theatrical production of A Streetcar Names Desire scheduled for the TW Fest, be prepared for a performance of In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel each night. There are also literary discussions. The “Writer’s Craft” series teaches better writing skills, readings, walking tours, culinary parties, and more. In this fest there is something for everyone.

6. New Orleans Museum Of Art

Located in the City Park, New Orleans Museum of Art has a noteworthy collection of late 19th and early 20th century French paintings and an extensive art of the America. The French paintings include the works by Edgar Degas who lived till around 1870s. The indoor galleries are amazing in this museum. In addition to this, walk through the just expanded and gorgeous Besthoff Sculpture Garden where you can see pieces ranging from Louisiana native George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog to more thought-provoking works like surrealist Rene Magritte’s The Labours of Alexander. More six acres was added to the Besthoff Sculpture Garden in late 2019. In addition to this, 27 more sculptures were added including a giant skull by artist Katharina Fritsch.

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7. New Orleans Jazz Museum

New Orleans is the land where jazz began. This museum is specially dedicated to jazz music. It is set in an Old Mint Building and has the largest collection of jazz artifacts in the world. Here you will see Louis Armstrong’s first cornet and disc from 1917 on which is the first jazz recording ever made. You can also enjoy the live concerts, musician interviews, and a lot of more fun activities at this amazing place.

8. Magazine Street

Magazine Street located in the Lower Garden District is a delight for shoppers. There are many high-end boutiques, spas, costume shops, and art galleries present here. Although the Magazine Street is nowhere near the French Quarter, it should be on the top of your to-do list in NOLA. There are dozens of fantastic places to shop, eat, and drink in the heart of this street. You can find for you Mardi Gras getup here at Uptown Costume or Buffalo Exchange. You can also head towards a few high-end outfits at Per Me NOLA.

Here you will also get a variety of food to eat ranging from Dat Dog gourmet hot dogs and sausages to places where you will be served tapas, pho, and their casual bites. For a perfect dining experience, add the winning modern Israeli spot Shaya on your list.

9. Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday

Organized annually, it is the only Sunday when all the Mardi Gras Indian tribes’ parade through the streets in full regalia. From 1800s, New Orleans has been graced by Mardi Gras Indian tribes with their incredible. Intricate, colorful costumes which are made from hand-sewn feathers, beads, sequins and more. All the costumes have elaborate patterns and depictions.

On March 15, 2020 it was a Super Sunday there and the biggest parade was organized in the Central City neighborhood and in other areas like Bayou St. John, the Treme, and elsewhere. The top tribe is determined by the dances, costumes, and chants of each tribe. After the parade, everyone celebrates with barbecues and pot-luck parties in various parks and sometimes right out on the streets. The whole event is amazing and is an eye-popping show.

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10. San Fermin In Nueva Orleans

It is NOLA’s own wacky homage to Pamplona’s famed Encierro, the Running of the Bulls. Every year when San Fermin in Nueva Orleans celebrates its own version of the Running of the Bulls, mayhem is bound to happen. Thousands of people register themselves as runners and get dressed in white T-shirts and red scarves to avoid the “bulls”. The bulls are women roller-derby team skaters who are armed with plastic bats and wear bull horns.

The event usually takes place in the morning. All you have to do during the game is to not get whacked. After the game, there is huge outdoor party which is known as La Fiesta de Pantalones. In this party it is compulsory to wear white pants.

11. New Orleans Saints

The city is passionate throughout the fall and winter months about the New Orleans Saints NFL football team. You will have a surreal experience watching a Saints NFL football game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. There are enthusiastic local fans who are decked out in team finery including such fans who are dressed in incredible homemade costumes and raise the roof off the place.

Before the game there are tailgate parties which are legendary. Some amateur chefs cook Cajun and Creole classics. Do not worry if you could not get ticket to the game, head towards Finn McCool’s, Bulldog, or any other bar nearby in town with a TV set and enjoy the match a mug of beer.

12. Café Du Monde

Café du Monde is in French Quarter since 1862. It serves the best and amazing pair of doughnuts and coffee in the entire universe. Your trip to New Orleans is incomplete without experiencing the most joyful combination of café au lait and beignets at this iconic open-air coffee shop in the French Quarter. The incomparable combination of fluffy textured hot beignets with powdered sugar spilling all over it, with the café’s signature chicory coffee alongside is simply amazing. It is open 24/7 and is NOLA’s classic.

13. The Bywater

The Bywater is bohemian artist and musician’s enclave. The hippest people in town hangout here, where the street murals grace buildings. You can see artwork flourishing in The Bywater. The neighborhood has numerous large street murals and many cool cafes and excellent bars to hangout. Head towards Bacchanal Wine and get a vibe of a local backyard party. Fine wine, good food, and local band will leave you serenading all afternoon. At St Claude Avenue, visit The Parlor. Here you will get custom designed hat and costume by Oliver Manhattan which will be perfect for Mardi Gras or for any good day in NOLA.

14. Rock ‘N’ Bowl

Rock n Bowl is the most happening spot in NOLA. Everyone who wishes to bowl can do so and others who want to dance to the live music can do that too. Earlier Rock n Bowl was a down-and-out bowling alley in Mid City. It then changed into a place where you can bowl and then dance to zydeco bands late night. Now, in the posh new digs on South Carrollton, there are beautiful bowling lanes, huge bars, lots of genres are covered by the music played there, which emphasis on New Orleans’ favorite and the “NOLA basic” food which includes burgers, pizza, boudin bites, and shrimp remoulade.

15. Fifi Mahoney’s

Fifi Mahoney’s is an ultimate wig shop for you to complete your costume. If you are in New Orleans during the celebration of Mardi Gras, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or any other myriad festival, when the whole town costumes up and hit the streets, consider yourself lucky to be a part of it. If you are visiting during any other month, still no one will ask you why you are wearing one of Fifi Mahoney’s incomparable wig just because you wished to put it on. The design of her wigs is outrageous and gorgeous at the same time. You would not be able to buy just one.

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