Things To Do In Hong Kong For A Memorable Trip

Things To Do In Hong Kong For A Memorable Trip

Hong Kong tops the chart for its business glamour. Not just that, it also shimmers with some thrilling vibes to grab a position on the vacation list. The region has served its scintillating culture and bustle over the years. It manages to toss up a unique blend of local and British life trends to allure international wanderlusts. Adding to that, its iconic infrastructural development offers another reason for its rising fame across the globe. One can come across many wonder delights attaining new heights and enticing their visitors.

Thus, there are many starry corners around that look forward to churning some everlasting experiences. To make the best of one’s Hong Kong visit, one can note down the must-have bliss and avoid the last-minute miss. Taking on that part, here is the list of some must-do bits that are there for putting up a satiating Hong Kong trip.

1. Scale Victoria Peak

The journey looks as beautiful as the destination when one thinks about the much-celebrated Victoria Peak. Thriving in the western part of Hong Kong, it sends hearty invitations to the guests. Also known as Mount Austin, it manages to win hearts looking for a soothing experience. Its elevation of 552m makes it the best sight for having panoramic views of the surrounding regions.

One can catch Lamma Island, Victoria Harbor and Central Hong Kong shimmering in the beautiful scenery. A telescope features there to let visitors have best in kind views. Apart from the top of the peak, one can also look forward to having a scintillating journey. One can delve into the natural beauty lacing the way to the top by taking the Peak Tram. Buses also take one through the vibrant surroundings to the top of the peak.

After getting done with the watch, one can take a stroll around and cherish the best in kind bounties. Shoppers can have their delight by checking out the Peak Galleria and Peak tower. Food lovers can follow the delicious aroma to reach the chain of restaurants thriving there. Greenery lovers can unwind their souls in the beautiful Victoria Peak Garden. They can penetrate the green cover to shed the stressing bits of their racing life.

Thus, a visit to Victoria Peak takes one to the natural side of the region. It stands in contrast to the concrete jungles to shape a surprise experience for visitors.

2. Tea Time At The Lobby

Are you missing the traditional British afternoon tea culture? Well, you cannot afford that when you are in Hong Kong. Retaining the lines of its British past, it serves its guests with the best in kind afternoon tea experiences. Some points dress up for that, but The Lobby at the Peninsula is an exceptional star. Donning the charm of legacy, it has been setting the tones for a perfect afternoon tea since 1929.

One can marvel at the fact by taking a look at its grand setting. Its decorated ceilings, shimmering marbled floor, and beautiful carpet manage to take one to the much-celebrated British style. Throwing up a warm welcome to its guests, The Lobby Strings stir the ecstatic mood. Not just the beautiful background, but its menu also gets some mesmerizing bits for a classic tea experience.

One can find the Peninsula classic (Earl Grey), flavored, organic blend and organic herbal infusions (Moroccan mint, chamomile orange blossom, verbena, rooibos tangerine and Swiss herbs) making waves there. Thus, there is no shortage of refreshing sips on the menu. A 3-tier afternoon tea set gets on the table to satiate tea lovers.

Adding to the tea delight, one can also check out delicious pastries, ham and smoked salmon finger sandwiches and scones. They come as a perfect companion to the relieving tea sips. Thus, The Lobby thrives as the best place for savoring afternoon tea. Its unbeatable delights manage to carry that title for it to a great extent.

3. Scintillating Chi Lin Nunnery

No matter whether you don a penchant for architecture or not, you are to lose your heart to Chi Lin Nunnery for sure! Grabbing an alluring place, it thrives in Diamond Hill and opposite Nan Lian Garden. Tracing its roots to the Tang Dynasty, it supports the traditional design. The monastery went under renovation in 1998 to whet its charm. Well, it is not a mere architectural gem. But it also mirrors the idea behind its beautiful construction.

One can find nature and human constructions thriving in tandem here. The Lotus Pond Garden allures one with its mesmerizing pulchritude. One can marvel at the blossoming water lilies, four ponds, and well-maintained Bonsai trees.

Not just that, it also provides enough space for traditional art to thrive at its best. Taking a closer look, one can find a dragon’s head evolving in the shape of the garden. Bringing in serene bits, it manages to help its visitors in rejuvenation. Moving ahead, one can get into The Hall of Celestial Kings to find the Four Heavenly Kings.

Apart from that, one can also set one’s heart free to delve into the Buddhist principles. The iconic sight of Sakyamuni Buddha in the main hall makes one lose the grip of the world racing outside. Not just that, the scintillating setting of the place bolsters that experience to a great extent. It offers the best surroundings for one to discover one’s best side during its exploration.

4. Vintage Shopping At Cat Street

If you long to cherish the typical street shopping in Hong Kong, then you can land yourself at Cat Street. Stretching for around 200m, it runs parallel to the famous Hollywood road. Also known as the Upper Lascar Row Street, it manages to draw the rush of souls looking for junk and vintage items. It got its fascinating name for its trading in stolen items. After World War II, it left that garb and set itself as a second-hand goods market.

Presently, it bubbles with more than 30 shops doing their business. One can find a range of heart-winning antique items dotting their counters and premises. Statues, furniture and pots catch heed of shoppers around for their vibrant material and basis. To one’s delight, one can check out their favorites featuring around without budging on one’s budget.

Not just junks, but one can also end up with perfect souvenirs without having a hole in one’s pocket. To savor that interest, one can come across Chinese coins, bottles, jewelry and other well-known bits. Adding to that, one can also look forward to taking back home some Chinese historical elements. Mao badges, books, poster, etc., hang around to stir a historian in avid shoppers.

Do not worry about the price. The street is famous for offering thrills at cheap tags. Otherwise, one can always look forward to taking to the negotiation art. After all, bargaining is the rule for a perfect and happy street shopping experience.

5. Visit Victoria Dockside

The shimmer of development glares at visitors from all sides in Hong Kong. But it takes to its pinnacle when one steps into the Victoria Dockside. The art and design district reflects the future normal view of the pacing world. It entices visitors by presenting a unique bliss of architecture and sustainability. Thriving in the Kowloon Peninsula, it stands out in the Hong Kong scene. It pumps its case in the domain with the beauty of innovation.

The epitome of wonder and art delight has founded its edifice on Holt’s Wharf. Dovetailing new heights and natural greenery, it has set an example for other urban corners of the world. It has managed to create a pull of attraction. Souls can take to its scintillating area to seal some of the best views of the Hong Kong skyline. The shimmering waterfront makes it a perfect place to snap some scintillating moments of the trip.

Apart from that, one can also look forward to having the best in kind shopping and dining experience. Many celebrated stores and eating points have set up their business to serve the best delight to their guests. Adding to that, it wins hearts with culture, comfort and euphoria mingling in its sphere.

Taking a stroll around, you can take a break at the Salisbury Garden. The oval-shaped lawn thrives as a perfect picnic spot for individuals and families. It provides a vibrant charm and a green connection to the alluring scene of the district.

6. Hike Through Dragon’s Back

Hikers can jump with joy as one of the most beautiful hiking excursions that await one in Hong Kong. Shaping some scintillating views, Dragon’s Back looks no less than heaven. Embarking on the amusing hike in Cape Collinson Crematorium in Chai Wan, visitors can hold their nerves back for an out of the world experience. Following the meandering path, one then reaches the breathtaking point of the hike: Shek O Peninsula Viewing Point.

One can breathe into the iconic views of the Shek O Beach and the two isles off Shek O Peninsula. Souls capture the scenic views around to add to their memory treasure. Moving ahead, one can cherish the green beauty surrounding the trail. Then, it is time to halt at the Dragon’s Back Hike Viewing Point that let one grab the charm of Tai Tam Bay.

Take over the ridge to get Chai Wan’s urban view from the Pottinger Gap. As one approaches the end of the trail, a surprise waits to take one back. Shimmering waves roll at the Big Wave Bay. One can shed one’s hike exhaustion by diving under the sun or surfing on the roaring waves.  The hike through the Dragon’s back, therefore, is a complete package of thrill and scintillating experience.

7. Explore Tai Kwun

Unwind yourself to the art and heritage tunes of Hong Kong by making a way to Tai Kwun. Thriving in the heart of Central’s SoHo district, it lets one peep into the alluring sides of the region. It has been making waves by throwing open its sphere to the public since 2018.  Retaining the past hues that thrived in the region, it houses 16 heritage buildings.

The restored bits here include the former Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison. Adding to their grace, one can also find Herzog & de Meuron-designed JC Contemporary and JC Cube shimmering on the scene. Taking a stroll through the late 19th-century buildings, one can come across various facets of their past. For instance, one can see the dingy cells that once housed prisoners of their time.

Not just that, one can also take to the open spaces and grounds that savored various purposes of the police. Offering visitors the best on the board, the site brings in arts, music and theatre performances, film screenings and educational programs. Many concerts and other events also time themselves to thrill visitors in the best possible way. Thus, one can cherish entertainment and learning mingling perfectly here.

8. Relish At Maxim’s Palace

Let dim sum love take the call when you are in Hong Kong. Following that, one can end up in the hustle and bustle of the much-celebrated Maxim’s Palace. Located on the second floor of Hong Kong’s City Hall in Central, it looks forward to serving its guests the best in kind dim sum experience. After all, it has been ruling in the domain since 1980.

What else would one ask for when one gets to relish dim sum classically? Minding that palace tradition, its grand hall comes with beautiful decorations, chandeliers and recessed ceilings. Not just that, one can get around the hall freely as no pillars are obstructing the way. Shaping a delightful experience in its premises, it gets its trolley ladies up for the dim sum service. Pushing up the taste charts, it has got spring rolls, steamed pork dumplings (siu mai), taro puffs and glutinous rice on its menu.

Adding to that, egg tarts, tofu pudding with ginger syrup and Malay steamed cakes go on to add to the delight. One can also bundle dim sum bliss with some wine charm. Taking on that, one can pick one’s favorite from France, Australia, Chile and California and cherish an everlasting dim sum experience.

9. Duddell’s Art Bliss

If you wish to get the artist and food lover inside you meet at the same time, then you can plan a visit to the iconic Duddell’s. Thriving in the middle of Duddell Street in central, it gives a warm welcome to art lovers. It’s amusing setting and interiors work out a blissful sphere. Souls looking for invigorating inspirations can cherish eternal satiation here. The art of designer Isle Crawford gets around painting a scintillating narrative for its guests.

Not just that, one can also catch some vibrant art pieces adorning its walls in the best possible manner. Then, it is time for a delicious treat to add to the experience. Tossing that up, it comes with picks having one-Michelin star taste promise. Adding to that, one can also spend one’s time exploring its private dining room and The Chamber.

Whetting its case, it also comes with a salon, terrace garden and a garden. Thus, it is not an exaggeration to call it the social and artistic hub of Hong Kong.  One can fly in to grab some soothing bits on the platter. Its hospitality adds glitters to its case.

10. Vibe At Lamma Island

Shed city exhaustion by taking to the serene beauty of Lamma Island. Celebrating the age-old fishing culture of the region, it provides one a heartening view of fishing villages thriving along the shore. After cherishing the scenic Hung Shing Yeh Beach view, one can take the trail that puts an amusing exploration of the area. Yung Shue Wan Main Street breathes with hustle and bustle to mark the soul of the area.

One can see a chain of shops, restaurants and cafes lining up to savor visitors with their favorite delights. Fishing culture also thrives at its pinnacle to greet them with a unique bliss and charm. Adding to that, one can lose one’s heart to vibrant lights reflecting on the blue water. Many social corners get around enthralling visitors bubbling around.

Moving ahead, one can get to the locally revered Tin Hau temple. It stands as a dedication to the Chinese Sea Goddess. Not just that, the temple also looks forward to providing a glimpse of its time. Unwinding the local charm, Sok Kwu Wan stirs fishing bounties to a great extent. One can find a chain of seafood restaurants doing their business.

A trip to Lamma Island is a star of the Hong Kong time.

11. Go Historical At Blue House

Dive into the colorful exploration of heritage by taking on the Stone Nullah Lane in the Wan Chai area. Many bright colors run around the buildings to paint a vibrant scene for the delight of visitors. Winning hearts, Blue House stands with an exceptional salience and charm. Shimmering as a heritage site, it gets on the board as a mix of Chinese and Western architecture. The iconic site of heritage has been securing its ground since the 1920s.

Cementing its name in the area, it represents the tong lau style that is slowly vanishing in the rising urban heights of Hong Kong. The 19th-century charm of residences with balconies looks intact and at its best in the area.

One should not try to locate it by its name. Blue House refers not only to the blue building. But it consists of blue, orange, yellow, and gray residential buildings and shop houses. The blue and the yellow buildings presently serve ‘Hong Kong House of Stories’. One can cherish various shows and exhibition reflecting on the past. On the other hand, the Orange House continues to thrive as a residential building with 20 flats.

The heritage corner has received the star of the Award of Excellence by UNESCO at its Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. A historian can get their Hong Kong trip on the mark by planning a vibrant visit to Blue House.

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