Things To Add To Your To Do List While Vacationing In Dublin

Things To Add To Your To Do List While Vacationing In Dublin

A holiday in the beautiful scenes of Ireland gets to its best by exploring Dublin and its pockets. Away from a typical city rush, it lets its guests breathe in its serene charm and vibrancy. Not just that, one can leave one’s ears free to tune in to the local fables and tales. The rich culture of the land envelopes the city and entice one with shimmering bits. Savoring some unforgettable memories, its tourist spots weave a satiating affair for its guests. Many cultural and traditional hotspots of the city have stood through the ages to illuminate Ireland’s iconic and rocky historical phases.

Thus, the list of must-visit and must-do things in Dublin drops long to one’s delight. To live the best in the city, one needs to be up with a perfect plan around. Pitching in for that part, one can take a look at the indispensable bits of the Dublin trip pooled below.

1. Celebrate At The Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is the center of social affairs of the city. With its historical bits dating to 1300, it came up as a pub in 1840. It has stood through its highs and lows over the centuries to grab the heart of the city. Donning the title: Temple Barr, it has added to its name and fame with the development of its surroundings.

With red hues illuminating its presence in the city, it manages to stand out. Not just that, it sends a hearty invitation to booze lovers around by serving more than 450 different kinds of rare whiskies.  Apart from that, its scintillating interiors provide another reason for one to venture and celebrate in its sphere.

The bronze statue of James Joyce sheds enough light on the heritage of the city. Providing a perfect platform, it hosts the city’s nightlife in the best possible way. Thus, one can see locals and Dublin guests matching steps together to cherish the best in the city. It is not a surprise if you could not find a seat in the nighttime for its fully packed sphere. But if you are more interested in cherishing your drink, then you can also check-in at the Bar during the morning hours.

Hence, one cannot stamp one’s Dublin trip complete without celebrating one’s visit at The Temple Bar.

2. Brew At Guinness Storehouse Factory

Thriving in the dream waves of St. James’ Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse Factory greets one with the best in kind brewery experiences. Evolving as a fermentation plant in 1902, it bubbled over the years with the Chicago School of Architecture charm. Finally, it got its Guinness Storehouse identity in 2000 after a makeover.

Making way to its premises, one can see the history of beer shaping up in the best possible way. Supporting seven floors, it adds to its wonder fame. It makes waves in the domain with a glass atrium shaped in the form of a pint of Guinness. Exploring its ground floor, one can come across the beer’s four ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast.

Moving ahead, one can see the best arising on its other floors. Many interactive corners thrive around to paint a vibrant picture for visitors. Not just that, one can step into The Guinness Open Gate Brewery to add to one’s experience.

After getting done with the informative sessions, one can go ahead to grab some relieving moments in its bars. The Perfect Pint bar greets visitors with one’s favorite pint of Guinness.

Apart from that, one can get to its fifth floor to combine the Guinness love with delectable Irish cuisine at the Perfect Pint bar. Adding to that, one can scale up one’s visit by taking to the Gravity Bar on the seventh floor. One can cherish the breathtaking Dublin views out of the windows.

3. Historical Booze At The Church

Doing its business on the north of The River Liffey and in the corner of Mary Street and Jervis Street, The Church shimmers with its unique charm. Contrary to its name, it serves its guests as a café, bar and restaurant. To one’s wonder, it gets its title from its historical origins. It was the St. Mary’s Church of Ireland till 1964. Preserving its charm and elegance for years, it finally threw open its doors as the “The Church Bar & Restaurant”. It underwent a series of expansion and restorations over the years to flaunt its present-day fame.

Serving the best in kind hospitality in the Irish land, it supports vibrant bits. Setting tones for a bustling sphere, its Main Bar invites one to relish tea/coffees, drinks, snacks & casual dining. Not just that, it makes way for a scintillating evening by Live Irish Music & Dancing every Sunday to Wednesday. DJ night pops in from Thursday-Saturday.

Supporting The Gallery on its first floor, it provides a scintillating view of the bar running below. One can grab a seat here to cherish food and drinks. Not just that, it also puts up special occasions for one’s delight.

Adding to that, one can cherish one’s unforgettable experience by trying out one’s favorite drink at The Cellar Bar or The Tower Bar. Its 350 seater garden offers another vibrant bit for its guests. So, no matter whether you have a preference for Wine, Gin, Whisky or Cocktails, it stands every ready to paint a lovely visit.

4. Explore The Old Jameson Distillery

Scale your Whiskey love by stepping into the Whiskey corner of the city: The Old Jameson Distillery. Bubbling off the Smithfield Square, it provides a peep into the whiskey affairs of Jameson Irish Whiskey. After all, the distillation process of the entity took place here till 1971. Also known as Jameson Distillery Bow St., it takes one through the amusing lanes of operations that once thrived here.

Providing guided tours, it helps one getting up with the best around. Not just that, one can add to one’s visit by grabbing the delight of tutored whiskey tastings, JJs bar and a gift shop. Adding to that, one can go on to cherish the smooth triple-distilled Jameson and compare it with different styles of whiskey.    

Jameson Whiskey signature drink gets on the board to win hearts around. Souls selected for the tutored whiskey comparison do not get back empty hand. They go on flaunting their Personalized Jameson Irish Whiskey Certificate that highlights their whiskey knowledge and experience.

Delving into its corners and tasting the best on the counter, one can easily figure out why Jameson cherishes the privilege of being the most famous Irish whiskey in the world. Thus, The Old Jameson Distillery comes up as the dream world for whiskey lovers in Dublin.

5. Breathe Religious At Patrick’s Cathedral

Slip back into the religious history of Ireland by venturing into the grandeur of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Getting the pinnacle of its recognition, it got the title of a collegiate church in 1191 and that of Cathedral in 1212. After that, it saw a series of expansions and additions to its premises. The development of the Cathedral helped it to command the fascinations of visitors from all over the world.

Apart from its religious legacy, it also wins hearts for its out of world architectural charm. Its interiors entice one’s eyes and let history whisper its bits to visitors. The national cathedral of the Church of Ireland does not limit its case to that only. One can breathe into the religious vibes floating around its sphere. Devotional tones reverberate to let one dive into the pool of eternal satiation.

Not just that, one can also cherish its choir that dates back to 1432. Adding to that, the grace of the Lady Chapel from 1270 beautifies its case. Grabbing his history and salience in the best way, one can attend the exhibition: Lives Remembered. Apart from that, it also serves as the burial site of Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver’s Travels).

6. Visit The Spire

Ruling the skyline in O’Connell Street in Dublin, The Spire of Dublin sends in an invitation to the Dublin guests with its glory. Also known as the Monument of Light, it stands high as stainless steel, a pin-like monument. With its height marking at 120m, it manages to shimmer at its best to reflect on its elegant presence. Its magnificence comes out of the crafty hands of the much-celebrated Ian Ritchie Architects.

Its installation took place in a piecemeal approach and started in 2002. To one’s delight, it towers up with its eight hollow stainless steel cone sections. Putting up its cone shape, its diameter goes on to decline from 3 m (9.8 ft) at the base to 15 cm (5.9 in) at the top.

Its exteriors shimmer up with the sun rays falling all over it. Thus, it is not a hard nut to crack to reach the scintillating site. Apart from that, one can pay a visit to the structure in the evening to cherish its top shimmering with 11,884 holes having light-emitting diodes.

The twinkling lights around the area go on to add to its beauty. Thus, one can take home some unforgettable moments by snapping the glory of the place.

7. Fantastical Bliss At Dublin Castle

Fantasy bubbles greet one as one move into the architectural wonders of Dublin Castle. It evolved in the Dublin scene with its construction starting in the thirteenth century on the site of a Viking settlement. Serving its best purpose over the years, it stood as the headquarters of English and British administration in the country.

It has been thriving as a government complex since 1922. Braving through centuries, it has managed to retain its charm to entice visitors on the other end. Losing one’s heart to its architectural charm, one can see The Grand Staircase dating to 1749. It goes ahead to connect various elegant corners of the castle.

Moving ahead, one can breathe in the beauty of the State Corridor. Celebrating the neoclassical charm, it leads one to formal State reception rooms overlooking the main courtyard. Apart from that, one can also check out The State Apartments Galleries. Thriving in four rooms, they sprawl around the State Bedchamber, the Viceroy’s Study, the Viceroy’s Dressing Room and the Vicereine’s Boudoir.

Apart from that, one can take one’s visit to another level by venturing into The James Connolly Room, The Apollo Room, The State Drawing Room and The Throne Room. Not just that, The Portrait Gallery, The Wedgwood Room, The Gothic Room and St Patrick’s Hall also treasure alluring bits to paint a thrilling visit for guests.

Adding stars to its case, it also supports many educational initiatives. Relishing the best in its sphere, one can stay tuned to the exhibitions making waves around its sphere. To one’s delight, many events bubble in its sphere to put up its vibrant case in the domain.

8. Cross Ha’penny Bridge

Stretching over the rustles of the River Liffey, the Ha’penny Bridge entices guests with its beauty and historical salience for the local life. Before 1816, people who wished to cross the river had to take a ferry. With its construction in 1816, it provided people with an easier route for a ha’penny. Its price thus ended up lending its name.

Donning the privilege of being the first pedestrian bridge over the river, it wins hearts for its amusing elliptical arch design. Putting up its case, it spans for 43 meters. Its width stands at 3 meters and thrives at 3 meters height from the river. Shimmering with its architectural charms, it supports three arch ribs in six segments.

Its present white looks stand in contrast to its original black and silver hues. Since its makeover in 2001, it has been celebrating its glory around the world. To live Dublin waves at their best, one can take a walk over the bridge and delve into the bustle of the city. Not just that, one can see it flaunting its best version during the nighttime. Lights around it adds to its beauty. One can breathe in relieving moments doing rounds with shimmering water of the River Liffey.

9. Leisure Hours At Phoenix Park

Nurturing a wonder world in the city, Phoenix Park features on the list with its multi-dimensional case. Leisure hours get at their best in the city as one enters its bubbling sphere. It traces its origin to its royal hunting Park days that started in the 1660s. Finally, it threw its gates open to the public in 1747. It has seen a series of transformation of its sphere since then.

Pumping in thrilling bits for the delight of its visitors, it supports Zoological Gardens, Áras an Uachtaráin, and Victorian flower gardens in its premises. Sprawling for around 1,700 acres, it has got many scintillating bits in its case. Many recreational activities thrive around its walled land. One can find people walking, running, playing polo, cricket and cherishing many other thrilling bits.

Thanks to the public walk and cycle tracks, one can go ahead having the best on the board. Apart from that, one can also breathe into the scenic beauty of The Glen Pond in Furry Glen.  To one’s delight, it remains open 24/7. Thus, one can visit it as per one’s preference and cherish the visit in the best possible way. There is a lot present around to win hearts and put up an unforgettable experience.

10. Nurturing Bookworms At Trinity College Library

There could be no other place to propel book love in the city than the Trinity College Library. Thriving in the cobbled corners of Trinity College Dublin, it stands in the top echelons on the itinerary of Dublin visitors. Donning the privilege of being the largest library in the country, it satiates its guests with its rich collection.

Not just that, one can also breathe in the best with the architectural vibes floating around. While the main library welcomes only staff, graduates and students of the university, the Old Library does not shy away from greeting visitors. Exploring its corners, one can slip back to the 18th-century bits. Adding to its glory, it has got the much-celebrated Book of Kells. It is a 9th-century gospel manuscript that holds a very important place in the domain.

Offering a best in kind visit, it lets one take to its premises through an entrance from the Library Shop. The “Turning Darkness into Light” exhibition then allures curious eyes moving around. The Treasury puts many iconic bits on display. After that, one can take to the staircase to reach the Long Room. To one’s delight, one can find around 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books in oak bookcases, making waves there.

Not just that, it also supports many exhibitions and research activities to add to its case. Thus, one let one’s heart strike the book charm rushing around the Library.

11. Elegant Christ Church Cathedral

Another Cathedral that rules the charm of the city is the Christ Church Cathedral. Its construction dates to the 11th-century under the regime of the Viking king Sitric Silkenbeard. However, it went under a series of reconstructions, renovations and expansions. Not just that, it adds to its case by donning the privilege of being elder to another medieval cathedral St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Also known as The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, it cements its case in the domain by serving as the cathedral of the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough and the cathedral of the ecclesiastical province of the United Provinces of Dublin and Cashel in the (Anglican) Church of Ireland.

Not just that, it also wins heart with its Romanesque interiors. One can take to its shimmering corners to celebrate its beauty to the full. Apart from that, it has also got the burial sites of many celebrated personalities on its premises. Adding to that, it also earns its name and fame for its musical charm. The Cathedral Choir and Cathedral Girls’ Choir push the delight to another level.

Providing an impetus to other facets, it supports many educational and spiritual incentives in its sphere. Thus, there are enough reasons for one to step into its elegance and live the Irish charm to the full.

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