Luxury Hotels in Cape Town, South Africa

Luxury Hotels in Cape Town, South Africa

When planning a trip to Cape Town, deciding where to stay is likely to be one of the most challenging considerations. There is an abundance of luxury hotels in the city as well as along the V&A Waterfront. Most of the luxury hotels in Cape Town are extremely desirable, particularly for first-time guests. However, the smaller hotels, known as boltholes, boutique hotels, and private villas, which are located in exclusive residential areas, are just as popular. These accommodations provide guests with insider information on local treasures such as cafes and beaches. They get access to a more genuine slice of the culture of the area, in addition to naturally having more privacy and flexibility. You don't need to worry about making the incorrect decision since we have gone through our resources to bring you our recommendations for the top hotels in Cape Town, and there is no way that you can go wrong with any of them.

1. The Cellars-Hohenort

The Cellars-Hohenort

The Cellars-Hohenort is about returning from the street — with 10 acres of gardens — the delight and pleasure of the past thanks to Liz McGrath, who is a hotelier and an ambitious businesswoman. This is similar to some of the residences that are located within the residential greenbelt in Constantia. Upon arrival, the dominating impression is of a large amount of space, perfectly manicured lawns, and mature shrubs that have been growing for at least several decades, if not several centuries. The houses have been given a fresh coat of white paint, and a team of people is standing by in the driveway to give you a warm greeting.

This luxurious motel serves as a U.S. residence and is situated on 10 acres of landscaped grounds. You should call it the best of both worlds because it is located in the middle of the city and the waterfront, and it is also close to the beaches and the natural splendor of the southern Peninsula.


2. The Silo Hotel

The Silo Hotel

The Silo stands out for its industrial-meets-worldwide collector sublime décor and its perfect location, which includes sitting atop the buzzy new Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town's Museum of Contemporary African Art. In addition, the Silo offers breathtaking views that encompass both Table Mountain and the nearby V&A Waterfront. Bold artistic endeavors from the gathering dangle withinside the floor ground front and across the motel; even if you stay a single day here, you'll need to live for a meal in the bar or eating place withinside the sixth-ground lobby. There are also bold artistic endeavors dangling withinside the floor ground front and across the motel.


3. Cape View Clifton

Cape View Clifton

This formerly used-to-be seaside mansion is located just above the well-known beaches of Clifton, and it features 5 suites in addition to apartments that are self-contained. Imagine whitewashed wood, oversized sofas, armchairs upholstered in linen and cotton, treasure chests made of cowrie shells, African trinkets, and tribal sculptures. What you can see from the entrance right now does not prepare you for what is concealed within the five testimonies that are located below the road level. The original proprietor, Jess Latimer, transformed what had been a circle of relatives apartments into a luxurious motel that has the appearance of a casual beach house.


4. Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel

Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel

This chic Georgian-style townhouse with 15 rooms can be found tucked away on a residential street in Gardens, a hip and happening neighborhood known for its restaurants, pubs, and indoor layout businesses. A stunning background is provided by Table Mountain, and Lion's Head is calling to be explored. Cape Cadogan has the impression of being a magnificent personal home whole when viewed from the outside; it has clean white paintwork, black shutters, a manicured lawn, and a pool deck. Once you go inside, you are transported to a world where the Bohemian aesthetic reigns supreme. It will not be simple to find a smart room in this kind of first-rate location, as slickly handled as this one, as luxurious as this one, or as personal as this one anywhere else in Cape Town at this price.


5. Kensington Place

Kensington Place

At this ultra-clever little motel on the brink of a wooded ravine in ritzy Higgovale, everything is approximately an area with a capital A. Extremely private, hidden behind tall walls, but surrounded by natural splendor – tantalizing glimpses of the sky, Table Mountain, or Lion's Head from each apartment — yet only a few minutes away from the city's finest restaurants, party hotspots, boutiques, and beaches. The walled-in grass has been designed to look like a courtyard, and it features a small pool and a variety of outdoor rest areas with sun loungers or cafe tables and chairs for eating. The scent of citrus fills the air thanks in large part to the well-established lemon grove nearby. You run the risk of getting it incorrect in this sector, which features five-super mega-celebrity suppliers and fashion dressmaker interiors.


6. Ellerman House

Ellerman House

Ellerman House has been a popular vacation rental in Cape Town for the past 26 years. It is located just minutes from world-class beaches and the Table Mountain cableway but is also close enough to the city's thriving art, design, and culinary scenes. The Cape Edwardian estate, located between Lion's Head and the Atlantic Ocean, has the appearance of a private residence from the street, which is precisely what keeps visitors coming back. Paul Harris, the gallery's proud owner, is a South African art connoisseur with a spectacular collection that includes vintage pieces from the turn of the century as well as cutting-edge pieces from the present day. An informal tour of the collection led by one of the resident art professionals is a delightful way to learn about the social and political background of the United States. The 1.5-acre of tiered gardens feature native flowers supplied from Kirstenbosch (Cape Town's botanical lawn), in addition to 7,500 bottles of rare and antique South African wines. In addition to the main house, there are many modern, minimalist private homes cut into the granite slope, as well as a wine cellar and a fantastic tiny spa.


7. Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George

No matter what layout wizardry unfolds inside Cape Town hotels, the excellent perspectives of Table Mountain usually come to be stealing the show. But this quirky life withinside the coronary heart of the still-rough-around-the-edges Central Business District offers traffic a sparkling perspective. Thanks to its vantage factor above the richly textured structure of the metropolis bowl, the home windows appear out over neoclassical landmarks, staring at gabled Cape Dutch rooftops in communique with Art Deco towers. It took six years for the proprietors to seamlessly renovate an Art Deco shape and its Edwardian neighbour, and given this mishmash of influences, the end result is a motel that would exist nowhere withinside the international but withinside the coronary heart of the Mother City. Designer Tristan du Plessis imbued the interiors with a strong “nearby is lekker” sensibility, to borrow a famous South African catchphrase, which prizes matters made near domestic.


8. The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

The stretch of coastline between Camps Bay and Llandudno is protected as a conservation area, which means that it has not been developed. Instead, there is nothing there but mountains covered with fynbos and the vast expanse of the ocean on the other side. That is until you round a curve in the road and get your first look at the Twelve Apostles, which get their name from a mountain range that runs in a direction perpendicular to the coast and is known as the Twelve Apostles. The motel was constructed on the slopes of the mountainside, and despite its incredibly compact size, it has a significant amount of living space. The rooms have a showy, old-school glamour design, and either the ocean or the mountains can be seen from within them.


9. Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

A wide, palm-covered driveway leads beyond lush lawns and flower beds to the grand porticoed front. What sets this venerable motel aside is its wonderful feel of the area and top area withinside the ancient coronary heart of the metropolis among Table Mountain and Company`s Gardens. Painted crimson seeing that 1918, the `Nellie` is Cape Town`s grande dame relationship returned to 1899. The whole belongings have been meticulously restored and up to date numerous instances through the years to maintain the whole thing searching perfect. Mount Nelson holds many trump cards, now no longer least its ancient area, specific lawn putting, and old-college vibe. But what truly unites this venerable motel aside is its wonderful feel of the area—a difficult act to observe for more modern contenders within the luxurious arena.


10. Labotessa


Labotessa has six visitor suites, on every ground. They`re all excessively ceilinged, generously sized, and assuredly adorned with French oak floors, petrol-blue walls, crisp white mattress linens, jewel-toned velvet sofas, antiques, and commissioned artwork. Blue subway tiles, light marble, and Diptyque merchandise jazz up the tiny bathrooms.

Above the suites is the Governor Suite, a -tale cutting-edge penthouse with 3 bedrooms, a large, open-plan kitchen for entertaining, and a plunge pool. This is the primary small, luxuriously appointed, fashion dressmaker motel in this part of the metropolis, and its slender townhouse structure and ancient rectangular putting offer it a true European ambiance—with the gain of South African sunshine and Lion's Head perspectives.


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