Luxury Hotels In Buenos Aires For The Exotic Charm

Luxury Hotels In Buenos Aires For The Exotic Charm

Buenos Aires is the city that secures its charm for its enticing blend of culture, art and entertainment. It comes to the fore as the most sought places to live a scintillating vacation. Catering to its rising fame and name across the world, it comes with a chain of hotel icons. They shimmer around the city to serve different facets of the city and its life. Not just that, they go on cementing their case by having modern amenities mingling with local hues and comfort. Their warm hospitality and on the mark services sprinkle glitters to that narrative.

Pooling starry names on the platter, here is the list of hotel stars in the city. They win hearts by performing well on various parameters. No matter what guides one’s trip, one can always rely on them to head home with a sense of accomplishment and satiation. Thus, one can go through their case and make a selection as per one’s preferences.

1. Fierro Hotel

Fierro Hotel is the name for the ones looking for a serene and comforting stay in the city. Located in Palermo Hollywood, it lets one catch the best in the city. One can get into the surrounding entertainment vibes with one’s reservation at the hotel. It has adorned its eight years of services with a plethora of titles lining on its counter. The scintillating surroundings around add stars to its case and name.

Apart from that, one can also consider its case for its vibrant accommodation platter. Taking care of space, comfort and service concerns, it comes with beautiful suites on the list. One can go through the superior suites, balcony suites and terrace suites. Each one of them gets on the board with a unique charm and features. Thus, one can give one’s preferences the upper hand in securing the best stay in the city.

Food lovers can secure the chance to relish the delectable bits at UCO. Being one of the best restaurants in the city, it promises quality food and taste to its guests. From ice creams to bacon, it tosses up everything on its own. Apart from that, wine lovers can take their delight to another level with more than 300 of Argentina’s finest wines on the list.

Offering relieving moments in its sphere, it comes with a rooftop pool and sauna. Not just that, one can also breathe in the green vibes by taking a stroll through its garden.

2. Esplendor Buenos Aires

Breathe into the historical hues of the city by having a reservation at Esplendor Buenos Aires. Thriving next to Galerías Pacífico shopping center, it lets its guests explore the best in the city without any hassles. Apart from that, its vibrant architecture works out an amusing facet for its guests. It greets them with the restored Neo-Renaissance façade and an avant-garde interior redesign. Thus, it is not a surprise to see people marveling at its vibrancy.

Art lovers can cherish their stay at the hotel to the full with art pieces adorning its parts and corners. Its rooms and suites add another layer of delight with their amusing themes. Subtle hues go around illuminating their case in the best way. Taking that note, one can come across Concept Rooms, Suite Rooms and VIP Suite Room Queen. They go on to lift spirits looking for an enduring stay experience at the hotel.

One can look forward to starting one’s day in the city on a refreshing note by relishing its breakfast. Pastries, fruits and juices get on the platter to leave one with a smile. Taking a turn to flex one’s sporty veins, one can step into its games room. One can spend one’s time at the pool table or try hands at electronic games. Apart from that, one can also look for living the old-day board game delight.

Shaping a perfect stay in the city, the hotel also gives a warm welcome to guests with their loving pets.

3. Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

Four Seasons is all there to take care of accommodation concerns in the best way in Buenos Aires. Thriving in the Recoleta neighborhood, Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires carries forward its international legacy. Doing its business right in the 20th-century mansion, it manages to stand out in the domain. Serving the comfort and luxury calls of guests, it comes loaded with modern amenities and bliss.

Matching tunes with the trend in the domain, it comes with a star-studded accommodation sphere. Its rooms and suites come building on different themes to satiate different needs. They provide heart-winning views of the city out of their windows to let guests live with the best around. Not just that, one can also cherish modern bliss without losing out on space delight.

Culinary cravings see their best in kind materialization in the shimmering dining spaces on its premises. Elena and Nuestro Secreto plant flavor explosions in their spheres to serve the best on the platter. One can cherish local cuisine stars making waves here. Apart from that, one can breathe in relieving moments with one’s favorite cocktails and beers, and burgers at Pony Line.

Its spa and wellness corners stir refreshing vibes for its guests. One can book spa treatments to shed stressing traces at the hotel. Apart from that, one can also stick to the fitness goals by joining Health Club and making the best of its facilities. Adding to that, one can also consider it for celebrating personal moments and fulfilling professional commitments.

4. Hotel Madero

Another hotel gem that looks forward to enticing the city guests is Hotel Madero. Located in Puerto Madero, it lets one catch the cultural hues floating around without any hassle. Its architecture and design make it stand unique in the domain. Building on the beauty of steel and glass, it serves an exceptional stay experience to its guests. Adding to that, one can come across art pieces adorning its walls and corners.

Cementing its name in the sphere, it comes with accommodation spaces that perform well on space parameter. Pitching for a soothing experience, they come shimmering with subtle hues and themes. Not just that, their furnishing also gets on that line to win hearts around. Churning comforting waves around, they come riding on modern amenities and bits in their sphere. One can choose from the vibrant platter to let one’s preferences have the way.

One can take a rejuvenating break at the Cocktail Lounge. White Bar serves heartening culinary bits like sushi on the platter. Not just that, one can also add to one’s experience by picking one’s favorite from the vibrant cocktail list. Its outdoor terrace lets one live the visit in the best possible way.

Adding to that, one can also stick to one’s fitness needs with the exercise facility. Apart from that, one can also dive into its pool to refresh one’s experience. Moving ahead, it also fulfils the professional needs with its meeting rooms. Weddings parties also get their best possible arrangements at the hotel with its services.

5. 248 Finisterra

Located in Báez 248, 248 Finisterra adds to the stay delight in the city. With Palermo Woods and Palermo Soho a few minutes away, it lets one catch the best bubbling around. Winning hearts pounding around, it goes ahead to weave a homely feel for its guests. Soothing hues and designs get around taking to that line. Apart from that, it manages to retain the classic charm that misses out in many iconic names.

Supporting 11 accommodation options on the board, it takes its case a notch up. They come with contemporary furnishings to add to the delight. Adding to that, one can find modern amenities and services featuring around the room. Thus, there is no compromise on the comfort of guests. Bedrooms and bathrooms take care of that note in the best possible way.

Going for a scintillating start, one can taste the best in its breakfast buffet. Satiating the cravings in the best possible way, it comes with many delectable bits on the counter. Apart from that, one can also move into the coffee shop to sip in one’s favorite refreshing doses of coffee. Adding to that, drink lovers can grab vibrant mixes and combinations at the bar.

Furthering one’s scintillating stay at the hotel, one can also absorb relieving vibes. One can cherish one’s time in the spa tub. Thus, there is no shortage of heart-winning moments at the hotel.

6. Hotel Pulitzer Buenos Aires

Thriving in the heart of the city, Hotel Pulitzer Buenos Aires manages to stand out on the list. Bringing its hospitality at the center of its affairs, it looks forward to serving its guests the best. Building its case with blue, white, and tan hues getting around, it comes up as a unique name in the domain. Not just that, it also adds to its case with contemporary furniture greeting its guests.

Apart from that, one can also lose one’s heart to its accommodation platter. Having 104 rooms on the board, it steps ahead to serve an enticing stay experience to its guests. They make waves around with fine fabric and furniture picks in their sphere. Going on that line, one can check out the Standard, Superior and Suite collections on the list. They differ in amenities, themes and space to cater to different needs bubbling in their sphere.

Tossing the Spanish delight in the best possible way, Boca De Toro gets on the deck. Illuminating its sphere, Chef Ismael Alonso manages to come up with taste bouts. Thus, one can step in to savor the Spanish culinary stars in the best form. Adding to that, one can walk into the VISIT Sky Bar to cherish some delightful bits. Hearty cocktails find their best snack companions here with breath-taking views featuring around.

Arranging for fitness and wellness bits, it comes with a swimming pool, gym and many other facilities. Thus, one can choose from the platter to grab the best deal.

7. Alvear Palace Hotel

Adding stars to the hotel narrative in the city, Alvear Palace Hotel takes in the top echelons. Having La Recoleta in its neighborhood, it manages to win the likes and preferences of city guests. It has a rich legacy of serving as a luxury hotel to European visitors. It went through its iconic transformation in 1932. Adorning its case, it shimmers with French art and design around its premises. Thus, one can come across the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles brewing in its sphere.

Satiating different preferences, it comes with vibrant suites and rooms. They breathe with scintillating grandeur and charm to win hearts around. Looking for the best domain, one can check out the Rooms and Suites section. Pushing up the luxury talk in its premises; the hotel comes with Lounge Suites and Grand Suites.

Its culinary sphere shimmers in the best way with many iconic names on the board. One can check out the dining spaces at Alvear Grill and L’Orangerie. Apart from that, one can also let savory delight mingle with the drinking magic. Making waves on that part, Alvear Roof Bar, Alvear Sushi Bar and Lobby Bar get on the board. Café Alvear works out some magical coffee sips for its guests.

Its Wellness and Fitness sphere bubbles with many bounties. Going through that, one can find Spa, Wellness Area, Fitness & Kinesis and Pool & Solariums.

8. Moreno Hotel

Bubbling in San Telmo, Moreno Hotel makes for another star shimmering in the city. Doling out the best in kind experience, it thrives in a restored historical building. Not just that, it shimmers with Art Deco architectural hues and design. Apart from that, one can also find history having its best facet with modern amenities. Adding to that, it also makes waves with double height ceilings and magnificent spaces. Its interiors take its case to another level with many other scintillating bits.

It adds stars to its case with alluring lofts making waves. They come with contemporary furnishing and style. Their charm gets on with many modern amenities. Bringing a plethora of choices for the delight of its guest, it comes with Medium Loft, Large Loft, Extra Large Loft and Big Loft. They vary in features and sizes to cater to different needs.

Rolling some out of the world culinary delights, ALDO’S Winery & Restaurant greets its guests with its iconic sphere. It features on the list as one of the best dining spaces in the city. Shaping a delightful wine experience for its guests, it supports more than 500 labels from the best Argentinean wines. One can go through the list and tastes one’s favorite name.

Apart from that, one can walk into Bebop Jazz Club to tune in to the jazz beats. It can accommodate more than 120 guests and makes way for lively performances of national and international artists. Thus, one can look around and breathe in the much-celebrated delights in its premises.   

9. Mine Hotel Boutique

Celebrating culture and tradition in its premises, Mine Hotel Boutique comes to the fore as a star. Thriving in the Palermo Soho neighborhood, it looks ahead to stir a relieving stay experience in the city. Apart from that, it stands out in the domain with the retro touches running around. The shimmering furnishing put up a scintillating bohemian décor in its premises. Adding to that, it comes with best in class modern amenities on the board.

Making way for comforting bliss on the board, it comes with 20 rooms. Each of them comes with an iconic charm and elegance to serve the best delight to its guests. They bloom with their modern interiors and designs. Going through the accommodation platter, one can find Classic Room, Superior Room and Palermo Room. They come riding on modern amenities and bliss.

Brace up for having some delectable bits on your platter from the hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffet. Apart from that, one can also look forward to pouring down one’s favorite drink and living dream moments in its bar. Not just that, the poolside bar takes that experience to another level. Adding to that, one can also cherish coffee bliss in its premises.

It comes with a garden to let one breathe in soothing vibes and charm. Apart from that, it also comes with a fireplace in its lobby. Thus, it performs on the mark with its services and hospitality.

10. Hub Porteño

Hub Porteño is another hotel delight of the city on the list. Thriving in the Recoleta neighborhood, it works out an unbeatable charm and magic for its guests. Serving in its present-day look since 2012, it has made its case feature among the chartbusters in the city. It gets on the board with local art and architectural hues. It goes ahead to maintain its building as a traditional house in the city.

Adorning its enticing facets, it comes with some beautiful accommodation options. Its suites shimmer with the best in kind elegance and grace to win hearts around. Adding stars to their case, they come with quality bits. Taking a look at the vibrant platter, one can come across Suite, Bacan Suite and Grand Suite. They offer one the much-sought stay delights with marble plated and Jacuzzi-equipped bathrooms. Modern amenities bloom in the sphere to sprinkle glitters to their case.

Making the best of one’s stay at the hotel; one can walk into La Pecora Nera Grill. It offers the best bites of grilled delights and adds twists and freshness to Argentine cuisine. Thriving as a grilled steak house, it goes ahead serving some out of the world grilled delights.

Apart from that, one can also count on its name to cherish some wellness delights in its premises. Adding to that, one can also see it rising with the best bits when it comes to putting up successful corporate meetings. Not just that, it also shapes personal moments with the best services around its sphere. Adding to that, it also makes way for wedding functions and parties.

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