Hotels To Revel In The Heritage Of Florence

Hotels To Revel In The Heritage Of Florence

Florence has always been an under-rated destination for wanderlusts. But it has evolved as a town of talks in the tourism world with its recent developments. With that, it has managed to match with the trend of time and vacation cravings. One can see its revival in the domain based on various elements. Not just that, less-visited wonders are bubbling with their best across its land to cement its case. Adding to that, the rise of many hotel chains in the city has put stars to that scenario. Thus, one can look forward to spending days in Florence in the lap of luxury and comfort.

Opening the treasure of hotel icons, here is the list of some of the show-stealers in the domain in the city.  They win hearts by turning tables in their favor with their hospitability and amenities up for their guests.

1. Milu Hotel

Celebrating modern hues with its elegance, Milu Hotel goes a long way in grabbing the top echelons in the domains. Style and luxury float around to adorn its five floors in the best possible way. Not just that, it has also added to the delight of its visitors by preserving the essence of time in its premises. For instance, one can find a staircase going around its building. It dates back to the 19th-century. Located at Via de Tornabuoni 8, it manages to poise the charm of past and future times in its premises.

Apart from that, one can also find the best version of accommodations bubbling under its name. Supporting 22 rooms on the deck, it entices visitors by bestowing them the freedom to weave their unique charm and identity.  One can find them shimmering with different hues and shades. Not just that, they also carry the bliss of Italian architecture. Apart from that, they also make waves by having local brands like MOROSO, Rimadesio, MINOTTI, Desalto, MDF ITALIA, Molteni, Magis, Bonaldo and Gubi adorning their sphere.

Adding to that, it also savors one with its art gallery look. One can find a library and art pieces illuminating its premises. Adding to that, one can also take to its rooftop terrace to seal alluring city views in one’s memory lanes.

2. Relais Santa Croce

See history rising to its best as one step in Relais Santa Croce. Located in the heart of the city, it bubbles in the building of Ciofi Jacometti Palace. Weaving modern amenities in its sphere, it has not lost the charm of its historical look. The Renaissance-era palazzo goes a long way in unwinding the waves of wonders for visitors. Minding the salience of its name, it thrives near Santa Croce church. Not just that, many other tourist attractions of the city also bubble near the hotel. Thus, one can live one’s Florence trip to the full by having a reservation here.

Its accommodation platter also provides one with a reason to consider its case. One can find it offering a plethora of choice in the room and suite categories. It thus satiates the different needs and preferences of its guests to a great extent. One can find Deluxe Room and Grand Deluxe working out the magic for room seekers. Apart from that, one can also find Junior Suite, Junior Suite Terrace, Florentine Suite, Family Juinor Suite, De Pepi Suite, Da Verrazzano Suite and Santa Croce Royal Suite building the suite column of the hotel.

Moving ahead, one can also relish some delectable platter at Guelfi e Ghibellini. Chef Yuri Ferrara steals the hearts of food lovers with his cooking flair. His signature dishes make one lose hold of the world around and cherish eternal bliss. Not just that, one can also look forward to match tunes with the chef by booking a cooking class.

3. Portrait Firenze

Juxtaposing a homely feel with luxury bits, Portrait Firenze is the star of the domain. Located in Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, it comes with a plethora of reasons for one to put a stay on its premises. Keeping hospitality at the center of its affairs, it goes ahead putting up a scintillating stay for its guests. It does not halt there but pushes the standards of a quality-stay to another level in the sphere. Apart from that, one can find the best in class bits on the accommodation platter of the hotel.

It comes with 37 rooms and luxury suites to meet the accommodation demand in the market. One can cherish a range of bounties on the board. It bestows one with the privilege of choosing between the river view and city view rooms and suites to see the city unwinding itself in the best way. Apart from that, it also offers its guests executive floor bliss. Adding to that, one can also win the best delight around by booking the 273m2 Penthouse Floor. Each of the spaces comes with unbeatable comfort and luxury.

Its culinary corners also enclose many alluring bits for guests. One can find Borgo San Jacopo offering the best Italian cuisine delights to visitors. Apart from that, one can churn vibrant coffee hours by grabbing a table at Caffè dell’Oro.  Adding to food lovers’ delight, it also supports The Fusion Bar & Restaurant, La Terrazza Rooftop Bar and Picteau Bistrot & Bar.

White Iris Beauty SPA by Comfort Zone works out the soothing vibes for the exhausted nerves of guests on its premises. Thus, one can cherish every kind of bliss bubbling in its vibrant sphere.

4. SoprArno Suites

Oltrarno area houses one of the hotel gems in the city in the form of SoprArno Suites. With Ponte Vecchio and Pitti Palace bubbling nearby, it thrives with the best in class bits on the board. It bubbles with the heart-winning designs and interiors by the team of architect Francesco Maestrelli. It paints the living spaces with the presence of shimmering furniture and art pieces. Thus, there is a lot for one to cherish at the hotel.

Its 13 accommodation spaces add stars to that narrative. Out of them, seven provide a view of the internal courtyard. The remaining six look over the iconic Via Maggio. One can choose among King Room With Balcony, Deluxe Room and Superior Room. They come with the comfort support of a kettle and espresso machine, HD TV, free Wi-Fi, slippers and C.O. Bigelow bath products within their four walls. Thus, one can breathe in peace without any hassles.

Apart from that, one can make way to relish its breakfast buffet. Bringing the best on the plate for its guests, it provides one with the chance of having the best breakfast in the city. Visitors can thus win the best with its warm hospitality and services.

5. Riva Lofts

A thread of history runs around its premise to lend it the out of the world charm in the city. It originally thrived as a factory in 1880. It went through a series of transformations like artisan workshops before becoming the home-atelier of architect Claudio Nardi in 1999. Located on the left bank of the Arno, it preserves the beauty of its 20th-century stone building to churn its magic in the domain. It is the first port of call for the ones who wish to spend their Florence trip in serenity. And too with all the modern amenities by one’s side.

One can go through the list of its lofts to find an intimate living experience thriving on the board. The endearing list includes Suite Loft, Superior Loft, Deluxe Loft and Standard Loft. Each one of them comes with heart-winning furnishing to compliment the outdoor space, the park, the river, the garden, the pool and the elements of design.

Apart from that, one can make the best of the leisure time on its premises. One can walk to the fireplace in the common lounge with stone walls. Adding to that, one can also pump one’s thrilling nerves by mounting on a vintage bike and explore the area. Moreover, one can also check out its wine corner. Not just that, the Sport & Wellness vibes ring in the health tones for visitors. Some cultural events also take place on a regular note to adorn its case.

6. Foresteria Florentine River House

Live in the royal comfort of the 14th-century palace by putting a stay at Foresteria Florentine River House. Donning its legacy to a stunning look, it has hosted many Noble first Florentines and writers, art historians and artists. Located on the last floor of Palazzo Barocchi on the River Arno, it comes with many heart-winning gems in its premises. One can thus see the bustling moments by the shimmering waters of the River Arno through its windows.

Putting up scintillating accommodation bliss, it comes with three luxurious bedrooms on the board. Each one of them bubbles with ensuite and private terrace, living-dining room and full kitchen. The apartments rule the domain with wood paneling and ceiling beams, terracotta floors, and period furniture. They come with zealous themes- Carpe Diem, Aurum and Coralium.

Adding to that, they come with modern amenities in the best version on the board. Not just that, they provide the best living experience to guests with preferred bits all around the corners.

7. Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1

Cherish the chance of living in the ancient sphere by making way to Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1. The medieval tower from 1200 houses many wonders to shape the Florence trip in the best possible way.  With Renaissance art making waves around, it bubbles with fascinating narrative in the domain. Presenting historical bits in the best way, it seals the domain with the best in class living experience. Adding to that, it comes with its corners celebrating brand fervor with Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Tiffany, Montblanc, Giorgio Armani and Dior.

Many tourist attractions shimmer around to bring the best trip on the board. Its accommodation platter paints its case with a plethora of choices. One can find Deluxe and Classic rooms ruling the sphere. Apart from that, one can also see the suite charm bubbling with the presence of names like Renaissance Suite and Tower Suite, etc. Each one of them provides a heart-winning peep into the city affairs. Thus, one can pick the best available around to satiate one’s needs and preferences.

Its culinary corners consist of Restaurant The Tower. Apart from one can also cherish the Breakfast and Light Lunch delights. Paranomic Bar throws its doors open for souls who wish to spend their days with dream vibes.

Adding to that, it also supports enough to put up gatherings and events on its premises.

8. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

The 5-star hotel expectations reach their pinnacle with the mention of Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. With nature’s beauty doing rounds, it offers its guests the best living experience in the city. Not just that, one can also find many historical bounties in its premises to drift back in time. Sprawling over 11 acres, it provides one with the best strolls through private garden. Apart from that, one can also grab the beauty of statues, fountains and centuries-old trees that add to its narrative.

Moving ahead, its accommodation sphere rises to the fore with the best choices on the board. Its guest room column ranges from Premier Room to Superior Room. Apart from that, the Suite platter consists of many scintillating affairs like Deluxe Executive Suite, Parlour Suite and Grand Veranda Suite. Its speciality suite category shimmers with the out of the world delight for guests with the mention of Royal Suite, Pool Garden Suite, etc.

Its dining sphere works out the delectable bliss with the presence of Magnolia, Il Palagio and Four Seasons Takeaway & Delivery. Apart from that, one can soak in the best leisure time by making way to Al Fresco and Pool Tree Bar and Atrium Bar to grab one’s favorite drink on the counter. Not just that, one can also cherish the in-room dining option.

Fitness vibes unfold themselves in the sphere with the mention of Spa and Wellness corner. One can move to Spa Suite to cherish the best in kind treatment available in the domain. Thus, there is a lot for one to do in the lap of nature with a reservation at the hotel.

9. Ad Astra

Ad Astra Hotel is the surreptitious gem of the hotel domain in the city. Located on the first floor of an aristocratic urban villa, it encloses every bit that one looks for putting up a vibrant stay. Stealing the living bliss from the bustling corners of the city, it thrives with green space around. Ponte Vecchio bubbles at a distance of 10 minutes from its premises to add to its case. One can breathe with the fragrance of plants imbuing its surroundings. It makes its case in the domain by coming with the architectural hues by architect Francesco Maestrelli, with interior design by Matteo Perduca and his brother Marco.

Cementing its case in the domain, it supports 14 rooms on the deck. Each one of them possesses a unique charm with different décor, size and views from the windows. One can choose one’s favorite from King Balcony, King View, Premium, Deluxe and Superior. They savor their guests with a kettle and espresso machine, DVD player, HD TV; free wi-fi and C.O. Bigelow bath products and slippers.

Make to its Breakfast counter to see some of the local treats coming up beautifully on the platters. To cherish the best bits around, one can take to its terrace. It unveils scintillating views of iconic Villa Torrigiani. Apart from that, one can also grab complimentary coffee and tea in its lounge. Adding to that, one can also vibe at its honesty bar with wines and spirit making waves in the sphere. So leave your soul free to see the best of the city bliss coming up at Ad Astra Hotel. 

10. Belmond Villa San Michele

Fairytale bliss gets into the picture with the mention of Belmond Villa San Michele in the sphere. Thriving in Fiesole hills, it brings in the ancient fantasy on the board. Its monastery past continues to entice visitors with divine bliss. Located away from the city hustle and bustle, it wins heart with the 14th-century artistry that rules its sphere. Not just that, the stunning natural bits around add to its case in the domain.

Its accommodation spaces provide one with the opportunity of having a hassle-free stay. The breathtaking view from their windows takes one into an entirely different world of satiation. One can choose from the room, junior suite and suite sections for a decent stay. Apart from that, one can add bits of luxury to one’s stay by checking out the Limonaia Suite and Villa on the board.

Its dining space also sticks to the line of its legacy with vibrant culinary corners around. One can check out the menu at the Ristorante La Loggia. Apart from that, one can grab a seat at Cloister Bar to cherish one’s favorite drink against the scintillating background.  Adding to that, one can also explore many other dining options available on its premises.

To make the best of one’s time at the hotel, one can indulge in many activities. For instance, it supports a cookery school for its guests to hone their cooking skills at Tuscan cuisine. Take a different turn in its premises to find your with the treasure of wonders and bliss around.

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