Guide to spend a whole day in Berlin

Guide to spend a whole day in Berlin

Berlin is Germany's capital city, dating back to the 13th CE. It is one of the most vibrant cities globally, even though it has a long and complicated history. Berlin is famous for the Brandenburg Gate, which symbolizes its magnification, Berliner Philharmonie, and are seen. This city's glamour and chic personality are unbeatable, with the world's most extended outdoor art gallery and most famous techno temple in Europe. The city is the capital of Germany for a reason. The city's royal palaces are the primary reason for the tourist attractions. The town has a great history and several places, a must-visit. 

It is the city that faced the most somber acts of history. It was the capital of Hitler, and so Berlin has seen the atrocities of Hitler firsthand. After the defeat of Hitler, it was divided into two parts. But then the city is a survivor. It was reunited again after a few years. The city has the most influential and courageous stories. The fall of the wall was the most memorable part of the history of Berlin. It led to the bonding of families who were separated. The city has the most remarkable record, which is why every place and monument in Berlin speaks of its history. In today's time, the city is very well developed and is counted as one of the major cities of Europe. The history of this place attracts a large number of tourists every year. 

Must-visit places in Berlin  

There are tons of places to visit in Berlin. It is a list of a few of the most famous ones. 


Landwehr Canal is the place that will woo your heart as soon as you see it. It is a beautiful view that will remain in your eyes forever. The canal unites Kreuzberg and Neukölln into the middle of the city's bohemian culture. It is one of the least expensive and the most satisfying experiences in the city. You can purchase a beer from a bodega and enjoy its taste sitting under a willow tree (there are plenty of them in this place) while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are several benches, biergartens, bocce courts, and other distractions where you can sit and create fantastic memories.  


Hackesche Höfe is a collection of eight cafés where you can enjoy various drinks and enjoy solitude or chit-chat with your partner. It also has public courtyards that have a lot of boutiques dating back to the year 1907. They were reinvented or given a new look in the year 1996.  

Haus Schwarzenberg is the close cousin of Hackesche Höfe. This place is just the picture of Berlin pre-gentrification. It is a place where you can admire the beauty of street art on the walls. This place is a beautiful sight for the eyes of art lovers. 


Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin. This enormous palace was constructed in 1699 for the wife of King Friedrich I, Sophie Charlotte. It was initially built as a summer residence for the Queen. It was reconstructed because of the damage caused during World War I. This palace has massive rooms that restore the original designs of the castle. It is home to several precious jewels of porcelain and silver and a fantastic collection of paintings from the eighteenth century. Another outstanding feature of the castle is the gardens with organized fences, fountains, blues, and tree-lined stone alleys. These gardens were constructed using a blend of French and English styles.  


Müggelsee is an incredible place that is visited by a large number of people during the hot summers. You can see the site to get some fresh air and cool down the hot stress. The exciting part of the visit is that the Sand is beautifully golden and smooth to touch. It is an inland lake. It will feel fantastic if you walk barefoot, which will calm your mind down. This place is a popular spot for weekend plans.  


Berlin Wall Memorial is a go-to place for history lovers. Well, if you are not so much of a history lover, you must visit the site to fall in love with history. This is a wall of struggles of people on their journey. You will be amazed to learn the stories of the people. All the information on how the wall sprung up within a night is accessible at this place. You will hear the long journey people had to go through to reunite with their loved ones. You will find many photographs and signs describing the heroic stories of the brave residents on each side of the wall.   


Treptower Park is situated near the bank of the river Spree. This park covers an area of two hundred and seven acres. Residents of Berlin visit here after the long winter to enjoy the summer air. This is a popular picnic spot. Apart from enjoying picnics, people like jogging and running around this area. This place also has a history attached to it. It is where five thousand soviet soldiers were buried, and hence it is a place of Soviet War Memorial.

This place is a paradise for stargazers. You can stargaze with the help of Archenhold Sternwarte, which is the most extended refracting telescope in the world.  


The word Mauerpark means wall park. Mauerpark Flea Market is situated near the old part of the Berlin Wall. This wall was called the Death Strip and was a militarized no-man's land. This is where guards used to keep a watch on the people so that they would not be able to flee from East Berlin to West Berlin. But now, there are no guards or dogs to stop the people. The place is surrounded by a group of people who come here to shop for different items every Sunday. The most incredible place here is Bearpit Karaoke, where the biggest Karaoke party in the world takes place. Apart from all this, there is a circus to entertain kids, and it is a good picnic spot.   


Tadim is a restaurant in Berlin that every food lover must visit. This place is like a pilgrimage for meat lovers. It is located in Kreuzberg's dashing Turkish hub famous for doner kebabs. It has been popular for more than twenty years. The interior of the place is very modest. Until now, we knew that beauty lies in simplicity, but after visiting this place, you will replace the beauty with taste. The sight of twirling meat on the spit will make your tongue dance, and the flavor will blow your mind off. This restaurant is very similar to a kebab joint with several chairs. The price of the food is unbelievably low. They offer you a variety of options. If you want to eat at the place, you can eat there otherwise you can also pack it and take it with you. 


Berghain is popular among the people in the world for being the holiest club. This club is located in a German power station. The club is well known in Berlin, and it attracts several tourists. The most favorable time to visit the club is during the weekend. The most famous DJs gather to make the club a holy grail on weekends. One thing to be noted is that it is a club in Berlin so if you want to enter the club, you need to be dressed in jeans cause with skirts and heels you will have no entry. 


The Reichstag building was initially constructed in 1894, the most iconic milestone in Berlin. This place faced an enormous fire in the 1930s, and it also went through air raids during World War Two and was highly damaged; some people say it was reduced to remnants. But, soon after the fire, it was reconstructed, and in the year 1999, it was made the Parliament of Germany, Bundestag. The architecture of the building is remarkable, and the character of the glass dome is worth admiration. If you are visiting the Reichstag, do take a guided tour. This place is filled with information on the history of Berlin. A guided tour will give you the most data on the site. Apart from the dramatic narrative, the view from the dome is a must-see. It is a monument that depicts the history of the past and delivers the hope of a promising and bright future. You can reach the crown with the help of stairs. You can see the River Spree, Brandenburg Gate, and the Tiergarten Park gardens. 


Brandenburg Gate is an architecture depicting the victory and bravery of the residents. It is the most well-known monument in Berlin. Initially, fourteen gates surrounded the city of Berlin when the city was under the rule of Prussians. This is the only one left of the fourteen, and so it is a remarkable monument. After that, the city has caught a glimpse of the tragedies caused by Hitler and went through a lot of struggles. It is located at a few minutes' distances from the three most famous places in Berlin, the Tiergarten Park, the Reichstag, and The Holocaust Memorial. This is a popular tourist spot. This gate symbolizes the reunification of the city. 


Museum Island is also labeled as Museumsinsel. To reach the island, you need to cross a bridge which makes the visit adventurous. This island is a collection of five museums: the Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte National Galerie, Pergamonmuseum, and Bode Museum. UNESCO recognizes this site. These museums are famous worldwide, and this museum island is an incredible place to visit. This place covers a history of more than six thousand years. It has a vast collection of arts and paintings that will make you feel as if you are living in those years. 


Sammlung Boros is a renowned place that will take you back to the era of Nazis. This is a private place owned by two residents of Berlin, Christian Boris, and Karen Boros. This place is named after the owners and has five floors. It has a compilation of unique art, beautiful sculptures, fabulous paintings, superb photographs, and establishments by artists worldwide. The artists whose work is displayed at Sammlung Boros are Ai Weiwei, Thomas Ruff, Tomás Saraceno, and Olafur Eliasson. Bookings to this place are made in advance. So, if you are planning to pay a visit here, then be prepared in advance. 


The holocaust memorial is, as its name suggests, a Memorial to the Jews of Europe who Hitler murdered. This memorial has more than two thousand columns that will remind you of the horrors of World War II. Peter Eisenman designed it. The construction of this place took planning for more than seventeen years. It is known as the Somber attraction of Berlin and covers an area of 204,514 square feet. 


East Side Gallery is the world's most extensive and longest open art gallery. This gallery has over one hundred paintings drawn by artists from all over the world. These paintings remind the people who lost their lives trying to cross the border. They are like an elixir of paintings. You can adore the paintings while having your coffee or drinks. 

I hope this article helped you decide the place to visit during your stay in Berlin. One reminder will be to book the places in advance to save your money and time. This will also make your visit more satisfying and hassle-free.

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