Cherishing The Bewitching Brussels

Cherishing The Bewitching Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, welcomes its guests for an enticing time. It shimmers with unbeatable charm and fancy to make a mark in the domain. Wanderlusts end up losing their heart to its evoking alleys and corners. It gains its ground with many historical and architectural stars around its sphere. Its scintillating vibes also churn the magic to win hearts bubbling around. Taking on that note, one can go through the fascinating monuments and structures adorning the city scene. Their architecture and design go a long way in mirroring the charm of their era in the best way.

Apart from that, it also dons the heart-winning layer of nature and its bounties. Cultural and traditional waves also inundate the sphere through the life of city people. That manages to carve out the city's unique identity. The city explorers can also add to their experience by relishing local tastes and flavors. Many heritage restaurants and other food stops run their business by serving the best on that note. Art lovers can also live their moments with creativity attaining its best in museums and galleries. Pitching in for the best in-kind moments, one can check out the following list of must-do things and experiences in the city.

1. Iconic Grand Place

Shimmering with its glean and grandeur, Grand Place rolls down a scintillating welcome to its visitors. The central square brings the best of the city together around its sphere. Its beauty and vibrancy get on the board to mesmerize wanderlusts in the best way. Not just that, it also manages to spellbind them with its cultural and historical legacy. It has been the place of many iconic and crucial events in history. It has also served as a place for celebrations, protests, and mourning. For instance, some of the earliest protestant martyrs bid adieu to the world here. Some harrowing beheadings also took place at the square.

Not just that, it also bore the brunt of wars. Waves of destruction wreaked havoc in the area. But it has emerged from the gloomy traces of its past in a vibrant form. Currently, it hosts many festivals and local gatherings to win hearts around. Taking on that part, one can look forward to being a part of the Flower Carpet, Ommegang, and Christmas celebrations. Adding to that, it also offers space for heart-winning concerts and events. Thus, one can make way to the Grand Place and seize the opportunity of living city culture to the full.

Apart from that, one can also embark on an exploration spree to admire the iconic structures. Building on that note, one can check out the fancy guild houses, Maison du Roi, and City Hall. To one's delight, it also basks in the glory of being on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Making the best of one's time, one can tune in to their designs and pattern. They speak a lot for the charm and salience of their era. Therefore, a visit to Grand Place evolves as an indispensable part of the city narrative.

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2. Spectacular Notre Dame Du Sablon

Notre Dame Du Sablon cements its name as a star attraction in the city. The stunning structure has been drawing wanderlusts and pilgrims with its scintillating beauty and charm. Bubbling in Gothic style, it stands out in the city scene. It has been ruling the area with its beauty since the fifteenth century. Before its inception, a small chapel used to dominate the space. Matching the architectural fascination of the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula goes a long way in adding to the city narrative. Not just its exteriors, but its interiors also get on the board to make a mark in the domain.

They cast a spell with their beauty. One can find heart-winning designs and decorations greeting one's eyes. Exploring its iconic facets, one can come across the fame of the wooden pulpit. It goes back to 1697 and mesmerizes its visitors in the best way. Not just that, one can also look forward to catching up with the central nave for natural light. Its stained windows also push up its beauty to a great extent. They adorn the altar and win hearts around.

Apart from its beauty, it has also been shimmering as an iconic place of pilgrimage. Devotees flock here around the year to pay obeisance to Virgin Mary. Moving ahead, one can also check out the 12 statues of apostles. One can trace their presence to the 17th century. Catching up with its best look, one can visit it during nighttime. Its illuminated version manages to steal the hearts of its visitors. After getting done with its exploration, one can make their way to the park. It welcomes one for some moments of serenity with a pond and fountain. One can sit on a bench that spends hours introspecting and marveling at the elegance of Notre Dame Du Sablon.

3. Green Rejuvenation At Le Botanique

Flora lovers can fuel their penchant with scintillating green beings at the celebrated Le Botanique. The stunning structure has many charming facets to etch its name on the city itinerary. Its construction period date between 1826 and 1829. Its main aim was to serve the Royal Horticultural Society of the Netherlands. But the plan could not survive for long. The iconic building finally came under the ambit of the city administration. Securing a golden stand, it shimmers with iconic architecture and design. The celebrated artist Pierre-François Gineste chalked its scintillating facets. Not just that, one can also trace them to the design by architect Tilman-François Suys.

Celebrating the traditional style of orangeries, it comes with a dome and cupola at the center. Adding to that, it also supports two wings. They face a pavilion to make a mark in the scene. Not just that, its makers also perceived it as a place to host parties and events. Therefore, it has also got a hall on its premises. In 1984, it secured a new identity. It got recognition as the cultural center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Since then, it has welcomed its visitors for vibrant events and concerts. Not just that, it also churns waves of art and creativity by hosting many art exhibitions and shows.

Sealing the scintillating moments, one can go around with one's camera. Taking on that part, one can find many charming elements bubbling around. They greet their guests for an unforgettable time on its premises. One can also look forward to hanging out with beautiful and refreshing plants in the garden. They go a long way in letting one know the botanical culture of the city. Adding to that, one can also appreciate the indigenous flora that blooms in the garden at its best. Thus, Le Botanique weaves its fascination to pamper city guests around.

4. Visit Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis makes waves as a symbol of the city. Going back to 1388, it has won hearts with its hilarious representation. Not just that, it also served as the water source for the city's people. Standing as high as 50 cm, it represents a urinating naked boy. It extends into a fountain basin. Thriving in the old town, it receives visits from people from around the world. Its fame bubbles between the celebrated rue de L'Étuve and rue Chene. Not just that, one can also find Grand Place near it. One can grab its salience by acknowledging the fact that many armies tried to steal it.

In 1817, a person managed to steal it. It also got broken into 11 pieces. However, with some effort, the broken pieces got welded together. And, one can find the original statues shimmering in their present-day place. Taking on that part, one can also turn one's notice to the period mentioned on the statue. It goes a long way in shedding light on its journey.

Digging deep into its narrative, one can come across many tales about the statue. According to some people, the statute represented the boy who put out the fire and saved the city. Apart from that, some tales present it as the boy who brought good luck to the army. Not just that, one can also come across a story involving a witch. As per the legend, the boy angered the witched and ended up in statute form.

Well, the naked boy does not remain naked around the year. It has got around 1000 outfits in its wardrobe. Many dignitaries have gifted it iconic dresses. One can find it wearing them as per the schedule. It also pairs up with its visitors lining around to help them get their once-in-a-lif picture.

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5. Curvy Parc Du Cinquantenaire

Parc Du Cinquantenaire mesmerizes its guests with its unbounded charm and beauty. It takes them back in time with its timeless architecture and design. Living the best on that note, one can admire the iconic Triumphal Arch. That serves as a grand entry to the visitors from the east. The park emerged on the scene to mark the 50th-anniversary celebrations of Belgium. Delivering on that note, it came up with many iconic structures and monuments. They shimmer at their best to reflect on the wealth and riches of the country in the best way. Making the best of one's visit, one can look forward to exploring them.

Building on that part, one can make way to the alluring Royal Museum of Army and Military History. One can seize the opportunity to catch up with the breathtaking views. Its visitors can scale to the top of the Arch without any charge. One can also notice the iconic bronze statute. It celebrates the salience of the Belgian flag in the best way. Not just that, one can also come across the marvelous statutes marking different provinces at the base of the columns.

Adding to one's knowledge treasure, one can check out the elements on display at the Royal Museum of Art & History and the Royal Museum of Army and Military History. Not just that, it also houses the celebrated Auto-World Museum. They support different themes and subjects to stand out in the domain. Moving ahead, one can also breathe into rejuvenating moments in the enticing gardens. They serve heart-winning landscapes for everlasting pictures and moments. One can cherish the beauty and vibrancy of colorful flower blooms and other plants. Therefore, the 19th-century park makes waves with many scintillating elements on the board. They manage to leave their visitors with an unforgettable experience in the city.

6. Timeless Old England Building

The Old England Building stands as an architectural masterpiece in the city scene. Cementing its name in the Art Nouveau, it manages to win hearts bubbling around. It shimmers with the iconic neoclassical design. Its scintillating facets also get on the board to add to its case. It also allures its guests with its heart-winning historical legacy. Delving on that note, one can find it serving as a department store in the pages of history. It continues to retain the imprints of its past through its architecture and design. Celebrating that front, one can admire its beautiful black facade. Not just that, it also adds to its beauty with its wrought iron look. Charming arched windows also get around adding stars to that part.

Taking one's exploration spree ahead, one can also make way to the celebrated MIM music museum. It doles out the opportunity for its guests to spend time with unforgettable musical moments. Taking on that part, one can find many vibrant musical instruments. They go a long way in celebrating the magic of music. Living that front to the full, one can check out more than 2000 instruments on the board. Not just that, one can also find their connection with music history. Exploring their charm, one can go across its four floors. Apart from that, one can also tune in to shows and exhibitions bringing out their history.

Basking in the designs by architect Paul Saintenoy, it stars among the golden names in the city. As the name suggests, one can breathe into the reflection of old England in the building. Going back to 1899, it manages to bring on the charm of its era. Not just that, one can also live one's time listening to the scintillating notes. Taking on that part, one can check out shepherd's bagpipes. Adding to that, one can also tune in to Chinese carillons. After living the refreshing experience, one can make way to the rooftop cafe. It welcomes its guests for an unforgettable dining experience. One can marvel at the iconic city views while cherishing one's culinary pick.

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7. Beautiful Museum Of Costume & Lace

Fashion lovers can pamper themselves by making their way to the Museum of Costume & Lace. It has been winning hearts with its vibrant apparel collections since 1977. Celebrating lace and fabric magic to the full, one can explore its enticing facets. Making a mark in the domain, it has collected its dress collection over time. Its collection has emerged through private house donations. Some of them even go back to the eighteenth century. Therefore, one can find fabrics from different periods shimmering on the board. Vibrant designs and themes also bubble at their best to win hearts bubbling around. Not just that, one can also admire scintillating lace and fabric designs adorning the scene at the museum.

Serving an unforgettable experience to its guests, it also puts up temporary exhibitions and shows every year. They manage to cement their name by building on different themes and subjects. Also, in every exhibition, one can find the presence of lace designs. To one's delight, one can also find the history and evolution tale of different designs and techniques around its sphere. Moving ahead, one can also check out alluring costume and fabric designs. Adding to that, it also brings on many educational and research programs to enrich the knowledge of its guests. Apart from that, one can also check out the handmade collection.

Exploring its narrative, one can go through its three floors. Taking on the handmade section, one can check out the first and second floors. They go back to different eras to win hearts. Apart from that, lace lovers can make their way to the third floor. Cherishing that part, one can admire beautiful lace items on display. Adding to its case, it also welcomes fashion students for varnishing their knitting and sewing skills. It also houses its past exhibition elements and collections to offer the best to its guests. Thus, it is no wonder to find it ruling the top echelons of the fabric and costume domain.

8. Explore Palais Royal

Brussels also basks in the royal glory with the presence of Palais Royal in the scene. It goes a long way in underlining the constitutional monarchy of the country. Etching its name in the golden hues, it stands as the administrative residence of the king. Therefore, it receives visits from both Belgian and international delegations around the year. Apart from that, it also houses other wings. The list includes the General Secretariat, the King’s Cabinet, the Civil List, the Protocol, the Military Household, and the Queen’s Secretariat. Not just the king and the queen, but other family members have also got their office on its premises. Adding to that, it also supports many iconic residential and office rooms. They serve their spaces for various royal events, concerts, and gatherings. To one's delight, it also opens its doors to the public after July 21. The period lasts till September.

Making the best of that opportunity, one can look forward to having a tour around the Palace. Taking on that note, one can tune in to its charming interiors. One can come across the heart-winning designs by Alphonse Balat. He scripted them to impress King Leopold II. Exploring that front, one can check out the fancy of a white marble staircase, green marble ramp, mirrors, and beautiful windows. Moving ahead, one can check out the enticing facets of Large Anti-chamber. It has been making waves since the Dutch era. Diving into its beauty, one can turn to the portraits of Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg and his wife Princess Charlotte of Wales. They continue to grace the space through the art of painter George Dawe.

Apart from that, one can also explore the vibrant Empire Room, White Rooms, Goya Room, Coburg Room, Louis XVI Room, Pilaster Room, and many more.

9. Artistic Fervor At Musee Royaux Des Beaux Arts

Artistic waves inundate the scene with the mention of Musee Royaux Des Beaux Arts. It welcomes its guests for an enticing time. Delivering on that part, it supports more than 10,000 collections on the board. They make a mark by celebrating different themes and subjects. They range in the period between the 15th and 21st centuries. Diving on that note, one can come across the works of Belgian and Dutch artists.

The list includes heart-winning drawings, paintings, sculptures, and prints. Not just that, the collection has also got furniture and decorative items. They have been adorning the museum scene as part of donations or deposits. To have the best on that note, one can check out the schedule of exhibitions.

10. Beer Delight Time

Beer tasting forms an indispensable part of Belgian tradition and culture. Belgians celebrate that delight to the full with a range of beers on the board. Many heritage bars and pubs unwind their business sprees by serving the best on that note. Not just that, many of them invite their guests to go through the fine making of their favorite drink. Adding to that, they also put up the enticing history of beer making in the city.

Taking on that part, one can also take a tour around iconic breweries. They go a long way in adding to the historical and cultural charm of the city. Tasting the best around, one can check out the servings of the celebrated names.


Belgium's capital, Brussels, is a fascinating place with stunning architecture and fascinating history on every street and valley. The atmosphere of the city cannot be described in words it has Manneken Pis and Comic Strip Center. Cutting-edge art, cartoons, beautiful parks, and good beer are just some of the best things to do in Brussels.

Brussels has everything from world-class beer to delicious chocolate, best things to do in Brussels are amazing and you will definitely love it. You can plan your perfect bucket list with the help of this list.

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