Check out how Amerisleep’s mattress ends my counting of sleepless nights!!

Check out how Amerisleep’s mattress ends my counting of sleepless nights!!

Trust me, shopping for a new sleeping mattress will be a nightmare I have never imagined. The suggestions from friends, family members, and the internet made the scenario daunting. And, I can recall the reasons for my stress, and fights with my husband were because of sleepless nights. All these scenarios were pointing in one direction to replace my sleeping mattress. Finally, after purchasing a Bio-Pur Polyurethane Foam mattress from Amerisleep, I can put an end to my problems.

Thanks to stores like Amerisleep who purely work in the interest of customers. Further, their wide collection of mattresses under one roof helps to find the right one simply. Truly, they have something for everyone. 

For the optimal selection of mattresses, understanding is a must. Continue reading this post to have a better understanding of Amerisleep’s mattresses. 

Features and technologies that make Amerisleep’s mattresses stand apart from others:

Bio-Pur® Technology - It is a unique technology that is available in every mattress to ensure cooling comfort, responsive support, and healthier sleep. 

Breathable & Cooling - The Bio-Pur®'s large, open-cell structure has taken an edge over traditional mattresses by coming with distinct advantages: 

  1. Allows air to flow freely
  2. Prevents heat build-up
  3. Perfect for hot sleepers

Responsive & Supportive - Bio-Pur® has also helped in overcoming traditional memory foam limitations of slow response time that give the experience of sleeping in quicksand. With Bio-Pur® you can seek advantages such as:

  1. Contours to your body
  2. Relieves painful pressure points
  3. Provides cushioning and support
  4. Bounces back in just seconds

Eco-Friendly Materials - Amerisleep has minimized the usage of non-renewable resources by coming up with Bio-Pur which is partially made up of renewable plant-based oils. 

Types of mattresses available at Amerisleep with their pros & cons.

Amerisleep mattresses are broadly classified into two categories:

Memory Foam Mattress

  1. Plant-Based Foam
  2. Gel Memory Foam
  3. Copper and Graphite Infusions

Hybrid Mattress

  1. Latex Mattresses
  2. Natural Latex
  3. Dunlop
  4. Talalay
  5. Synthetic Latex 

Features And Advantages Of The Amerisleep Mattress

The Amerisleep AS1, AS2, AS4, AS5, and AS5 mattresses. 

Amerisleep's recognition that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is one of the company's finest characteristics. Although each Amerisleep mattress is unique, all of the brand's models have certain characteristics. Here are some of the top characteristics and benefits of the renowned product line of this brand. 

Amazing Technology for Motion Isolation 

Numerous Amerisleep mattress reviews mention that customers were impressed by the bed's motion isolation capabilities. This technology prevents your companion from sensing your movements during the night. Therefore, even if you are a restless or restless sleeper, your spouse may not be bothered by your movements, allowing him or her to sleep more comfortably. 

The bottom layer of each Amerisleep mattress is a six- to nine-inch Bio Core Base that provides the sleeper with excellent support (featured in AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5). The base provides support and stability to prevent the sensation of movement. Even more significant is the larger memory foam in the relaxation layer, which, in addition to offering soft, supporting comfort, serves to isolate motion from other areas of the bed. 

If motion isolation is crucial to you, you may not want to pass on this brand due to the high-density foam used in Amerisleep mattresses. On an Amerisleep mattress, you may sleep better without being disturbed by movement, regardless of whether you share a bed with a significant other, children, or your dog. In addition, their high-density foam may outlive lower-density foams in less costly mattresses over years, giving you greater value for your money in the long run. 

Cooling Sleep Innovations 

There are few things worse than awakening in the middle of the night feeling hot and sweaty. Unfortunately, certain mattresses were not designed to keep you cool while you sleep. In fact, some will make you feel hotter due to the materials they employ, which may be so densely packed as to restrict airflow. However, this issue is not present with Amerisleep mattresses. 

First, the firm employs Bio-Pur technology in all of its goods (AS1-AS5), which consists of plant-based components and structures that keep you cool throughout the night. Unlike many other forms, the Bio-Pur cooling material employs an open-cell structure to dissipate heat as it enters the mattress and to increase airflow. 

Each mattress is equipped with a breathable cover made from a combination of materials that promote optimal airflow to reduce overheating and nighttime perspiration. Additionally, the cover remains cool to the touch, allowing you to enter your bed feeling refreshed and cool. Amerisleep claims that its mattresses can maintain a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of the ambient temperature. 

Additionally, certain Amerisleep mattresses include separate channels between their foam layers, which improves breathability and airflow. 

Lastly, these mattresses employ a substance called Celliant that many others do not. In addition to the benefits I will discuss in a minute, Celliant may help control your body temperature as you sleep, contributing to the development of the cooling technology found in Amerisleep mattresses. 

Celliant Use 

Celliant is a unique thread produced from thermos-reactive minerals that react with our bodies to cool us down and convert our body heat into usable energy. Using Celliant-infused fabrics, Amerisleep mattresses provide a superior bed that may have scientifically-proven health advantages for you and your body as you sleep. Client may: 

  1. Utilize your body heat to increase the efficiency of your body's functions. 
  2. Increase the body's oxygen levels Improve circulation 
  3. Normally control body temperature 
  4. Reduce pain and swelling 
  5. Reduce and manage blood pressure 
  6. Permit cells to function more effectively and aid in their repair 
  7. Boost your energy and your entire attitude. 
  8. Improve metabolism 

Amerisleep has a license to utilize this wonderful material in its mattress coverings, which may help you sleep better each night and awake with a fresh feeling as never ever before. Since Celliant is infused into the other components, it will continue to function for as long as you own your mattress, without degrading over time or after washing. 

Amerisleep has a license to utilize this wonderful material in its mattress coverings, which may help you sleep better each night and awaken feeling more refreshed than ever before. With all of its potential health advantages, resting on an Amerisleep mattress every night may enhance your overall health. This technology can be especially beneficial for persons suffering from chronic discomfort, a sluggish metabolism, and even heart-related ailments. 

Never-Stick Relaxation 

Memory foam has a reputation for being comfy and easing pressure points when a person is resting on it, but it might be difficult to rise from a supine posture. The material and structure may allow you to relax easily into the bed, yet you may feel trapped. Amerisleep mattresses counteract this issue by remaining comfy and supportive, preventing you from ever having to get out of bed in an awkward posture. 

These mattresses offer a substantial springiness that facilitates a comfortable rise from a supine position. You will experience the comforting sensation of memory foam, but with a responsive design that contours to your body while you rest and returns to its original shape as soon as you rise. 

This distinctive design also makes you feel supported every night and helps the mattress retain its like-new appearance for longer. Other varieties of memory foam degrade over time, leaving a permanent impression of your body on the surface if it is not routinely rotated or flipped. However, an Amerisleep mattress will retain its form for many years. 

In addition, they employ a 5cm Affinity Layer, also known as a transition layer, which contributes to the creation of this ultra-responsive function. The Affinity Layer is not present in the AS1 (previously known as the Americana) but is present in the AS2 through the AS5 specifications. This layer fits between the bottom support layer and the top comfort layer to envelop your body in comfort while easing pressure points. This layer then supports your body when you lay on and get off the mattress, while also guiding the top layer back to its natural form. 

Bio-Pur Polyurethane Foam


One of the most significant aspects of a new mattress to consider is its construction materials. Some include dangerous chemicals or allergies that might impact the quality of your sleep and your morning mood. Again, Amerisleep excels in this category, since its Bio-Pur memory foam is made from plant-based components, making it an eco-friendly alternative for people seeking a safe, natural mattress. What precisely is this sort of foam? Amerisleep claims that Bio-Pur memory foam: 

  1. Utilizes ecologically responsible materials and building methods 
  2. Lacks dangerous compounds, such as phthalates, metals, toxic flame retardants, formaldehyde, and other substances that may cause severe health problems. 
  3. It is composed of plant-based oils and materials as opposed to synthetically created substances. 
  4. Does not include ozone-depleting substances, making its usage and disposal better for the environment. 
  5. Allows appropriate air circulation to avoid mold and allergy accumulation. 
  6. Helps regulate body temperature while sleeping. 

In addition to its eco-friendly qualities, the Bio-Pur memory foam layer can improve your quality of sleep. Each Amerisleep mattress features this layer as its top comfort layer. Its big, open-cell structure not only results in a more supporting, sinking sensation but also controls the mattress's interior temperature by dispersing heat and enabling air to circulate. Thus, you can maintain a lower temperature throughout the night. 

Moreover, the fact that Amerisleep does not utilize flame-retardant chemicals on its mattresses does not suggest that yours will be less safe than another. Instead, each one is equipped with a cover laced with Celliant and GreenGuard rayon fiber that is non-toxic. 

Are Amerisleep Mattresses Appropriate For You? 

You are almost finished with this evaluation! Now just one question remains: Do you need an Amerisleep mattress? I cannot answer your question, but I can summarize the advantages and downsides of this brand of mattresses! These evaluations apply over the whole foam line. 


  1. These mattresses may appeal to fans of memory foam. The comfort layer of every Amerisleep mattress (AS1 through AS5) is composed of memory foam. Regardless of the hardness setting, you select, you will experience the body-contouring properties of memory foam. 
  2. Due to the open-cell memory foam and breathable Celliant cover, Amerisleep mattresses often sleep rather cold. If you tend to overheat, this line may be an excellent choice. 
  3. In general, Amerisleep mattresses perform a great job isolating motion due to the memory foam, which has a sluggish response to pressure and absorbs a significant amount of movement. If you sleep with a spouse that is restless, an Amerisleep mattress might help you sleep undisturbed. 


  1. The Amerisleep line lacks superior edge support. If you need to use the entire surface of your mattress, you may want to consider an innerspring mattress. 
  2. In general, the all-foam Amerisleep mattresses lack bounce. If you like to feel more on top of a mattress (rather than "in" it), you might pick an innerspring or hybrid model. 


Amerisleep is successful in solving the mystery of one-size-fits-all mattresses. Their range of medium-firm to medium-soft mattresses helps to meet all customers’ preferences. The five types of mattresses ensure great mobility while sleeping, unlike traditional foams.

Additionally, Amerisleep is one of the few firms that go above and above by using eco-friendly materials to create mattresses that are safer for the environment and your family. By utilizing Bio-Pur foam and non-toxic flame retardants, you may sleep peacefully and breathe better air. 

Despite the fact that they may be slightly more expensive than comparable comparisons and other mattress reviews on our website, there is a solid explanation for this. Generally, superior quality comes at a premium price. The Amerisleep mattresses are not the most costly on the market by any means; you can easily pay double the price of an Amerisleep mattress without gaining anything in terms of comfort, quality, or durability. 

A mattress from Amerisleep is not likely to disappoint anyone. For optimal results, determine your firmness needs before making a purchase. Simply benefit from the in-home trial. If the level of comfort does not meet your expectations, exchange for a different model or request a refund. If you believe that one of these may be the ideal replacement for your present bed, you can view the most recent Amerisleep coupons for substantial discounts at checkout. 


How long do mattresses from Amerisleep last? 

There is a 20-year warranty on Amerisleep mattresses, although it may be a tad optimistic. Most mattresses should be replaced between 5 and 10 years, depending on the wear caused by your body type and sleeping position. 

Does Amerisleep need a box spring? 

No. Amerisleep mattresses, like many other mattresses-in-a-box, are meant to fit atop a slatted bed frame. Nevertheless, if you prefer box springs or already possess one, you may install an Amerisleep mattress on top. 

Can Amerisleep mattresses be flipped? 

No, it is not recommended to turn an Amerisleep mattress. The bed is designed with firmer support layers on the bottom, therefore flipping the mattress will significantly alter its feel. Try to rotate the mattress 180 degrees each six months if wear is a concern.

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