Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Frankfurt

Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Frankfurt

Frankfurt is another world that allures wanderlusts with its queer charm and fame. Tossing up a wonderful amalgam of European and American culture on its land, it leaves souls in awe. Skyrocketing jungles of concrete capture its skyline to highlight its commercial stand in the world. Not just that, its iconic pockets weave an enduring imprint of memories for the delight of the visitor. Goading commercial rush in its territory, many sites facilitate the much-needed space for commercial incentives to thrive. For visitors who wish to look beyond its commercial tunes, there is enough to exhilarate them as well. Their magnificence illuminates its case and springs it to the top echelon.

Clubbing the best around the city, here is the list of tourist spots that look forward to mesmerizing one with their elegance and shimmer. One can take a stroll through these much-celebrated gems that imbue the air with refreshing and enticing vibes.

1. Römerberg

Bubbling in the heart of the Old Town- Altstadt, there thrives a historical paradise of wonders in the form of Römerberg. It soars ahead in the must-visit list to add a vibrant dimension to the city. From enticing historical buildings to the marketplace, everything dons its salience to add to the delight of the visitor. It draws its name from the city hall Romer that stands with unique charm in the area. Its three stepped gable facades lend it its identity.

Securing the center-most position, the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice) paints an everlasting glory of the place. It has its period of installation dating back to 1543. The picture-perfect bit goes a long way to greeting visitors warmly with its historical aura. It has undergone a series of transformation and renovations. These changes helped it match up with the call of time and the desires of rulers.

Setting up the pace of commerce and trade in the city, it has provided ample space for trade markets. Not just that, it also hosts many festivities that allure a crowd of merry-makers from all over the world. The six half-timbered houses called the Ostzeile provide one with a peep into the culture, tradition and history of the place.

Romerberg stood through the bombings during World War II, losing many of its precious bits to destruction. But with the sincere efforts of architectures, it managed to redeem its lost charm and glory in the best possible way. Hence, one can visit the place as a striking illustration of determination.

2. Museumsufer

Museum-lovers can jump with joy as the city houses a scintillating world of museums with Museumsufer. Cherishing international recognition and position, it supports 37 museums making its case in the domain. Located on the north and the south bank of River Main, they set the wonder bells ringing to leave souls with the bits of enlightenment. Catering to the varying interests of visitors, it comes with a complete package of museum delight.

For Instance, the Städel Art Museum stands high to open the way for an ethnic exploration. Branded as one of the best ethnological museums in the world, it supports many intriguing bits in its premises. One can discover the wonder thriving in more than 65000 artifacts collections. They draw their roots in Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

Apart from that, one can also take a turn to The Museum of Ancient Sculpture. Celebrating the charm of sculptures, it puts sculptures from all over the world on display. Not just that, they come from different periods to facilitate a ride through time.

The German Architecture Museum expedites the rush through nerves by showcasing the treasures of architectural designs. Holding more than 200,000 plans, drawings, and models, it goes a long way in cementing its position in the museum world. Adding to that, the Frankfurt Archaeological Museum takes the thrilling notes to another level by setting the tones in a monastery. Thus, one can go through the long list to plan a visit to the wonder hub of one’s interest.

3. The Palm Garden

Catapulting an unexpected thrill for the visitors, The Palm Garden greets one with the palm delight. Situated in the green patch of Bockenheimer Landstrasse, the garden holds the privilege of being the largest botanical garden in Germany. It draws its stunning form from the Duke of Nassau’s excellent tropical plant collection. One can breathe into the tropical vibes that emanate from the greenhouse hues painting the scene around.

Sprawling over 22 hectares of the park area and 7,000 sq/m of conservatory space, it lets one see the floral treasure of different parts of the world thriving at best. They get on display with their regional designation to enlighten souls visiting their sphere. Not just that, one can also take a walk through the greenhouses to see them adorning the area with their beauty.

Shooting its fame across the globe, it has drawn many artists and other personalities to its space. Not just that, many iconic events have materialized here to add to its glory. Apart from that, it also supports many thrilling bits like boating, playground for children, etc., to come up as a perfect place for a family outing.

Not just that, many other tourist spots also fall at a short distance from the Garden. Thus, one can plan a great day out covering the Garden and its surroundings to live the Frankfurt trip in the best possible and efficient way.

4. Frankfurt Cathedral

Drawing a unique thread of architecture and charm, Frankfurt Cathedral commands high respect and position in the domain. Supporting the title of the Emperor’s Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, it shimmers with the best in kind charm and beauty. The red sandstone beauty stands high to celebrate its Imperial Cathedral status. Its spire touches the height mark of 95m to grab an iconic spot in the city’s skyline. Apart from its architectural charm, it also holds its name for its historical salience. Adding stars to its case, it served as the election and coronation church of the Holy Roman Empire.

Its building evolved over a 7th-century Merovingian chapel in 1250. A Gothic tower put in another dimension to the church with its addition in the 15th-century. A fire in 1867 engulfed its major parts. However, it managed to bounce back to its original charm and beauty with restoration work in full swing. Not just that, the destruction of World War II also inflicted damage to its interiors. Thus, it had to undergo another restoration.

Apart from the historical tales lacing its sphere, it also supports many great art pieces. One can grab the sight of the vibrant Maria Schlaf altar located in St. Mary’s chapel. Adding to that, one can also find ‘The Lamentation’, a painting by Anthony Van Dyke, greeting visitors with its elegance. Not just that, a museum also provides the much-sought ride through the alluring bits. One can climb to its tower to see breathtaking views and the mesmerizing skyline of the city.

5. The Hauptwache

Fanning the bustle in the city, The Hauptwache comes to the fore as an alluring public space. It gets its name from the Baroque building (Guard House) that grabs the center of the space with its grace and elegance. Its meaning “Main Guard” falls in line with its historical uses and role in the city. Adding to its charm, many historical buildings and structures circle the area. The center-building dates its construction period back to 1730.

It had served many purposes over the years. It housed the city’s militia at some point in time. Then, it got transformed into a prison. After that, it thrived as a police station. Apart from its historical salience, one can venture into space for its commercial lines. Shops and a café paint a vibrant picture that shifts the focus away from its tumultuous past. An underground mall does its business to make a mark in the domain. After getting done with the shopping spree, one can take to the east for the pedestrian-supporting Zeil.

Not just that, one can also discover the Kaiserstrasse in the southwest. It is one of the largest train terminals in Europe. Adding to that, one can also stay back to cherish the traditional hues of the city. It also facilitates a meeting space for locals to celebrate and discuss important issues of the city. Thus, one can breathe in versatile vibes at the Hauptwache in the best possible way.

6. Frankfurt Zoo

Zoo lovers can book a visit to Frankfurt Zoo to live their Frankfurt visit to the full. Sprawling over 32 acres, it looks forward to providing a safe and sound visit to the wild bits. With its opening dating back to 1858, it dons the privilege of being the second oldest zoo in Germany. Thriving near the old Friedberger, it bestows visitors with the chance to grab the best in the domain.

One can find animals from different parts of the world coming together to complete the picture. They total more than 4,500. Not just that, they go on to represent 510 different species of the world in its premises. Apart from that, it makes waves for its animal houses.

The Grzimek House shimmers at its best to put the animals from Madagascar on display. Not just that, one can also check out the Exotarium. It lets one catch the sight of animals coming from different climatic regions around the world. The list includes marine animals, reptiles, etc. Adding to that, one can also venture into the wilderness of The Borgori Forest.

Nocturnal Animals House and the Bird Hall push the delight to another level. Adding fuel to the conservation campaigns, it supports many conservation incentives on the board. Not just that, it facilitates many learning tours for children. Adding to that, it also put in place many thrilling learning sessions to enlighten children bubbling around. They can also look forward to feeding animals as per Zoo’s schedule.

7. Museum Of Modern Art

Another museum star that shines the best in the city is the Museum of Modern Art. Known as Museum für Moderne Kunst or MMK, it gets on the must-visits with its wonder delights. Not just that, locals also it “piece of cake” with love. One can trace this attribute to its shape that takes after a slice of cake. Not its exteriors but its interiors also shape its case with vibrant hues in the domain.

To one’s wonder, it comes with its walls aligned at intriguing angles. Not just that, it also possesses a narrow staircase that divides itself in different directions. Its stunning design comes from the art bag of its architect Hans Hollein.

Losing one’s eyes to its interiors, one can move on to discover the beauty and grace of art pieces on the display around. To one’s delight, one can find heart-warming art pieces from 1960s. The artworks by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein go a long way in putting up a great show in its premises.

Its opening dates to 1991. As a result, one can find stunning contemporary art and works by many emerging artists in the domain. Opening its treasure of art pieces, it supports more than 5000 art pieces coming from 450 leading artists.

Apart from that, it also supports MMK Zollamt. It comes with a vibrant space for a satellite exhibition. The exhibition puts on display works by budding artists in the sphere. Thus, one can unbridle one’s creative nerves to explore the best possible facet of the art pieces at the Museum.

8. Jewish Museum Frankfurt

Shedding light on the Jewish history and trauma, Jewish Museum Frankfurt goes a long way in cementing its position on the must-visit list of the Frankfurt visitors. Throwing its open its doors on November 9, 1988, it became the first municipal Jewish museum in Germany. The occasion put in place the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht, and Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl declared it open for the public. But it formed only the first part of the Museum.

The second part of the Museum (Museum Judengasse) saw the light of the day in 1992. Together, they complete the picture of the Museum.

The first part of the Museum dwells in the historical Rothschild Palace. One can venture into it to find art pieces and artifacts highlighting the more than 900-year history of Jewish life in the city. One of the stars in the domain is an exhibit about Anne Frank in the Frank Family Center. Another delight in its sphere is a state-of-the-art research library. One can delve into the evoking bits to catch the lines running down Jewish history.

The second part of the Museum thrives as Museum Judengasse. One can slip back to the beginning of the Jewish settlement in the area. It presents the foundations of 19 houses. They date back to the era of the foundation of Europe’s first Jewish ghetto in the 1400s. One can find many ritual objects and artifacts that throw light on the Jewish culture and tradition that thrived on the land.

9. Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Thriving as a knowledge hub in Senckenberg Gardens, Senckenberg Natural History Museum gets the engaging bits on the board for the delight of the visitors. Cherishing the privilege of being one of the modern museums of natural history in Europe, it takes one through a thrilling ride through amusing bits. Not just that, it also holds the title of being the second largest Museum in its domain in Germany. Leaving one’s soul free to gain and learn, one can go around the evolution tale of many organisms.

Not just that, it also presents the history of prevailing biodiversity to add to the delight of visitors. Adding to that, one can catch the stunning sight of Europe’s biggest exhibition of large dinosaurs. Many life-size replicas of the dinosaur family rise on the screen to enthrall souls around.

Apart from that, it also houses the world’s largest collection of stuffed birds. To one’s delight, it also penetrates the evolution of mankind. One can book a guided to explore its corners in the best possible way. Not just that, one can also look for audio guides to relish the visit by oneself.

Keeping research at its center, it also comes up with many educational incentives and programs to add to the knowledge of visitors. Adding to that, one can also chill out at the cafe and grab a souvenir in the souvenir shop.

10. Kleinmarkthalle

Die Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt am Main

Don’t forget to relish the fruity aroma that envelops the Kleinmarkthalle while putting together your worthy Frankfurt trip. The local market bestows visitors with the chance to grab the local food culture and tradition that rules the land. It thrives in a hall that dates back to 1954. Supporting 1,500 square meters, it soars ahead to open up the city bliss for its visitors around. Putting a heart-warming show, it comes with 150 market stalls that hawk the best of kind food bits in the city.

One can take a stroll through the market to soak in the delight of local food shimmering in the best way. For instance, one can try the much-celebrated “Green Sauce”. Apart from that, one can also savor local pastries, sausages, etc. Adding to that, the fruits unique to the city also line up to win hearts around. Thus, one grab one’s favorite to add some taste and flavors to the Frankfurt trip memories.

11. The Old Opera House

Located in Opernplatz, The Old Opera House unwinds the musical charms on the Frankfurt itinerary of visitors. Dating back to 1880, it supports an architectural design that relates to the Italian High Renaissance by architect Richard Lucae.

Its glory got jinxed with the attacks and destruction during the World War II. Years of efforts and determination went into its reconstruction to restore it to its original charm. It finally opened its door for the public in 1981.

Breaking away from its bottom years, it has risen to the pinnacle of fame and recognition. Presently, it manages to organize around 50 events in a year to entertain the masses from all over the world. One can stay tuned to its schedule to grab one’s favorite show during the Frankfurt visit.

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