Bask In the Basel Beauty with These Activities

Bask In the Basel Beauty with These Activities

One of the most-credited ways to fall in love with the Switzerland charm is to spend some heart-filled days in the bubbling land of Basel. Thriving along the course of River Rhine, it shimmers with a plethora of heart-winning facets. It welcomes its guests with an enticing historical and cultural legacy. The spectacles of the past continue to make waves around to adorn its narrative in the best way. They go a long way to usher in some out-of-the-world exploration moments for their guests. Not just that, one can also treat one’s heart with iconic artistic waves floating around the city. Its location, close to the France and German border, also bestows it with an alluring cultural identity.

It also sets the tone up for a satiating culinary experience for food lovers. One can get around its scintillating spaces and corners. Adding to that, one can also vouch for its rejuvenating serenity and vibes. Stepping up for an everlasting Basel experience, one can check out the following list of some of the must-do things. The list drops long to accommodate different interests and expectations.

1. Visit Basel Altstadt

Basel Altstadt is a name for those wishing to give a scintillating start to their Basel exploration. It presents itself as a treat to history lovers. Serving on that note, it thrives with centuries-old structures and architectural marks. The Old Town welcomes one with a plethora of thrilling elements around. Exploring the architectural treasure, one can check out the fame of the celebrated Mittlere Brucke. It has been entertaining its guests since 1905. Apart from that, people also get on the bridge to capture a breathtaking view of the city in their eyes.

Moving ahead, one can also admire the unbeatable charm of the Basel Cathedral. Another point of getting a classic city view is Pfalz. Situated adjacent to the Cathedral, the terrace lets one open one’s heart to iconic moments. One can catch the scintillating River Rhine and Vosges mountains pairing up with each other in a frame. Touching upon the historical notes, one can make strides towards the mind-boggling city gate. Named Spalentor, it has been an integral part of the trade picture of the city. Its architectural beauty goes a long way in adding to its case.

Taking one’s exploration spree ahead, one can check out the gracious Town Hall. One can tune in to its beauty to make the best of one’s time. Not just that, one can also seize the opportunity of catching up with the local folks by getting the bustle of Marktplatz. To have the best on the board, one can become a party to the walking tour groups. Taking on that note, one can also get to know the alluring city tales and stories. Adding to that, one can also look forward to relishing some local delicacies ruling the scene. Many restaurants and cafes set the tables on for their guests to get home with some mesmerizing dining memories.

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2. Magnificent Basel Minster

The Basel narrative gets to its pinnacle with the mention of the iconic Basel Minster. Situated at the center, it overlooks the heart-winning city landscape. Its iconic look makes it stand out in the city scene. It evolved as a Catholic Church and went on to weave a great history. Its original structure shimmered in iconic Gothic and Romanesque architectural fascination. Over the centuries, it saw many phases of destruction and restoration. But its spaces and corners continue to retain their charming facets. Its red sandstone grace manages to allure the eyes and hearts of the city explorers around.

Apart from that, it also adds to its structural beauty with colored roof tiles. They go a long way in putting up a contrasting look of the celebrated cathedral. Moving ahead, one can also admire the architectural salience of the two towers and the cross-shaped look of the roof. Taking on the historical notes, it stands as a crucial outcome of the waves of Protestant Reformation in the region. Its Catholic identity features and wealth came under the spate of destruction. Finally, it emerged out of the whirls as a Reformed Protestant church.

Adding to its case, it holds many other alluring elements in its sphere. It secures its place on the list as a heritage gem. Living that part to the full, one can check out the iconic statues and structures. They manage to woo their admirers with their grace and charm.

3. Art Time At Kunstmuseum

The hub of art gets on the plane with the mention of Kunstmuseum Basel. It has been serving art lovers since 1661. It has evolved at its best over the years. Not just that, it has also seen many relocations during the period. It started its modern-day journey with the establishment of Hauptbau. It grabbed the fancy of artistic souls with its inauguration on St. Alban-Graben in 1936. It expanded its sphere of fascination with the opening of Gegenwart in 1980. Not just that, it also got its recent touch with Neubau in 2016.

The three venues are now housing the mesmerizing art treasure of the city. Taking its case to the top echelons of the domain, it supports a heart-winning collection in its sphere. Following that note, one can also find more than 300000 works lining around. Tinkering with the waves of fascination, they bring up the magic of more than eight centuries on the board. Delving into that part, they go on to cover the heart-winning bits that pertain from the middle ages to modern times. The star of the narrative is ‘Amerbach Cabinet’. It has pushed up the level of fame of the collection since its addition in 1661. Cementing its name, it treats one with the artworks of the 15th and 16th-century.

Moving ahead, one can also check out the Department of Prints and Drawings. It sets the stage for its guests to explore the facets of drawings, watercolors, and prints. It supports many enticing permanent exhibitions on the deck. Making the best of one’s time, one can also tune in to the temporary exhibitions on the board. They manage to win hearts with their stirring themes and presentations. Thus, a trip to Kunstmuseum comes as icing on the Basel exploration spree.

4. Back To Doll Love At Dollhouse Museum

To all the doll fans out there, Basel has a precious treat for you! The Dollhouse Museum is there to throw a scintillating welcome to all doll lovers around the world. Sprawling across four floors, it unlocks the magic of fantasy for its visitors. For some people, it is a way to relive childhood happiness and moments. For others, it is a new love in its infancy at the museum. The colorful interiors of the museum set the space up for an out-of-the-world experience. Creative waves flow in to illuminate the sphere at its best. No matter which character fascinates one, one can get its doll version thriving at the museum.

Grabbing the best around, one can make one’s way to the ‘special exhibition’ category. Exploring that part, one can come across some iconic presentations in the domain. They go on to cover various heart-winning themes and subjects for their fans around the corner. It looks like the beings of the fantasy have landed with a thud to rock the scene. For instance, this year, it has made waves with iconic exhibitions like ‘Moving World- Steiff surprises and fascinates’ and ‘HO HO HO’. They have managed to win hearts around by harboring festive vibes in the sphere. Enriching one’s experience, it offers one a happy time with its window display.

Not just that, it also supports many workshops to help one varnish one’s skills. Apart from that, one can also check out an array of competitions put up on its board. Pushing it further, it also wins hearts with creative beats at Museum Nights. Satiating the hunger thunders, one can also check out the menu at Ristorante La Sosta. Adding to that, one can also look forward to the offerings of the boutique.

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5. Discover Thrills At Papiermühle

The indispensable use of paper also sheds light on its enticing history in the domain. And Papiermühle is all there to deliver on that note. The Basel Paper Mill brings on the best with an iconic setting. It also adds to its case by retaining the timeless charm and legacy of its premises. It manages to cement its name in the domain by unlocking the doors to the enticing story of the paper and its growth over periods. Pitching in for the best, it comes with bouts of thrills for its guests.

Taking the paper front to a notch high, it lets its guests take a stroll through the history of paper. Not just that, one can also look forward to the first written word. Pushing it further, it also supports elements concerning printing and type-setting affairs. One can also go ahead to explore the historical fascinations of the theme. Grabbing the best around, one can also check out the vintage machines and other bits on the board. Moving ahead, one can also cherish the imprints of craftsmanship thriving in its sphere.

Apart from that, one can also take a look at the integrated workplaces making waves around. One can notice techniques and equipment belonging to various phases and regimes in time. Adding to that, one can also realize their salience in setting the historical tunes in place. Giving way to one’s interest, one can keep oneself up with the schedule of the permanent exhibition at the museum. Not just that, in the manufacturing section, one can also turn to printing, binding, and bookmaking. They leave no stone unturned in making it worth it for one to explore their enticing dimensions.

6. Explore The Town Hall-Marktplatz Area

Cultural, political and historical strands weave together to beget the timeless fancy of the Town Hall. The building holds a very prominent place in the city narrative. It has been standing there for more than 500 years to reflect on the iconic moments and phases that surfaced. Its exteriors speak for the precious events that unwound before it throughout the period. Not just that, its interiors also shimmer at their best to put on a mark of admiration for its guests. Exploring its richness, one can come across many timeless elements thriving around. For instance, the Great Council Chamber makes waves with the remnants of iconic frescoes by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Currently, it offers space for convening the events of the Cantonal Parliament. Not just that, it also supports the meetings of the Cantonal Government of the canton of Basel-Stadt. Moving ahead, one can also explore its other spaces and corners storing its iconic past and history. Taking a break from the Town Hall narrative, one can check out the bustle at Marktplatz. With the iconic Town Hall in the background, it welcomes its visitors for a scintillating time. From groceries to food, it supplies the city with its necessities. Therefore, one can find local people thronging the piazza for a heart-winning shopping time.

Not just that, it also takes good stead for offering many heart-winning food counters. They go a long way in serving the city guests the culinary fervor of the city. Apart from that, one can also look forward to gorging on local food and supplies dotting the stalls around the area. Adding to one’s experience, one can also secure the opportunity of mingling with the city's culture and fascination. Thus, one can spend quality time in the Marktplatz to feel the city vibes to the full.

7. Design Bouts At Vitra Design Museum

Designs have their roots in various subjects and domains. They come with both complex and versatile elements laying the ground for iconic pieces around. Vitra Design Museum builds its case on these alluring facets of design. It celebrates its case by exploring the dimensions of designs in the art and architecture world. It welcomes its guests to get the best of its past, present, and future forms on its premises. Apart from that, its architecture also goes a long way in shedding light on that part to a great extent. The main museum building manages to entice its guests with its iconic look by Frank Gehry. Not just that, its interiors also get on the board to take that narrative to another level.

Looking for the best in its collection, one can check out Vitra Schaudepot. Here, one can find the iconic collection items of the museum. Exploring that front, one can find around 20,000 elements illuminating the domain. Not just that, the section also brings on heart-winning over 1000 lighting bits.

Apart from that, one can also look forward to catching up with enticing models making waves around. The list includes the ones by legends like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Not just that, in the electronics section, one can lose one’s heart to Dieter Rams for Braun. To one’s fancy, one can also find a section devoted to cutlery in the sphere. To get away with the best around, one can check out the exhibitions on the board.

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8. Historical Spalentor Medieval Gate

Spalentor Medieval Gate is another magnificent structure that brings the city’s iconic history alive in the scene. The evolution and growth of the city over years led to the destruction of its old elements. As a result, it was able to make space for its modern spaces in the 19th century. Six of its seven entrances came under the waves of destruction. Only one managed to survive and it continues to stand to date. Therefore, it is no wonder to find the mention of the Spalentor Medieval Gate among the must-visit structures in the city. Thrilling its visitors, it continues to don its centuries-old charm and grace.

Going back to the 14th century, it still manages to stand out. Its iconic look and designs go a long way in delivering on that note in the best way. Taking on that part, one can admire the enticing oak portcullis. They take one back in time to bring out its beauty in the best way. Going deep into its architectural exploration, one can also find scintillating glass tiles. They get on the scene to adorn its narrative to a great extent. Apart from that, one can also check out the beautiful figures featured in the scene.

Not just that, one can also admire it for its salience in the history of the city. It had stood as a witness to the bustling trade affairs of the city. Groups of traders had entered and left the city through the beautiful gate. Apart from that, it also adds to the historical part with a copy of the city's customs decree of 1795 inside its premises. It offers a perfect background to the modern growth and development of the city.

9. Religious Vibes At St Paul’s Church

It is almost impossible to complete the Basel itinerary without the mention of St Paul’s Church. The Church manages to stand out in the city scene with its iconic grace and beauty. Its architecture gets on the board to take its narrative to another level. Its construction phase dates back to the period between 1898 and 1901. Winning hearts around, it continues to make waves with the designs by Karl Moser and Robert Curjel. Not just that, but it also makes it a notch higher with a scintillating Neo-Romanesque architectural style.

Its premises consist of a beautiful gallery having an organ and choir. Not just that, one can also marvel at the elements and bits that bring out the Art Nouveau style. Currently, it has taken up a cultural role and hosts many cultural events on its premises.

10. Outstation Trips

Basel’s proximity to the borders of France and Germany lends it a unique privilege. City explorers can make the best of it by planning outstation trips. One can hammer one’s thrill meter by taking to the scintillating spheres of Colmar and Lausanne. Nature’s beauty gets at its best to deliver on that note to a great extent. Apart from that, being in Basel, one cannot miss Lake Geneva. The iconic mingle of blue and green shades set the stage for some unforgettable moments.

Moving ahead, one can also look forward to exploring the enticing facets of France and Germany. For instance, one can check out the everlasting charm of German castles. Not just that, one can also make exploration strides to magnificent fortifications. They offer a heart-winning welcome to their guests to take them back to their period.


Basel is a beautiful and historic city with many attractions. It has a lively nightlife and is home to several museums. Basel is also a great place to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Its castles, museums, or just the city in general, are magnificent in every way. There are also several contemporary industries and locations which are usually away from the limelight. And with all these experiences available in one location, Basel has been on the checklist of travel for a very long time.

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