Add These 22 Things To Your To Do List In Berlin

Add These 22 Things To Your To Do List In Berlin

There are so many interesting things to do in Berlin that you might run out of time to visit all the places. Berlin is a free city with a lot of amazing stories. The stories of East and West Berlin, former tragedies, the glorious history, and the modern tolerance, will leave a huge impact on you.

Presently, Berlin is all about serious business, artists, free spirits, amazing parties, and lots of beer. If you are to visit Berlin soon then this list will help you to visit new places and discover new thing in Berlin. These 22 activities are so awesome that you cannot miss it.

1. The Remarkable Brandenburg Gate

The most significant landmark of the city is the Brandenburg Gate. Constructed in the 18th century, this neoclassical monument is a historical masterpiece. Brandenburg Gate signifies the separation between East and West Berlin. One cannot fail to miss this historical spot and it should be the first thing to see in the city. Do not forget to click amazing photographs there.

2. Museum Island To Appreciate The Art

UNESCO awarded Museum Island with the status of World Heritage Site. This complex is quiet famous with the name of Museumsinsel Berlin and is in the middle of the Spree River. To fully enjoy the art at the museum, one should buy a 3-day museum pass and spend an entire day there. You can also buy a Berlin Welcome Pass which provides free public transportation, one day free entry to all the museums of Museum Island excluding the special exhibitions and some extra discounts.

Below is a list of few museums with a short description to visit at Museum Island-

  1. Pergamon Museum: This museum witnesses the maximum footfall in Europe. Ishtar Gate, the Processional Way, the Market Gate of Miletus, and the Islamic art are a few things to see there.
  2. Bode Museum: You can enjoy impressive sculptures, Byzantine, and Antique art at the Bode Museum.
  3. Neues Museum: If you a slight interest in Ancient Egyptian art then this museum should be in the top of your list to visit.
  4. Altes Museum: For Greek, Etruscan, and Roman art lovers this museum is the best in city.
  5. Alte Nationalgalerie: This national art gallery is famous for its Neoclassical, romantic, impressionist, and early modernist artwork.

While visiting these museums, do not forget to carry a bottle of water with you. Also, make sure to take the audio guide for each museum which is included in the ticket.

3. TV Tower Berlin To See The Sunset

Also famously known as Fernsehturm Berlin, the Berlin TV Tower gives an awesome 360-degree view of Berlin. It is the highest building in the city. You can witness a beautiful scenery during sunset. Berlin TV Tower also has a restaurant where you can enjoy your dinner with cocktails. A table at the restaurant can be booked in advance. Various combination of tickets can be booked online which will help you to skip the line and have a VIP dinner. These combinations include which a 3-course meal with unlimited mineral water and a 2-course lunch. You can also get a VIP fast access ticket in case it gets too crowded at the entrance.

4. The Reichstag Building

The Parliamentary meetings in Berlin takes place in the Reichstag. The glass dome in this building signifies the transparency of the government. The entry to Reichstag is free but it is advised to book your visit well in advance. A private tour can also be booked in your preferred language. A valid photo identity card is compulsory before you enter.

If you fail to book a seat in advance and there is not cancellation, you can still get inside the dome by having a breakfast there. You might not get to visit the Parliament in this case but can still visit the dome with other visitors. This is the only Parliament building in the world where the restaurant is open to public and you can enjoy a sip of coffee.

5. The Berliner Dom

Also known as Berlin Cathedral, the Berliner Dom is a Neo-Renaissance styled building which was built in 1905. This is located at the Museum Island with the other museums. For an incredible view of the city, go to the top of the cathedral. Visiting Berliner Dom is among the top ten things to see in Berlin city.

6. East Side Gallery’s Paintings

This site is for the street art lovers. 1316-meter long, the East Side Gallery, has 105 paintings by artists from across the globe. The specialty about this gallery is that all these paintings are done on the wall. While taking a walk around this memorial of freedom, you will get to know a lot about Berlin’s history. There is a part of the wall which is not painted to show how the wall originally looked. The gallery is that section on this Berlin Wall where the artists express themselves.

7. Take A Trabi To Drive In The City

A slow and a noisy car called Trabi or Trabant was popular during the former “Eastern Block”. When the city got separated, it became a symbol of bygone East Germany. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Berlin while sightseeing. The guide will be in his own car driving ahead of you and will talk about all the interesting points when you cross them via radio. You will get to see the best of Berlin in this amazing ride.

To drive the Trabi, you should know how to use the manual transmission. The cars are not so new and are not fully functional. Still, you’ll enjoy a lot exploring Berlin in this mini car.

8. Join A Free Stroll Around The City

If you are running a little tight on budget, you can join a free walking tour of the city. The best thing about these free tours is that it is highly interesting as the guide makes all the efforts to make it a memorable one. There is an alternative free walking tour too which is also fun and informative. You will get to know about the street art of Berlin. These free informative strolls around the city gives you the real feel of the Berlin city.

9. Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is a tribute to the Jews who were murdered in Europe. It is an open space structure where you can freely walk around. Near this memorial is a place where Adolf Hitler hid when the World War II was about to end.

10. Check Point Charlie

Check Point Charlie is an amazing tourist spot with worthy sights. Earlier it was the most famous crossing point between West and East Germany. This spot was redesigned to make it a replica of how it looked during the Cold War. You can also visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum there. Do not forget to take pictures at this spot.

11. Have Some Mouthwatering Currywurst

Currywurst was originally made by an East Berlin woman. The history behind the recipe of this dish dates to 1949 when this woman, who had very less ingredients, got some ketchup and curry powder and added some grilled pork sausage to it to serve some British soldiers. Soon, this dish became the signature fast food of the city. If you are running tight on budget and do not have time for a proper meal, then Berliner Currywurst meal is the best to satisfy your hunger.

12. Jump Off The Roof From The Park Inn Hotel

This is one of the most fun things to do in Berlin. Located in Alexanderplatz, Park Inn Hotel is at the center of the city. All you need to do is go the roof of the hotel which is 125-meter-high and jump off form there. This is called base flying which is quite different from bungee jumping. You can book the tickets online or decide on the spot at a cheaper rate. They also provide the facility to make a video and record your face. You can also try base flying at night if you wish to.

13. Bike Around Berlin

You can get rental bikes all around the city for just €8 to €10. You feel like a real Berliner when you bike around the city and explore all the famous tourist attractions. What is even more perfect is that you get a tour guide with the bike who shows you the best spots around the city. Within 4 hours you will see some amazing places in the neighborhood like the historic center, the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag to name a few. With a knowledgeable guide you will get to know about all the stories at these stops.

14. Go For Night Clubbing

Berlin has a crazy night life with the best night clubs in the world. If you are a party animal, you surely do not want to miss out clubbing here. Berghain is the most famous club in Berlin and among the best clubs in Europe. To get inside the club, the weirded you dress, the better.

Klunkerkranich is another cool bar with an amazing view of the city. You can also visit Yaam Beach and try their very special banana beer. The DJs and the live concert at the beach will get you grooving. You can also play basketball and volleyball on the riverside beach club.

15. Tiergarten Park For Relaxing

Berlin city has a lot of parks to slumber in. Tiergarten is one of the biggest parks and covers 500 acres of land in the middle of the city. You can have a stroll in the park and enjoy the natures beauty. You can even go for a boating or have a picnic or simply enjoy a cold German beer.

16. Botanical Garden

The Botanical garden in Berlin is insanely huge. It is a home for more than 22,000 species of plants like giant bamboo, cacti, white waterlilies, and orchids. You will be refreshed by walking around these greenhouses and seeing the variety of flora and fauna present in the garden. It costs only €6 to enter the garden and enjoy the fresh air.

17. Charlottenburg Palace

The Charlottenburg Palace is 300-years old and is located outside the city. It is one of the most beautiful attractions in Berlin and should not be missed to visit. You can reach there in 25 minutes using a metro. For adults, the entrance fee is €10 and for students it is €7. Students can get a discount by showing their ID. Audio guides are also included in the ticket. You can enter the Charlottenburg Park for free and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

You can also enjoy some classical music and a Baroque atmosphere at the palace and listen to Berliner Residenz Orchestra by booking a tour.

18. WWII Bunker

City’s unique history is displayed in the Story of Berlin Museum. In the museum you can walk around in the West and East Berliners room. You can also touch the objects there. Apart from learning about the 800-year-old history of the city, you can also see areal Berlin bunker which people used during a nuclear strike. The museum provides a detailed history of World War Two in a very interactive way that will make it more interesting. It costs €10 to enter the museum which is worth the experience.

19. Visit The Coffee Houses At Kreuzberg

You can find all kinds of hip cafes, artsy restaurants, parks, art galleries, clubs, bars, and hotels, in Kreuzberg district. The neighborhood of this district shows the rich culture of the city and is a perfect place for an evening stroll. The buildings are truly admirable here. You can have a cup of cappuccino at any of the cool coffee house and enjoy the view of Kreuzberg.

20. Visit The Flea Market And Shop Your Heart Out

Berliners love to shop, and so Berlin has endless number of flea markets. The most popular flea market is located at Mauerpark which takes place every Sunday. This flea market is famous for all the vintage products which can be bought here like clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, bikes, furniture and what not.

21. The Berlin Zoo

It is one of the biggest zoos in Europe. The zoo is full of exotic animals and colorful birds. It has more than 1350 species and more than 20,00 animals. If you are visiting berlin with kids, then this zoo is worth it. It costs €15 for adults and €8 for kids.

22. The Abandoned Airport

This non-operational airport called Tempelhof Feld is located in the center of the city. Nowadays, people use this airport location for picnics and kitesurfing. The non-functioning area of the airport is also open for a tour. You can also book a tour online to see all the secret places in the airport and the largest underground bunker system in Berlin.


There are many other free things to do there. Berlin city has many museums which are free of cost and are interesting. Some of these museums are Topography of Terror, Jewish Museum, German-Russian Museum, Allied Museum, and Museum Flat WBS 70.

This list of 22 things to do in Berlin are a must to make your vacation a memorable one.

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